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Organo Gold Has Uncommon Grounds

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Organo Gold founder, Bernardo Chua says he was committed to spotlighting a process of blending the most popular brew with exotic properties. What Chua did was develop a breakthrough approach with a beverage that may boost our health and help dissuade disease.

From a young age, Philippine-born Chua learned to appreciate commonly used foods for health benefits because they showed precise pharmaco-dynamic properties. Chua grew up utilizing Chinese medicine. Chinese herbal medicine addresses many diseases with diet therapy. When he complimented the world’s most popular brew with Ganoderma Lucidum, a medicinal mushroom, grown in China, Organo Gold became an industry game changer. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Turning Things Around

You wonder how important is nutrition? Doctors tell us nutrition and exercise are the keys to controlling our health. But the foods most of us eat today are poisoning our bodies. So what can we all do about this? One very big step to take is controlling insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone that allows blood sugar to enter our cells but the foods and beverages we consume drive our insulin levels through the roof, thus forming a basis for many of the diseases we endure today, like Diabetes. The good news is, that mushroom found in Organo Gold coffee — Ganoderma Lucidum — it can help control insulin levels.

Researchers have found that Ganoderma Lucidum inhibits glucose synthesis, and reduces blood glucose levels. While most people choose traditional drugs to reduce blood sugar levels, there can be side effects like renal failure and stroke. In Asian countries, people treat disease with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Doctors have found that Ganoderma Lucidum contain polysaccharides, and more than 150 other substances that defend the body and accelerate the healing process.


Ten Years of Excellence

Organo Gold is known for their range of nutrient-enriched beverages. Founded in 2008, the company began quietly building up a wide range of fans and became known for their highly prized specialty coffee. Bernardo Chua developed a multi-level marketing strategy that turned Organo Gold into a multi-million dollar empire.

Honored by several prestigious awards, including People’s Choice, and the Gold Medal Award in the Philippines, as well as recognized in Virginia by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, Organo Gold has achieved longevity in the industry because of their commitment to a quality product. This past January, the company introduced a new line of products, OGX Fenix, focused on weight management. Organo Gold meets public expectations and still seeks new goals. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Bob Reina Persisted

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Bob Reina recounts the days of childhood when children persisted to learn how to ride a bike through all the trials and tribulations. When we fell, we got back up. Through skinned knees and scary first trips through the neighborhood alone, we still tried. As adults, things have changed. According to Bob Reina, now we give up to avoid being uncomfortable.


During our younger days, we had hope and ambition. We were eager to take on the world and would try again when we failed. Unfortunately, we’ve become quitters. We have become so focused on small things that we think may be small keys to happiness that we have given up on our aspirations. Bob Reina hopes to see a change in this disappointing trend. From diets, to marriages, to jobs, adults are just giving up at the first sign of difficulty or potential failure.


While the old saying of, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” has recently gained popularity due to Beyonce, it seems like people don’t really grasp what this really means. It’s just a catchy phrase to add to an Instagram photo, according to Bob Reina. Today’s adults don’t want to look for the silver lining or put the time into achieving their goals, they want instant gratification and satisfaction now. The successful and elite don’t abandon responsibility and Bob Reina believes accepting responsibility and putting in the work could be the key to success in this nation.


Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion, a revolutionary video marketing system. He also acts as CEO for the company he founded. He began his career in network marketing in 1990 while also serving as a police officer in Tampa Bay. While he was directing traffic as an off-duty officer, a man introduced him to network marketing and his life was changed.


Reina has a passion for helping animals and along with Talk Fusion works with the SPCA of Florida to give back. He has also donated more than $1 million and assisted in raising even more money to help care for Tampa Bay companion animals. Bob Reina is also a dedicated member of the Tampa Bay local sports community, he uses his resources to provide uniforms for local teams.


While it didn’t come easy, Bob Reina persisted and became the success he is today. Learn more:





The Appointment Of A New CEO Reflects Sussex Healthcare’s Dedication To Quality Care

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The team at Sussex Healthcare has always been dedicated to providing quality care to the senior adults residing in their residential facilities. This organization recently enhanced their staff with the addition of a new CEO. Amanda Morgan-Taylor was officially appointed to this position in January. Proving herself to be dedicated to the organization’s mission, she immediately set to work familiarizing herself with everything associated with the services provided at each residential facility, which is no small task considering they have 20 homes in various locations across east and west Sussex.

