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Twenty Three Layers Makes Events a Hit

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In a recent article published by Redbook Magazine, lifestyle and fashion expert Lauren Conrad shares some of her top party planning tips to make your next event a huge success. At the core of her approach to party planning is the ability to let go of perfection. Conrad explains that the more you worry about making every little detail look perfect for your party, the less your guests will be able to let loose and enjoy themselves. Conrad says that the key to a great event is to make sure that everyone is relaxed and having fun. At the end of the day, no one is likely to remember the script writing on the name cards, but they will be retelling great stories they heard.

Twenty Three Layers is the top company for all of your event planning needs in the New York City area. This company has been making waves as the premium party and event planning services in the city because of its attention to detail and dedication to exceeding customer expectations.

The team at Twenty Three Layers is experienced and skilled at all aspects of party planning from choosing the perfect venue to securing the most sought after entertainment for your event. Twenty Three Layers has a stellar reputation for creating out of the box events that leave a lasting impression on all guests. This full-service event planning company works extremely hard to make sure that all of the events it plans and manages go off without a hitch. Customers love that they are in capable hands with Twenty Three Lawyers and trust this exemplary company to make their events a huge hit every time.

Guests are sure to be impressed with the amazing vendor choices that Twenty Three Layers has to offer. This company is known for creating the most exciting yet worry free events in the industry because of its dedication to long term planning.

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Kenneth Goodgame: A Prominent Sales And Operations Management Leader

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Kenneth Goodgame is a renowned sales, retail merchandising, and marketing executive. He is True Value Hardware Corporation’s senior vice president. Goodgame is also the Chicago, IL based firm’s chief merchandising officer. At True Value, he has built the whole merchandising team and redeveloped talent acquisition. He also led multiple groups to implement a 5-year strategic plan for delivering long term expansion. Kenneth Goodgame has been in charge of marketing, category management, merchandising, pricing, print advertisement, and global sourcing for the company. Additionally, he hired a complete management team and transformed a low performance buying group.

Before joining True Value, he worked for Ace Hardware Corporation. As the general merchandising manager, Goodgame managed $600 million in active inventory with a full P&L of $3.2 billion. He covered 78,000 SKUs driving a large part of corporate strategy.

Goodgame attained huge improvement in 2012 with a 400 basis point gross margin. He revamped planning and strategy for the firm because of the down economy. Additionally, he created an annual growth of 4.5 % in top line sales and $ 35 million to $50 million for wholesale sales. Goodgame also created a state of the art merchandising test facility.

Goodgame commenced his career at The Home Depot, which is based in Atlanta. He later joined Newell Rubbermaid before moving to Techtronic Industries North America. Throughout his profession, he has been an commanding operations management leader.

His focus is to ensure that he delivers quality assurance systems that facilitate improved profitability as well as performance. He also aims to strike a balance between critical performance indicators, employee involvement, and corporate alignment. Goodgame takes advantage of his ability to spur growth through productivity enhancements, quality improvements, and cost analysis. Leadership and composed negotiations are some of the other critical elements that lead to excellent performance and profitability.

Goodgame is a university of Tennessee graduate with an emphasis on marketing. His extensive experience serves him well in his work. It gives him the necessary knowledge to successfully stay ahead of the market shifts. Additionally, it also gives him the ability to navigate the common challenges that slows others.

Bob Reina Aims at Making the World a Better Place through Charitable Giving

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Since inception in 2007, Talk Fusion has shown a strong commitment to helping people and making the world a better place. The company focuses on building futures, achieving goals, and supporting community projects and charities across the globe. Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina has been dedicated to the firm’s mission of changing lives.

Reina believes that the greater the success, the higher the responsibility. The company and employees share this belief. Great leaders create a path for others to follow. Reina is making an impact in the philanthropy world through financial support and volunteering. He has financially supported Humane Society of Tampa Bay on several occasions, but his donation of $1 billion created a tangible difference at the Human Society. Reina donates towards the creation of shelters for the homeless animals and provision of medical services. He also financially supports an Indonesian orphanage. Reina leads Talk Fusion’s mission of changing lives through charitable actions.

