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Have Fortress Investment Group Assets Become the Playground Castles for the Wealthy?

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Each hedge fund has its own special characteristic. How could one describe the asset mix of the Fortress Investment Group? Would it be fair to claim that the Fortress Investment Group assets provide the playground castles for the wealthy?

UBS Connections

Originally, Henry Ford’s financial supporters wanted to create an automobile company that would sell exclusively luxury motor vehicles. This had actually been the norm for most car companies of his age. Of course, wealthy people could afford horseless carriages.Eventually, Henry Ford was able to use his assembly line to dramatically lower the cost of making cars, so he could sell them to every man. But, the Ford marketing strategy still compared the benefits of their horseless carriage to the horse carriage of the wealthy. On the other hand, many Fortress’ assets are focused on the luxury market.That should not be a surprise since co-founder Randal Nardone was previously a managing director of Swiss based UBS. The Swiss are experts at providing high-quality watches, machinery and equipment to their well-heeled clientele. The Fortress Investment Group seems to offer assets to fulfill all of the needs of the wealthy.

Resorts & Casinos

If the wealthy wanted to rest and relax for the weekend, they could find many destinations at the Intrawest Resorts Fortress holding. This is North America’s largest ski resort operator. It was also key to the Fortress’ support of the 2010 Winter Olympics.If the wealthy want to play some games or bet on horses, then they could visit a Penn National Gaming establishment. Penn National was another important Fortress holding operating in dozens of states. As of December 31, 2017 Penn estimated that it operated 36,200 gaming machines and 810 table games. It also had 4,800 hotel rooms.If the wealthy needed a personal loan, they could apply at Springleaf Financial, which provided personal installment loans. Rich people might be jet setters and Air Castle leased jets to commercial airlines. The Fortress seemed to have rich people’s interests at heart.

Fortress Luxury Relaxation

The truth is that after the 2008 Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis, many properties around the world fell on hard times, except luxury properties. The land of the 1% elite still held its high value. Therefore, this strategy by the Fortress Investment Group seems to be very wise.The wealthy are willing to pay a premium for products and services. They appreciate the best brands and will not base their decisions solely on price. Therefore, their demand curve will tend to be more inelastic.And, when it is time to retire, the senior citizens seem to have the lion’s share of the wealth, at least in the United States. Therefore, the Fortress holdings of Brookdale Senior Living and Holiday Retirement make good sense. Rich seniors can pay for the best retirement facilities.The Fortress Investment Group has done its research. They have accumulated a number of luxury assets that work well together. These Fortress Investment Group assets create the playground for the wealthy 1% elite.

Ronald Fowlkes as a law enforcement supporter

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Mr. Ronald Fowlkes is the current Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement for the company called Eagle Industries Unlimited. His tasks in this role are product education to more than 150 salespersons, product selection for development and sale, and calling on customer’s countrywide. Ronald was employed to work with the United States Army in Iraq as a Department of Defense Contractor. His work under this contract comprised of mounting and dismounting immature operations in a combated region.

Ronald Fowlkes has massive experience that he acquired throughout his career. He has worked with various big defense departments such as St. Louis County Police Department, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the United States Army. He has been a resource in these departments as he helped them in evidence collection, tactical operations, tactical questioning of captured and detained individuals, and post-blast analysis.

Ronald served in the United States Marine Corps for more than four years from 1989 to 1993. He received two promotions during his service in the United States Marine Corps. Ronald Fowlkes was among the experts of the Gulf War.

Ronald Fowlkes was trained at the Marine Corps School of Infantry. He also studied a basic course in Engineering and added an ANGLICO basic course. He also attended more training in other institutions such as NSWF Combat Diver School and Navy-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia.

Having worked in the law enforcement department for a long time, Fowlkes built a passion for helping other people. His training and experience have equipped him with skills that he uses to help others. He uses his company, the Eagle Products to support law enforcement executives at various levels. His passion for helping law enforcement officers is the driving force that has helped him attain the tools that his company needs to offer them support. He specializes in the areas of support and sales.