One of the jobs the new CEO of Sussex Healthcare will need to complete will be the appointment of a new Director of Quality, Compliance and Service Improvement. As someone who has worked in the fields of health and social care, Amanda Morgan-Taylor brings more than 30 years of experience to her role as Chief Executive Officer for Sussex Healthcare. In 1984, she began her career as a mental health nurse, which gave her the foundation she needed to to eventually step into positions of leadership, which included becoming a Director of Quality Management herself.

Read more: Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents

Sussex Healthcare provides a wide range of services to their residents. These are designed to address the physical, mental and social needs senior adults often have. Their staff of trained professionals offer care for seniors with neurological conditions, autism, learning disabilities, dementia and Alzheimer’s. They also offer audiology services that includes everything from hearing assessments to the proper fitting of hearing aids. To help encourage and improve physical activity in residents, this organization recently opened a full size gym complete with hydrotherapy pools and an underwater treadmill.

The experience Amanda Morgan-Taylor has had with various independent care providers has earned her a reputation as someone who delivers on what she sets forth for high quality standards in care and support. Her appointment to the position of CEO at Sussex Healthcare is evidence of the type of high standards the organization itself is committed to attaining. In her new role she will be visiting with residents and staff members at all of the current facilities. This is just one step in the practices taken on the part of the team at Sussex Healthcare to ensure all of their facilities deliver the type of superior quality care their residents deserve.

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Dr. David Samadi Breaks Down Mitt Romney’s Prostate Prognosis

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Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential candidate a few weeks ago made a public announcement revealing that he had undergone prostate surgery following a slow-growing tumor which his doctors had diagnosed him with last year.

We recently got a chance to speak to Dr. David Samadi about prostate cancer and Mitt Romney’s case. Dr. Samadi is currently the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is also the professor of Urology at Hofstra School of medicine. During our interview with him, he shed light on various issues regarding Mitt Romney’s prognosis.

The first thing he talked about is that prostate cancer develops in older men. It is estimated that six out of ten who are 65 years and above suffer from prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is not common for men aged 40 and below. Most men are however diagnosed at the age of 66. Mitt Romney is currently 70 years.

Surgery and Radiation

According to Dr. Samadi, when a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer, he has to choose a specific type of treatment either radiation or surgery. “As a urologist, it is my practice to always take the patient through all the pros and cons of both treatments and allow them to make an informed decision” commented Dr. David Samadi. Studies have however shown that prostate cancer victims who opt for surgery treatment do well compared to those who opt for radiation.

Dr. Samadi says that he has several reasons as to why he would recommend surgery over radiation. He says that the likelihood of patients treated with surgery dying is lower compared to prostate cancer patients treated with radiation. Secondly, he says that men who are treated with radiation have likely to expose themselves to secondary cancer such as rectal or bladder cancer as a result of radiation side effects.

Race for the U.S Senate

Most political analysts view Romney’s announcement as an indication that he would run for Utah Senatorial seat which will soon be vacated by the current occupant, Orrin Hatch. It is also worth noting that Romney isn’t the first politician to make public his cancer treatment status.

Former Secretary of State, Collin Powel also underwent surgery at Walter Reed Army Medical center to remove his prostate gland in 2003. Besides, in 2002 while running for the post of president, John Kerry was told by his doctors that he was suffering from prostate cancer. He was treated with surgery and got healed.

Dr. David Samadi’s Social Media:

How Market America is Progressing

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Market America is a firm that is growing tremendously, a broker and internet marketer. It was established in 1992 by James Howard and Loren Ridinger. The company has its headquarters in Greensboro. It distributes a wide range of products in numerous countries.

By the year 2010, the company had more than six hundred and fifty employees. Among the services, the company offers are jewelry, personal care product, household cleaning supplies, health product, water purifiers, cosmetics and auto care among others. It is effective because it uses affiliated companies to distribute products and do other operations.

The company started in the USA, but it has expanded to other countries. It has reached Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippine, and Taiwan. Market America has a partnership with iMirus. The intention was to increase product diversity of products. The partnership made the company grow and make changes accordingly.

