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Rally Driving with Rodrigo Terpins

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Rodrigo Terpins is described as one of Brazil’s most talented and skilled rally drivers. His passion and interest in rally driving started when he was still a young boy. His hard work and determination led him to become one of the most successful rally drivers. Rodrigo states that he has one of the best careers in the world since he does what he loves the most. The work of Rodrigo is also known to require a lot of discipline, expertise and patience which he all possesses. The rally drive is part of the team at the Bull Sertoes Rally where he is a team player and a very valued member.

Rodrigo Terpins is known to come from a well-established family that is comprised of veterans. His father serves as the president of the Latin American Jewish Congress with his brother who is known as Michael serving as a race car driver. This has served as a huge motivator when it comes to his career. Michael Terpins serves as one of the mentors of Rodrigo Terpins and is also among the most talented and successful rally drivers in the whole of Brazil. Rodrigo was born and brought up in Brazil. His childhood was spent in fixing cars and this is where his passion for rallies came from.

Currently, Rodrigo Terpins serves as the senior director at the T5 Participacoes. His skills and experience have helped the company in attaining tremendous growth and success. He has also helped in planning some of the largest competitions in the whole of Brazil. Rodrigo also has a very extensive education background and he attributes this to be part of the success that he currently enjoys. Terpins graduated from the prestigious Saint Hilaire and was able to acquire expertise in corporate and management governance. In the past, Rodrigo serves as the President at the Lojas Marisa where he also led to a lot of the company’s achievements. These executive positions have however not hindered Rodrigo in being a rally driver. Over the years, he has been able to win many awards due to his commitment and success in rally driving. Follow Rodrigo Terpins on Twitter.


How Securus Technologies Has Managed to Use Technology to Solve Crimes

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Securus Technologies has been in operation since 1997, and for the past two decades, they have been offering the best solutions when it comes to solving crimes. The better business bureau has reviewed the company for the quality of their service, their excellent customer service and the fact that the business has not had any issues with the government or filed for bankruptcy. Here, are a few of the things you may not know about Securus and their strategies when it comes to solving crimes.


When the company started out, it was mainly concerned with inmate communication. Here, they made it possible for inmates to communicate with their loved ones regardless of where they were in the country. One of the pioneer services which they offered was bringing down the cost at which inmate telephone calls are made to a very manageable amount. With time, they introduced different calling plans and rates to meet the diverse needs of their clients. It is now possible to have a prepaid account, and postpaid plan and several other communication options.


The addition of technological solutions to help them with the monitoring and video calling is an additional service that came later for them. They created this service because of the increasing instances of insecurity among the inmates. With a monitoring system, the company has been able to deal with issues such as weapons, money, and drugs getting smuggled into the correctional facilities and crimes being executed in the system. They have extended this service beyond the prison system, and it is now possible to contact them for crime resolution outside the system, and especially in the corporate environment.


As Rick Smith, the CEO of the Texas Based Company states, they aim to offer their clients the best solutions for inmate security. So far, they are doing an excellent job.a


Anthony Petrello contribution to the lives of children suffering from neurological disorders

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Anthony Petrello contribution in the healthcare philanthropic initiatives has been great. He has spent millions of dollars in various initiatives that are meant to alleviate the suffering of many children from the United States and all over the world who are suffering from neurological disorder related problems. The neurological disorders in children have a great adverse impact on the lives of these young ones. When children suffer from neurological diseases, then proceed to miss the right medication, then their lives are as good as miserable. This disorders usually come with the problem of a child being unable to control the various body functions especially the body motions. Such children will have the problem of walking as well as talking.

For Anthony Petrello, he has witnessed this problem first hand in his family. His daughter has been suffering from this condition that has made her unable to do basic body functions such as chewing, talking and walking. Until she was seven, he could not feed on solid foods. It has taken many years of training for her to finally learn the art of chewing solid food. Carena suffers from a condition knows as Cerebral Palsy. This is a problem that is caused by improper brain functioning. When the brain receives less oxygen, it will likely affect the whole body since it is the nerve center of all the whole body.

The cerebral Palsy disease has made the life for the little Carena almost unbearable. She has been unable to do basic body functions that are necessary for a normal living of a child. The problem that she has been facing has pushed her parents to look for treatment in many hospitals in the world, but they have not been successful. Almost every hospital that Anthony Petrello have visited lacks a unit that can handle neurological disorders like the one his daughter is suffering from.

Anthony Petrello being a person who does not believe in impossibilities have made it a responsibility in life to tackle this challenge that has plagued his daughters’ life. Anthony Petrello decided to use his wealth to see that the world does not continue to suffer from lack of medical research in such an important part of human life. He is saddened that his daughter and many other little children who are hopeless continues to suffer due to a problem that can be addressed if resources are channeled towards research in the medical field.

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Eric Lefkofsky is Helping to Transform the Way We Treat Cancer

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Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, which is a company that is building the world’s largest database of information to advance the treatment of cancer. Not only is Tempus lowering the cost of genome mapping and sequencing, but it is also combining molecular data about cancer patients with clinical information to give physicians a fuller picture of the possible treatments or methods they might be able to use to make real-time decisions that enable them to better treat individual cases of cancer. Eric was inspired to begin his journey into aiding with the battle against cancer, because someone close to him experienced, first-hand, the lack of high-quality treatment that he feels should be available to anyone who has to deal with the life-threatening disease.

After starting out his professional life by selling carpet, Eric Lefkofsky went on to graduate law school and start a business with his college friend, Brad Keywell. For many years following this, they both ended up investing in many of the same businesses, together, and many of these were very successful. One of these ventures was Groupon, which became a huge success and ended up earning Lefkofsky millions of dollars. Another one of the more recent companies that Lefkofsky has started is Tempus, which is a company that looks to help physicians combat cancer by providing them with an information network that offers them information about specific past cases of cancer so they can apply the knowledge to current patients.

Aside from his business dealings, Eric Lefkofsky is a philanthropist who hopes to help as many people as possible in his lifetime. It was for this reason that His wife and himself started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. The Foundation is a private charity that aims to support initiatives, programs, and research that makes life for humans much easier. Eric and the Foundation donate to educational programs like the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School, health programs including Planned Parenthood, medical groups like the American Brain Tumor Association, and different arts and culture initiatives and programs including the Steppenwolf Theater. Eric also supports the community of Chicago that he lives in and calls his home.