Charitable giving program

Bob Reina has taken charitable giving to a top-notch level. Recently, he created and implemented a program that provides an opportunity for Talk Fusion Associates to give one free account to a non-profit of their choice. The free charity account will comprise of complete customization, branding, and full access to Talk Fusion’s products such as Live Meetings, Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Sign-up forms, and Video Email.

Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a top provider of innovative video marketing solutions. The company facilitates business growth, and changes live through video technology. Its products are availed to clients by Independent Associates through person-to-person marketing strategies. These independent Associates are available in over 140 countries. The firm started operation in 2007 after being launched in 2007 by Bob Reina, who serves as the CEO to date. The company is a member of Direct Selling Association.

Talk Fusion engages actively in carrying out initiatives aimed at making the community better. It supports various animal charities around the word. The company offers revolutionary video communication products, video email, live meetings, video chat, relationship marketing model, global income opportunities, and video conferencing. Originally posted on YOUR MARK ON THE WORLD CENTER:

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Eric Pulier an Entrepreneur and A philanthropist

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Eric Pulier an active father of four children. Mr. Pulier lives in Los Angeles with the family. Pulier is an entrepreneur, technologist, a public speaker and an author. Pulier got his wealth from the ventures he co-founded. The venture he founded includes Digital evolution, U.S interactive, Media platform, Service Mesh and Enterprises.

Eric puller’s education

Eric completed his high education in 1984 in Teaneck high school. He attended Harvard University and attained a BA. He later graduated Magna Laude from Harvard in the year 1988. Pulier studied computer- science, visual & environmental studies. Being an editor, he was also an author of pulierLeg a weekly page he wrote for the Crimson.


Pulier was picked to build and manage the bridge to the 21st century for Bill Clinton. The special day took place in Washington and was attended by many people. During his working in the government, Pulier divides the exhibits into sections that showed the effect of exponential technologies and how people will live carefully. The areas included health care, entertainment, family, and environment. He managed to raise the funds for unions and building aspects of the events in the country. Pulier planned an unparalleled showcase for the occasion. He provided real connections from the shuttle astronauts. He was always involved in the health care and technology committee and giving information on the family reunion conference.

Erick as a Philanthropist

Pulier was a very active philanthropist in the community that uses high tech to solve intractable difficulties. He worked toward helping the physically challenged children in U.S and the whole world. He created the greatest educational platform to educate people with sclerosis and the community. Pulier worked as an associate of the Clinton global initiative where he directed the follow-up exploration of a program to reduce the cost of cloud computing resources. He was a financial donor and active traitor in the campaign for free college tuition.

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Gaining Strength through Diversity

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Diversant is a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise. The firm provides a broad range of IT staffing as well as diversity products such as innovative diversity solutions, direct hire, IT staff augmentation and other innovative solutions. Diversant is based in the United States. The firm matches IT staff based on their capabilities, skills and the ability to be a great cultural fit.

Diversity develops innovation, enhances creative thinking and also enables efficient problem-solving techniques. If a company as mastered the art of variety, it can create strong bonds with the local community. In the end, such a company will have a distinct competitive advantage. Thus, it is important for businesses to employ diversity in all the aspects such as staffing. Diversant understands best the advantages of diversity in the workplace environment. Therefore, they use this know-how to develop specific programs that assist business to transform and also to empower their workforce.

Goullet is the principal of Diversant LLC. He is a renowned entrepreneur who has established various successful businesses in the IT sector. During the start of his career, he used to work as an IT consultant and later joined IT staffing in 1994. Due to his vast experience, he decided to establish an IT staffing company known as Info Technologies. The company was aimed at offering solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Within five years of its establishment, the company grew to $30 million.