Though the company sells many types of products, it does not produce them. It sources its products from other producers. Business people interested in working for this company do not have to be franchised. They are independent distributors, and some of them choose to run online sites. Being an independent partner requires startup and monthly fees.

Every distributor earns money through commissions from sales. The company organizes training and seminars to mentor partners and distributors. Market America does training and mentorship because it cares about the future. The future of the economy will be framed around goals that an average person would achieve. The economy will be founded on helping the average person. These people need support to achieve an income that will provide needs and wants in their lives.

Market America views the future of the economy as a time that will not be just about working. The future will be about people working for themselves. They will be determining their own lives and destiny. It will be no longer a matter of working for someone and letting them determine your worth. The future of the economy is about financial independence, growth and exploiting potential. People will achieve their dreams and goals in life.

Adam Milstein: Israeli-American Real Estate Tycoon

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Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American businessman who wanted to become more successful one day. Born in Haifa, Israel, Adam Milstein has been in the military when he was younger. He served as a combat sailor for Israel, and because of the raging wars outside the main cities, his family decided to live away from the border where many casualties are being reported. He would again serve the Israel Defense Forces when it was declared mandatory for all available men to fight. It was the Yom Kippur War, and Adam Milstein managed to survive by facing his fears and battling all the way to the chamber of the boss he would have to face. In college, he decided to take up a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics, knowing that it will help his family business. After graduating, someone offered him a job at a rival real estate and development company, and he was trained to become a sales agent. He later on quit and decided to help his father with their business, and he did everything that he can to place the Hager Pacific Properties on top.

Having an innate understanding of how their family business works, he managed to become more successful. He would later use this knowledge to teach the children some of the necessary skills in life that one has to learn. Under the supervision of Adam Milstein, more investors came knocking on their doors, hoping that they can get in touch with the scientist.

As time went by, Adam Milstein realized that the secret to success is hard work and perseverance. He also added that the people around him make him who he is today. He thanked all of the experiences in life because, without those, he would not be able to draw courage from the past experiences that he has experienced.

Being in the real estate industry, Adam Milstein promised that he would be looking after the gigantic projects that they will be laid upon the city. The location of the attraction would still be decided upon. For the meantime, everyone is advised to take a break and take a deep breath.

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Passion on the Tracks with Rodrigo Terpins

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Rodrigo Terpins is with the Bull Sertoes Rally team. Currently, he is one of the best drivers on the race tracks that Brazil has.

Rodrigo Terpins was employed at T5 Partipacoes as the Senior Director. During his term with the company, he managed to engage it with several big competitions in Brazil that made the company quite profitable. Before he worked with T5 Partipacoes, he was employed at Lojas Marisa as the President. Amidst his busy schedule with the companies he was working with, Rodrigo Terpins still found time to have a career on the race tracks.

While growing up, Rodrigo dedicated his time to repairing cars that initially gave him the desire to join rallies. His father and brother are his mentors. His brother Michael is a famous rally driver in Brazil, who already won several competitions. Both have been the perfect guide for Rodrigo to become a successful rally driver.

His innate driving ability and passion for rally driving gave him the capability to manipulate the rough patch and terrains whenever he is driving, giving him the occasion to win and stand on the podium. His successful racing career is due to his perseverance and hard work not to mention the support his co-driver provides whenever they are on the race tracks. For more details visit maringa.

Rodrigo Terpins is fully satisfied with his choice of sports because according to him he can do the thing he likes best – which is race car driving and he can spend much time doing it well too. He also commented that being a race car driver requires patience, discipline and of course experience.

Rodrigo Terpins’s name is famous in Goias and Minas Gerais – soon his name is anticipated to be included in Brazil’s rally legends. You can search on Google.

To date, Rodrigo has already won numerous competitions including T1 prototypes. He and his partner on the race tracks have been doing quite well so far. In a post he made on Facebook, Rodrigo Terpins said he is grateful for the support given by his co-driver who has fans and supporters that come in every competition to provide them with moral support. You can visit his Facebook page.


