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Madison Street Capital, An Example Of A Successful Investment Banking Firm

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What Is Investment Banking?


Investment banking differs substantially from retail banking. As its name implies, investment banking focuses on investing money in order to make a profit. Retail banking is about taking deposits from customers and loaning a portion of the those deposits out to other people and businesses. The nature of retail banking is very simple at heart. Investment banking on the other hand can be quite complex and span several dimensions in finance.


So what exactly is investment banking? To start, most investment banks do not take personal deposits such as that found in a retail bank. In fact, most investment banks will not have any branches staffed with tellers where you can make a deposit and take out cash. Investment banks typically will not have savings account where you can put away money and watch it accrue interest.


Instead investment banks will have financial advisors, portfolio managers and investors on behalf of the bank. If there are any branches to an investment bank they are often strictly for employees and do not generally interact with the public as retail banks do. You won’t find a checking account at an investment bank either.


So how do investment banks make money? They take funds and invest it directly into companies, bonds and commodities. For example investment banks will purchase companies outright and take full ownership of them. Or, they can buy a certain percentage of stock and became a primary shareholder by acquiring 51% or more of a certain company’s stock for example. Investing in bonds is self explanatory. Just as private investors do on their own, investment banks will buy and sell large amounts of commodities on the daily market in hopes of turning a profit. There is some overlap between retail banks and investment banks. Both will make personal, business and home loans to people and earn money through interest and fees.


An Example Of A Successful Investment Banking Firm


There are just about as many if not more investment banks than retail banks in the world. One good example of a successful investment bank is Madison Street Capital. This firm is based in Chicago, Illinois. They are a good example of a medium sized investment banking firm. Not only due they buy and sell stock, commodities and make business loans, they also act as facilitators during mergers and acquisitions.


 Madison Street Capital invests in and works with companies not only at home in the United States but abroad as well. This is because investments through the banking system can be made just as easily abroad as at home. Some firms like Madison Street Capital can specialize in helping middle sizes firms gain a foothold in other countries as they try to expand their products abroad.

Bruce Levenson

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Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has recently been involved in a lawsuit involving Danny Ferry. Bruce Levenson was one of the controlling partners of the business that owned the Atlanta Hawks franchise. During that time, Danny Ferry was the general manager of the team. Lawsuits this large take a long time to complete, and Bruce Levenson really just wants to get on with his life. During his time with the Hawks, Bruce Levenson did a lot of great things for the city. At one time, the Hawks were thinking about moving to another city. However, Bruce Levenson was able to turn the team around and now they have a lot of fan support.

Bruce Levenson

One of the things that make Bruce Levenson is his willingness to invest in other people. When he was with the Hawks, he decided to make the team great again. However, he did not start with getting the most talented players. Instead, he focused on involving the fans more at the games. This led to an increase in fan support and sales. With the extra money, he was then able to go out and get the best players possible. Over the long term, this proved to be a winning strategy for him. Bruce Levenson is a great example to other NBA owners who are struggling to turn around their team.

Giving Back

Another thing that sets UCG founder Bruce Levenson apart from other owners is his willingness to give back to others. He has been involved in a lot of local charities that invest in the community. This is something that Bruce Levenson has always been passionate about. If you want to invest in others, you have to be willing to work hard in doing so. Bruce Levenson has done a lot of good work for Atlanta, and he will continue to do so in the future.



Women Who Try WEN Cleansing Conditioners Will Find Themselves Addicted

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Many women out there today have fallen in love with the products put out by Chaz Dean, especially his Wen hair care line. The unique formula in WEN cleansing conditioners allows it to work on practically any hair type as well as any hair issue someone may be facing. Because of all the positive ratings and words from fellow women, Emily McClure, a blogger for Bustle, tested out the WEN product herself to see if it would change her hair for the better.

For a week, Emily tested out the product and then she posted up her review on Bustle to detail how the experience was.  To the surprise of Emily, the product worked great on her hair, despite it being very fine. This was great for her since she has always had a hard time finding things that would work on her hair. It only took a few compliments from friends for Emily to make it a permanent addition to her daily hair care routine.

This means the product is free of all unnatural chemicals and sulfates that can cause buildup or damage to the hair. Because of his all around approach to target all hair types, the product is also capable of replacing that majority of other conditioners and shampoos as well as deep conditioners and detanglers. There are no special requirements or procedures to use WEN cleansing conditioners. They can be applied like any typical hair care product, though the product does come with a proper dosage guide on how much to use for different hair lengths. Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioners are available online through eBay, Amazon Guthy-Renker and Sephora.

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