In 2010, John Goullet and Gene (owner of DIversant Inc.) decided to merge Divesant Inc. and Info technologies into Diversant LLC. This decision was worth it, as Diversant LLC has continued to soar high. With John as the firm’s principal, he has continued to peruse his passion, now on a bigger platform. John takes some time to understand the IT staffing needs as well as the corporate climate of the company before matching the personality of the staff and the work of the employer. He continues to develop new strategies for managing the challenges in the ever dynamic IT marketplace.

James Dondero’s Strategic Philanthropic Moves To Skyrocket Capital Management L.P.

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James Dondero is well known as the co-founder and the brains behind the thriving capital Management L.P. He made a strategic move and collaborated with the renowned Dallas civic leader Linda Owen, former president of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Their joint venture is aimed at spearheading Highland’s vision, aligning its strategic direction and whetting its philanthropic objectives through expanding Highland’s program activities.

Linda Owen will serve as the firm’s charitable programs manager and with close interaction with Dallas Foundation. Highlands HCM’s charity fund is administered through Dallas Foundation. Due to her civic activities, Linda Owen is strategically positioned and will highly benefit the firm with her new role. Her proven track record portrays her as a skillful lady through her past history in building public-private partnerships in Dallas. She thus resonates with the firm’s vision to make prompt tangible impacts in the immediate community.

Dallas community requires funding in education and health care facilities. To seal this void, Highland annually contributes 3million dollars through The Dallas Foundation. Among the beneficiaries in the recent past include: the Center for Brain Health, Uplift Education, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Dallas Zoo and the American Heart Association to name but a few.

Owing to the knowledge and skills they have nurtured over the years, James Dondero and other Highland executives are best suited to offer guidance to numerous organizations. This is an initiative the firm supports through different board services and other hierarchal roles.

Fundamental details about James Dondero

James Dondero is the principle co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He founded the firm together with Mark Okada back in 1993. He has been very instrumental in building the firm’s portfolio base which now stands at 21 billion dollars. His professional leadership has led the firm to insurmountable heights, making it the leading and largest credit management firms globally.

With an experience of three decades in industrial history, he is proficient at his work and he is currently supervising the firm’s investment strategies. Collateralized loan obligations are largely attributed to him. This has earned him board positions at major corporations.



Renting out your house on Airbnb is an easy way to make money right? As a homeowner, you can easily make the money you require to settle the payment for your property by either renting it out partly or entirely to travelers for a while. Well, according to Wealth Solutions, a financial advisory company it is not all that easy as there a number of unexpected problems that may arise. Some recent incidents show that these travelers can end up causing more harm than your homeowner’s insurance can cover. These problems end up leaving you the homeowner with an unanticipated legal and financial burden. For you to avoid this predicament, here are some issues to consider before putting up your property for rent through Airbnb or other such organizations.

Risk Involved
Accepting tenancy exposes you as the homeowner to many liabilities that you may be unprepared for. These include liability for;
• Any injury that may occur to the visitors
• Any damage that may occur to you or your neighbor’s property
• Theft
• Any illegal activity and lawsuit that may follow as a result

Insurance Cover
A homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover short-term rentals. This means that personally, you are liable for all the expenses incurred by your visitors.
Airbnb and other organizations of its kind can only offer a secondary coverage on your property. This means that the insurance can only take effect once your resources are exhausted.
A critical look at the above issues will help you determine whether you will entertain these temporary visitors. I recommend you to consult an insurance professional or investment manager. Wealth Solutions can give you advice tailored to meet your personal wealth needs and help you review your options.
Wealth Solutions are specialists in financial advisory and financial planning. They also offer information on wealth and more to individuals with high net worth.

About Richard Blair
Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. He is an expert in various fields including estate tax and planning, integrated financial planning, insurance, asset protection, employee benefits, securities just to name but a few. Blair and his company manage over $ 55 million in assets.
Among his many qualifications, Mr. Blair is a registered and Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, an Annuity Specialist, a Funds specialist, an Investment Advisor and a Retirement Income Professional. His prowess in this field has allowed him to influence various major companies including United Global Securities, Blair Insurance Group LLC, Crownbridge Wealth LLC, and Worldwide Ventures Group LLC.