A Brief Look Into Aloha Construction Company

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The year 2017 saw many construction companies in the United States realize good profits despite the challenges that got witnessed in the economy of many businesses in different sectors. The boom in real estate market helped the construction companies to make a profit and help drive the economy by providing job opportunities to many people.

The ability of the construction sector to fight and sustain itself amidst the financial crises felt elsewhere was more than a miracle. As a result, companies like Aloha Contraction were able to make profits for the year 2017. The company was also capable of taking on new employers for much-needed expertise required constructing quality structures for its many clients.

Aloha Construction Inc. is one of the best local roofers and siding contractors you can trust. The company is based in Illinois in the United States. Aloha construction company mainly operates in southern Wisconsin and Illinois.

As a small local company, Aloha Construction is run and operated mostly by the family owners. The company has qualified and experienced field supervisors, inspectors, installers, office team and claim specialists. Its entire staff works hand in hand with each other for the success of the company.

Aloha Construction is headed by David Farbaky whose mission is to see that it delivers best quality construction services at a reasonable and a competitive market price. It is the main reason that many local clients prefer the company and mainly contract it to oversee most of their construction work.

Aloha Construction has evolved from small family-owned firm to an all-rounded company that attends to all home repair needs like roofs, gutters, windows and other home repair services. It has completed more than 7000 local ventures. It is known to be the best company in excellence, safety, and intelligence in the construction field.

The company aims at maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, honesty, integrity, and fairness to all its customers. Aloha Construction Inc. ensures satisfaction in areas like timeliness and attention to detail at all levels. It has created Dave Farbaky Foundation mainly to help local children and give them remarkable experiences in construction work.

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Roberto Santiago and the Thrill of Seeing Growth in a Mall

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When people find a new favorite mall, they not only find themselves excited about what they can get from the mall, but they also are hoping for the best with this mall. One thing that could be common is that they could see a new store that they would like to be at the mall. However, there is a type of thrill that is rarely experienced by people from their favorite mall. One thing that people can witness happen with their favorite mall is that there tends to be some new enhancements. However, it is not just any type of new enhancement, it could be the type of enhancement that the individual wants.


One thing that is common with Manaira Shopping is that Roberto Santiago comes up with a new idea to help it grow. This can include building something that is going to be very helpful for the right tenants who can bring more customers to the mall. One thing that people often deal with when they see something new that is not at the mall is make plans to visit those areas where the new attraction is. However, it is common for them to be surprised when that new attraction comes to their favorite mall.


One example of a premium attraction that has come to Manaira Shopping is a movie theater that offers a premium type of experience. People might have heard about the type of movie going experience that combines a restaurant with the movie theater so that they could experience more than just popcorn. There may be some people that were content with traveling a bit in order to experience that. Then the theater at their nearest Manaira Shopping mall has opened up a location which allows them to have an actual meal at the movie theater.


This is an example of all of the enhancements that come with the mall. Manaira Shopping does everything possible to make sure that people of many different tastes have something to do at their mall. This is what keeps the customers coming and even staying at the Manaira Shopping mall.


Rocketship Education Raises Students to Excellence

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Rocketship Education offers a way forward in the area of education, providing learning options and an equal footing for every single student. Operating in the charter school style, Rocketship Education establishes schools that parents, teachers, and students all have a hand in creating. Charter schools operate when students and their families are able to choose where their children are educated rather than accepting the school to which they are zoned. Being able to do this puts control over children’s education in the hands of the student, and provides them with access to the best education no matter what their socioeconomic status.

At the charter schools that Rocketship has established, parents have many responsibilities in the education of their children. Every teacher is reviewed by a panel of parents and board members, guaranteeing that every aspect of the children’s education and well being is considered in employing teachers. At the moment of employment, parents are given a huge responsibility which each and every one of them take seriously.

One of the founding principles is to create an equal and level playing field to each and every student, no matter what the issues are. The charter schools have been set up in areas that are financially challenged and struggling, issues that can lead to challenges in the classroom. Schools can be safe havens for students, and they can have an alarming effect on not just the students in a school, but the entire family. Students are able to raise a family out of poverty when they are given the value of a good education and the opportunities that come along with it.

Schools that operate in this manner have been shown to flourish, and that is exactly what has happened with the Rocketship Education schools. Together both students and school can rise together.