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Preventing Crimes with the Help of Securus Technologies

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I work on part of our local police force that is responsible for putting violent fugitives behind bars. My latest assignment was working on a case where a very violent fugitive was breaking into homes in the area and either tying up or beating the residents before he left. In many cases, this violent offender would have been able to leave with the merchandise, but stayed to torture the residents instead. We already had his brother in jail for the same crimes, but the younger brother proved to be more challenging to catch.


After the last burglary, the suspect sent our office a recording that threatened me and my team if we did not stop chasing the suspect. He mentioned that he wanted to meet me personally so we could settle this score one on one. The suspect also mentioned that if we did not stop chasing him and harassing his family, he was going to make the next family suffer. Now we had a real problem on our hands because we can never stop the hunt, but our residents safety comes first.


On a hunch, I returned to the jail where the suspect’s brother was being held, and decided to try something new to me. Securus Technologies had installed an inmate call system in the jail that allowed us to now monitor calls the inmates make with new technology. The LBS software and the covert alert feature would now be our ears for us instead on my team trying to anticipate the next move of this dangerous suspect.


The suspect and his brother were talking, and when they thought they were disguising their conversation about the next score, we were able to stake out the location and set a trap. The suspect is currently under arrest in part to the inmate call system in our jail installed by Securus Technologies.


Where Can I Find Beneful Dog Food Coupons?

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Do you want to give your dog the best food that you can give them? Are you looking for a reliable brand like Beneful to give them the nutrition they need for their overall health? Beneful is a very well respected brand that knows how to provide you with everything you need. Beneful is so incredible with what they have to offer, and they always try to come up with new ways to provide nutrition at its best quality with the help of efficient strategies. Beneful is popular for all kinds of reasons, including the fact that they have affordable food.

If you want to save even more money, Beneful also willingly provides their fans with great dog food coupons. There are all kinds of coupons available in their site that you could use. These coupons are always in their newsletter and throughout the site in general. They provide legitimate solutions and top of the line ways to save money.

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If you are looking for a legitimate way to save money, Beneful is here to provide you with everything that you will ever need. Beneful provides coupons throughout their online store if you simply look around for them and use them during checkout before you buy.

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Karl Heideck Is As Good As It Gets

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Get to know Karl Heideck

Get to know Karl Heideck

For anyone who wonders what a litigator does and what kind of training and education the profession require, the answers to those questions are relatively simple, at least on paper. A litigator is an attorney who works specifically to see that a case is brought to court and given its due trial. Moreover, they oversee every aspect of the cases they bring to court, from start to finish. One way to envision a litigator is as a champion for their clients. Sometimes, these clients are plaintiffs, and in other circumstances they are defendants.

The details of what a litigator does, on any given case, vary from each circumstance to the next. Of course, there are basic duties that are to be performed from investigation to advocacy, and at times these task require a team of professionals from private investigators to medical doctors. However, there is a singular task that any and every litigator must perform. They must put the wishes and welfare of their clients first no matter how they may personally feel about how a trial is going.

The education and training required to be an attorney is not the most grueling. That is not say it is a cake walk either. By no means, does anyone just get a degree in law, and in most cases it definitely is not a “plan b” story. It requires a Bachelors from an accredited institution of higher learning, for starters. After that, it is off to take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) as a requirement of most law schools. Once that job is done, it is just another three years of law school. And even after graduation, there is this little thing called the Bar Examination. Without passing that exam, you may not be licensed to formally practice law.

Karl Heideck has all the required experience and training and is a competent litigator. He really does not handle private clients. Karl Heideck sits on full time counsels, some of which are government counsels.

Karl Heideck’s specialty is in risk management and compliance practices. He performs his duties based out of the Philadelphia area. Anyone who knows him can testify that he is highly intelligent. This is because Karl Heideck’s education includes attending Swarthmore College and Tempe University Beasley.

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