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The 5 Principles of Kabbalah

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At the base of any spiritual path is the foundation. We like to call them the core principles. The Kabbalah Centre is no different than any other spiritual path. Each path has it’s own distinct number. Some have more, while some have less. The center is no different.

Today we will be exploring some of these core principles. There are 5 in total. Some of them are on a more basic level, while others tend to get more advanced. Follow us down below, as we explore these core principles from a basic understanding.

  1. It all comes down to sharing. You can’t get more basic than that. As you learn to open up and share more, you will be opening your soul up to The Light. Simple and straight forward.

2) The ego has both a positive and negative side to it. Do we want to choose the negative side? This is all about being irresponsible, addiction, selfishness, being hateful and limited, and angry/hurtful behavior? Do we want to choose the positive side, which is all about sharing for the sake of others?

3)You learn all about the spiritual laws. The more common one is about “cause and effect”. You get back what you put out”. This one also gets more complex as you study it. The more you understand this law, the more you will tap into what you say and do. Are you doing something just for the sake of it? Are you doing or saying something just to be provocative and draw attention to yourself? Are you looking to share a positive message? What is your real agenda? Once you begin to understand this, you will truly begin to question everything you say and do.

4) We are all connected and one. Each of us has a spark of the creator in us. It’s up to us how we choose to let our behavior dictate this one. Is it a positive spark? Is it a negative one?

5) It’s all about leaving our comfort zone. It’s only when we become uncomfortable for the sake of others, that’s when we tap into our true potential and light. Are you willing to leave our comfort zone? Do you just want to stay where you are in life?

To learn more, please visit the Kabbalah Centre online.

Fine Hair Meets WEN by Chaz Dean

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Women with fine hair know that it’s hard to skip a day of shampoo even though daily washing harms your follicles. Their hair tends to get oilier faster than other hair types, which makes transitioning to less shampoo hard on their social lives. That’s where WEN hair by Chaz Dean comes in.

WEN Hair is a “five in one” product that according to Sephora is supposed to take the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and detangler. It doesn’t lather in water like shampoo does, but it cleanses hair without taking away the natural oils. contributor Emily McClure decided to put Wen hair by Chaz Dean to the test. She wanted to see how well her thin, fine hair did for a whole week replacing her normal regimen with WEN.

Although McClure noticed that her hair was a little greasy on the second day, she said that her hair felt more moisturized and even thicker the longer she used the product. She had to wash her hair every day, but since WEN doesn’t harm the natural oils on the scalp, she said it was ideal for people who don’t take a lazy approach to their hair care.

WEN by Chaz Dean comes in a sweet almond mint scent, contains no sulfates, and works for all hair types.  Though McClure said she wouldn’t keep up her WEN routine every day, she would use it for an extra boost of moisture when she had more time in her schedule. Wen hair is available on

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How Does Thor Halvorssen Fight For Human Rights?

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The fight for human rights is a powerful one that involves a lot of people, but very few of them are as vocal as Thor Halvorssen. He is a brilliant man who has chosen to give the people of the world a large organization that they can count on. He has built offices of the Human Rights Foundation around the world because he wants to reach as many people as he can, and he wants to be sure that every single person that is in need is going to receive the care that they need. Each person who is fighting for human rights needs a home, and they will find it with Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation.

These people are going to learn a lot by watching him giving press conferences, and they are going to see that he has a passion for human rights that is unmatched. He is willing to talk on any subject around the world, and it is important for him to keep doing this so that he can educate the world. He knows more than most people about what he believes are basic human rights, and he is trying to fight against the tyrants who are going to eat away at basic human rights around the world. He is willing to call them out in the press, and he is willing to remain strong on his values.

The Human Rights Foundation is a very important place for anyone who is oppressed, and it is a place where people can get the help that they need. That is something that a lot of people have been starving for because they need to have a place that believe sin helping them. Thor Halvorssen supports help for all the people of the world without their oppression or harm.

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