Ronald Fowlkes’ experience in law enforcement has enabled him to understand and interact with various tools that are very useful in the department. This knowledge has made him a resource in the department. His experience equips him with abilities to know which device or tactic can work best for the particular support that he provides.

Over the years, Fowlkes has learned how to help other people. He also understands every situation and knows what he exactly needs when offering support making him an ideal officer in the law enforcement sector.

Fowlkes’ Eagle Industries Unlimited specializes in offering all types of tactical gears. It provides products such as armor carriers, cases, belts, pockets, holsters, harnesses, pouches and chest rigs. The company also offers insight to people who want to know more about any of the company’s products. He has a rare dedication to help and support officers as a product training expert.


Does Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group Need to Revalue Its Casino Assets?

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The first advocates of the World Wide Web argued that all brick-and-mortar businesses would be replaced by online stores. But that did not happen. Still, online gambling is making a big impact – Does Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group need to revalue its casino assets?

Online Gambling is Convenient

Trying to stand against progress can be foolhardy. There are certain elements of using your smart phone to play online casino games that cannot be beaten. You can play anytime you want.You save money on gasoline or air fare. You don’t need to fly to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to gamble.

Did New Jersey Ban Online Gambling?

Initially, the State of New Jersey banned online gambling. It is home to Atlantic City, the #2 center for American gambling behind Las Vegas, so the politicians were naturally protecting their home turf. But, can a ban on online gambling succeed?Gradually, the government of New Jersey has changed its tune on Internet gambling. While it wants to protect its Atlantic City casinos, it cannot enforce the unenforceable.Therefore, the updated New Jersey online gambling law draws a line between legal and illegal online gambling sites. That is usually how the government works. It does not want to officially ban anything, it just wants a cut of the action.In fact, New Jersey has even lobbied the federal government to “NOT” issue a federal online gambling ban. Some find the New Jersey stand against online gambling to be a bit silly. Online gambling bans don’t work. Why? The government does not have the resources to shut down every gambling website. The United States does not have jurisdiction around the world. The Web developers can create a gambling website in a matter of days.

Fortress Casinos

This creates a conundrum for Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group, which owns Penn National Gaming. Penn National has a number of gambling assets under the moniker Hollywood Casino. Do these include online gambling options?Gambling requires the community acceptance of the casinos and these political concerns might be best understood by Fortress Co-Founder Randal Nardone, who had legal expertise. He could understand how politics would impact Fortress casino holdings.Thankfully, Hollywood Casino is also developing its own online gambling off-shoots. Perhaps, Randal Nardone helped them realize that this would be a good plan. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

A Stunning Place To Fly

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The Fagali’I Airport is a single terminal airport located on the Samoan island of Upolu, just minutes from the village of Apia. One of the most beautiful airport locations, it is immediately surrounded by a dense, green rainforest, while the entire island sits encircled by perfectly clear Pacific Ocean water.

Although smaller than other airports and offering less amenities, it is easily made up for by its close proximity to hotels and resorts with beaches of white sand lined with palm trees, like the Taumeasina Island Resort. There are many tourist attractions, like majestic waterfalls, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, golf course, surfing, ancient temples, as well as restaurants serving native food choices like Maketi Fau. Car rental, shuttles, or a car and driver services are available at the Fagali’I Airport.

Previously, Fagali’I airport was used by Talofa Airways and South Pacific Island Airways, but is currently used by Polynesian Airlines and Samoa Air, who run multiple flights a day to various destinations, including American Samoa’s Tafuna Airport, Honolulu, as well as many other cities in the U.S.


If you are flying to the airport, you can relax in knowing U.S. travelers are said to be safe on all Samoan islands. Only a passport is needed, unless you plan to stay longer than 2 months, then a tourist visa will also be required.

