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Kevin Seawright – CEO of Newark Economic Development Corporation

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Kevin Seawright is a financial and project management expert living in Newark, New Jersey. Kevin is best known for his ability to command new opportunities, and strategically visualize business and economic goals. Seawright is the current Chief Operating Officer(CFO) & Executive Vice President(VP) of Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Before he relocated to New Jersey, Seawright worked in the field of education for six years as the Deputy CFO in Baltimore. At Tito Contractors based in Washington, DC, he was employed as a strategic associate director for Finance and Human Capital. This position enabled him to gain knowledge on small business development, and also got an insight into the real estate sector.

While being associated with his community, Kevin served for the Babe Ruth Museum as an advisory board member and coached the local youth sports team. Seawright has been an affiliate of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators. Also, Kevin was a member of the National Association of Black Accountants, and the American Society for Public Administration.

Kevin Seawright has solidified Human Capital Divisions. Kevin has also transformed the revenue planning corporate process. This has worked effectively across the board for both the sub-contractors and the general contractors in every part of the mid-Atlantic region.

Kevin is presently involved with organizations that are designed to empower communities. Kevin’s latest step in the path of continuing development and education was completed successfully when he finished his second part of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program. This program was launched to assist business leaders in keeping pace with the competitive nature of the current non-profit sector.

Seawright concluded Phase Two of the program with a notable Certificate of Achievement granted to those who surpassed in the course. Steward has been in control for over 13 years in both the public and private sectors. His proficiency is established in financial management for government agencies managed locally. Seawright’s years of achievement and hard work have steadily benefited communities living on the East Coast. Looking ahead to the leadership program which is his final phase, Seawright still maintains his position as the CFO and Executive VP while being actively involved in his various philanthropic and social efforts.

Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation

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Reputation plays a significant role in the lives of business tycoons, political leaders, and celebrities. The internet has become so powerful and vast that even the slightest of news will shake or shape the lives of the business people. To maintain a good reputation, here are some online reputation management strategies to implement:

Be Bold

One of the best ways to express your confidence is by making bold statements based on your principles. In the case of any controversy, stick to your principles. When you are honest, you will earn respect from those who are following your moves.

Stay Alert

People will always look for an opportunity to drag you down. You can either take their bait and start shouting or ignore them with clever short comments. Moreover, you can set Google alerts for your name and your business name to receive notification whenever someone tampers with your online reputation. It is easier to stop a crisis when it starts than when it becomes tragic. As such, receiving online alerts will help you keep an eye on your online reputation.

Know your attacker

Identifying the source of an attack helps you address the damage from the roots. You can either file a lawsuit or settle the crisis with your attackers; however, you first need to know who is behind the damage. For example, you may run a branded search campaign via Bing Ads or Google Adwords for unnecessary publicity.

Formulate a Plan

Prepare a plan to salvage your name in the advent of damage. As such, your marketing team must be well-educated on how to come up with strategies to minimize and repair online reputation damage.

By combining PR with the element of surprise, you can protect your online reputation from competitors’ attacks. Strategies by Fox News to maintain your online reputation help in repairing reputation damage. As the need for online reputation management grows as user generated content explodes, experts encourage hiring online reputation managers to maintain your online profile and ensure it is always protected from damage. Since reputation is the most valuable business asset, it shapes peoples’ impression about a company.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Reshape the Fashion Industry

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Adam Goldenberg and his close friend Don Ressler are the founders and Co-CEOs of JustFab, an e-commerce fashion company that is very popular. The two friends are set out to ensure that they reshape the fashion industry. They have the ability to spot trends, develop industry leading brands and at the end of the day grow a successful business. They have managed to be successful because they combine their skills, passion, and fun. These features at are very rare in the fashion industry because the individuals in the department take life too seriously.

Adam Goldenberg started his first company when he was just fifteen years old. The company was known as Gamers Alliance, and it did well in the market. After three years, it was acquired by Intermix Media. He chose to quit high school to join Intermix Media as the vice president of the strategic plans. By the time he turned twenty years, Adam was doing well in Intermix Media; he was working as the Chief Operating Officer. At that time, he was known to many people as the youngest COO operating in a publicly traded organization in the country.

While working at Intermix Media, Adam Goldenberg met Don Ressler. Ressler was working as a brand building specialist in the region. Goldenberg had just sold his successful company, known as to Intermix Media. This sale of the company had given the businessman over one billion, and he had also raised over one hundred million from several internet companies.