When flying in to the Fagali’I Airport, the approach is one of the most breathtaking sights you will see. Water as clear as glass enables the flier to see underwater land formations as well as some of the larger marine life, while the gentle waves glide over the hot, sandy beaches. Trees and greenery welcome visitors and those returning home. As the plane curves inland, off in the distance, snuggled in the middle of the forest, is a flat area, the Fagali’I Airport according to The plane looks like a bird flying down from a tree as it just skims over the treetops to touchdown upon the landing strip.

There is no doubt this small Samoan airport in Upolu offers it’s patrons an experience larger airports simply cannot match.

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Talkspace Discreet and Private Online Counseling Service Provider

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As per the surveys that were done by reputed medical institutions in the United States, it is seen that the stress levels are slowly increasing and has reached unprecedented levels in the last few years. People are finding it hard to cope with the amount of stress they are going through and the financial and work pressure they have is making it difficult for every passing day. While most of the people can somehow managing their mental and physical wealth carefully, many people fall into the trap of psychological health problems. If these issues are not addressed at early stages, the problems can grow and deteriorate the condition further.

The need to consult with the professional therapist with years of experience backing him or her is essential in such cases. Many people are worried about the high cost associated with consulting with the therapist and it is why Talkspace is getting popular these days. Talkspace is a popular online therapy app that would ensure that the people can connect with the therapist easily. With over a thousand therapists registered at Talkspace, people can be sure that they would be able to get the right guidance they are looking for. Moreover, the members at Talkspace have the right to request the change in therapist anytime they want.

Talkspace has been growing in popularity since its launch as more and more people realize that online therapy is more comfortable and convenient than face to face consultation at the therapist’s office. Talkspace has so far provided consultation to more than 500,000 members, and the figure is growing at a rapid pace. People are coming out of their comfort zone to address the mental health problem they are facing, and the best part is that Talkspace respects and protects your privacy. Everything your share online on the platform of Talkspace is kept confidential.


Seattle Genetics Led by Clay Siegall

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Seattle Genetics is to Seattle what Wall Street is to New York. It is poised on the brink of being the focal point of Seattle, taking the place of Immunex, which was acquired by Amgen in 2001 and relocated to Thousand Oaks, California. Amgen bought Immunex after it developed the hugely successful arthritis medication, Enbrel. Seattle Genetics is in the process of bringing to market an antibody therapy for cancer. If it proves to be successful, Seattle fears it too will leave their welcoming bosom.

Seattle Genetics is the largest biotech in Washington with $10 billion in market value and 900 employees to which they are expecting to add another 200 staff members by the end of the year. Seattle Genetics’ flagship drug is Adcetris, a Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is cancer that attacks the lymph nodes and through the lymphatic vessels travels wherever the circulatory system travels, consequently the cancer easily spreads throughout the body quickly.

Clay Siegall, the co-founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics states very emphatically that the company is not just a biotech. He makes it clear that Seattle Genetics is already a bona-fide ‘’global, multi-product, oncology company”. Siegall initially sold its international commercial rights to Takeda Oncology to raise money for the development of Adcetris. It learned from their interaction with Takeda and now Seattle Genetics has its own international marketing office in Switzerland.

Clay Siegall’s scientists at Seattle Genetics have focused on developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). ADCs target antigens-protein molecules that forces the immune system to create antibodies. These are transformed antibodies attach to the outside of cancer cells injecting them with a toxin that explodes within the walls of the cancer cell like a bomb. This smart bomb is filled with a cancer killing serum that does not affect healthy cells.

Seattle Genetics has eleven drug in its pipeline, with four drugs including Adcetris which show great promise according to Clay Siegall. Adcetris was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2011. If Adcetris is used as a first therapy by medical professionals, Siegall predicts sales could easily reach $1 billion annually.

Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, where he serves as the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He received his PhD. in genetics from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in zoology from the University of Maryland. His past positions at the National Cancer Institute in the years 1988 to 1991 followed by Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute in the years 1991 to 1997 led to his Seattle Genetics venture, which shows nothing but continued success in its near future.