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After a year, the two friends started an e-commerce brand incubator platform called Intelligent Beauty. Afterward, they become successful entrepreneurs who established several health brands to the market.

The modern consumers love shopping online, and the two friends thought that it was a good idea to introduce a personalized online experience for the customers. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler decided to merge social interaction and edge cutting fashion. The businessmen also decided that they would offer the services at an affordable rate, unlike most of the popular fashion brands in the market.

JustFab was founded on this concept, and it has impressed many consumers in the country. Just several months after its introduction, the fashion brand on has done so well, and it has acquired many subscribers from all parts of the country. The fashion brand is fun, engaging and highly social, and this attracts more clients.

Securus Technologies is Growing

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Securus Technologies, a Dallas based provider of prison products, is growing rapidly. There is a soaring demand for the quality and efficient communication products for those who are incarcerated. Securus Technologies wants to make sure that people have what they need when it comes to their tragic situation in jail. Watch more on


The American criminal justice system is known for not being kind to the vulnerable. There are many people in prison who were unfairly locked up. Securus Technologies does not have all the information, but they want to make life easy for all parties involved. Securus Technologies provides effective technological products that enable the lonely families of prisoners to communicate with those they love and care about. It is fascinating that many people do not see how much can be taken from simple phone systems. You can use them to break boundaries and melt the hard hearts of convicted felons with a kind word from their girlfriend or spouse. All you need is a highly experienced prison technologies company like Securus to get the system properly connected.


Competitor GTL has frequently warred with Securus Technologies over patents. This contest stifles innovation, and hinders Securus Technologies goal to maximize return on investment for their customers.


Securus Technologies has worked for over a decade on polishing their various product offerings. One of the products from Securus that gets the highest reviews is the electronic prison complaint form. The electronic prison complaint form enables the user to easily log something dangerous that is going on. This improves prison safety and lowers abusive behaviors. Before, when staff had to use the paper forms, the safety of a prison could be easily compromised, because filling out a paper form is time consuming and costly.


The Three Benefits of Investment Banking

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When it comes to investment banking, it is better than other methods if financial growth. Even startups and larger companies use them to assist them in transactions. If you are looking to increase your financial health, here is why you should consider seeking an investment advisor today.

Investment banking brings three primary benefits to the table. Firstly, you get more security. This means that the actual infrastructure and IT is more stable for you. They have more resources to select the best equipment, software, connection, and employees to innovate and manage it. This ensures that your data, such as communications, transfers, secret files, and holdings, are incredibly secure. They also have the information and research departments to analyze the data and predict when the market is going into a downturn. This protects your wealth from being destroyed by a political upheaval or more in today’s unstable world.

Then there is the issue of actually growing your funds, which is why you seek out investment bankers. They can get you into the markets at amazing positions not available to other small banks and brokerage firms. That way, you don’t waste any time and you start making more money sooner. With the extra income you have, you’ll be able to buy more of the things that you want and need.

Thirdly, investment banking allows you to have more options to explore. When you simply go with one investment, you are stuck in that vehicle. But an investment bank obviously specializes in making you the most amount of money with the most options, so you can have all the data you need to make an excellent decision. That’s the way investing should be.

Martin Lustgarten is an example of an excellent investment advisor. He is trained and has experience in the field of investment banking for years now. Based in Florida, he is actually from Austria and also holds citizenship in Venezuela.

He believes in reducing risk and making his clients the most amount of money possible in the shortest time frame. That’s why he utilizes international investment vehicles for himself and others. He is well known for having an eye for the markets.

Gooee Smart Lighting Works Outside

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The lights on the inside are much easier to program, and homeowners often assume that that is the only thing they can do with their lights. They are forgetting about the lights outside the house, and they will not have their flood lights or motion sensor lights programmed. Gooee smart lighting is one system that controls everything, and it is used to make sure that someone can see the lights come on at the precise hour they should. It is basic to do, and Gooee will even bring in their own fixtures.

The idea is to make every light around the house look perfect, and the bulbs that are used in the Gooee lights will look much better because they are directed light. A few LED bulbs ( in the outdoor fixtures that are created by Gooee are more than enough to make a home look great, and they are also something that a lot of people need to use because they have a property that will not be safe unless they use these lights.

They forget that they can get anything they need, and they forget that they will be able to use these items when they want to set up something that flicks on and off when it should.