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The Investor, The Visionary: Igor Cornelsen

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There are many investors in the world today, but few have a beginning comprised of humility, hard work, and dedication. Mr. Igor Cornelsen is the personification of dedication and persistence when it comes to following a dream. The famed investor, the astute visionary, Mr. Igor has made a model of excellence to be studied. Such study will reveal the keys to success. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Mr. Igor Cornelsen.

Being born in 1947 in his native country of Brazil, Mr. Igor Cornelsen started his educational Pursuits in the area of engineering while attending the Federal University of Parana. However, that didn’t last too long because two years later he decided to start studying economics. This was a turning point in his life. Afterward, Mr. Igor became an investment banker and with his arduous studies, he made a name for himself. This was only the beginning. In 1978 when Bank of America acquired a major Brazilian bank, Mr. Igor left the same bank although he was the Chief Executive Officer.

On his own free will and desire combined with a few colleagues, Mr. Cornelsen made his way into the investment firm Arena by starting his own. knowing the complicated duties as an investment manager, he is thoroughly involved with day-to-day operations of the investment fund. Never one to follow a trend pattern Mr. Cornelsen is a modern-day trailblazer in that he does not rely on opinions of others, even if they are so-called experts but rather Mr. Igor follows the facts and make decisions based upon such.

With success comes failure and he is no stranger to either. But what has set him apart is what he did with his failure. This is the attribute of a successful man. The sign that some of life’s greatest lessons often come in the form of setbacks. Mr. Igor has turned his setbacks into a stepping stone for a comeback. His track record of success and his many accomplishments attest to the same. Truly an investor and a visionary with a clear sight of what it takes to make in the turbulent financial markets.

Highland Capital Management: Philanthropic Endeavors

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The world of capital management can be rather interesting at times. In the state of Texas, there is a capital management firm which has existed since the year 1993. Today manages greater than $15 billion worth of assets and employs over 100 individuals. This capital management firm is known as Highland Capital Management. It is a capital management firm that specializes in alternative investment management. It has a particular focus on hedge funds as well as structured and distressed investments. It pursues these avenues by investing in public equity around the world, fixed income and hedging markets in addition to high-yield bonds. Read more at

They are known for a number of things including their philanthropic endeavors. One of their most recent activities was the sponsorship of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. In 2018 they agreed to provide an endowment to the community center worth $10 million. This endowment will be used in order to fund a number of public programs. Highland Capital Management is actually one of the founding partners of the presidential Center which was originally established in 2013. It includes a number of buildings including a library and a museum. The $10 million endowment will be used in order to fund an effort titled engage at the Bush center. This will be part of a series of programs that will present to the public on a number of issues and will include things such as holding public speakers to give speeches to the public. Highland Capital Management has already donated over $5 million since 2012. Read this article at

Highland Capital Management has taken a keen interest in various philanthropic endeavors, especially in the last several years. In fact, they have also recently looked for ways that they could potentially assist the economies of Latin America. Many countries in Latin America have suffered from widespread corruption particularly in the finance industries of these nations. One area that Highland Capital believes that they can assist with the development of the economy of Argentina. They will do so by structuring investments in the new political regime of the nation that should help to spur the economic development in the region.


The Milestones of OSI Group under the reign of Sheldon Lavin

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OSI Group has achieved a lot since it was established more than 100 years ago. Much of the success is attributed to the company’s leadership led by the CEO and chairman, Sheldon Lavin. Lavin joined the food processor in the late 1970s when it was still known as Otto & Sons Ltd. The premier processor of value-added protein products was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. Upon his retirement in the 70s, Otto left the management of the company in the hands of his sons.

In 1955, Otto & Sons Ltd signed a contract with the McDonalds that required them to supply meat to all the McDonald outlets in the U.S. With the McDonalds establishing more outlets, Otto & Sons Ltd was forced to increase their processing capacity to meet the increased demand. The company had also rebranded to OSI Industries and they needed capital to expand to new territories.

Sons of Otto approached Sheldon Lavin who ran a financial consultancy firm. Sheldon Lavin’s firm helped food companies in the U.S to access expansion capital from lenders. Sheldon organized capital for the OSI Industries but the bank that provided the loan asked Sheldon to become a business partner in the company.

Therefore, Sheldon Lavin became actively involved in the affairs of the company where he oversaw the expansion of OSI Industries in China, Europe, Japan and several other countries. Sheldon was impressed with the company’s expansion plan and work culture. One of Otto’s sons sold his stake in the company to Sheldon, which gave him a 50 percent controlling stake at OSI Group. Later on, the other partner retired leaving the management of the company in Sheldon’s hands.

Sheldon laid a concrete expansion plan for the company that saw the acquisition of Pickstock in the U.K. The joint venture with Pickstock enabled OSI Group to distribute their products in the expansive European market. After a few years, OSI Group purchased the former Tyson Production plant. The plant sits on 200,000sq feet, which gives OSI Group ample storage space for their products.

OSI Group currently employs a little over 20,000 employees who work in their facilities in over seventeen countries. Sheldon Lavin cultivated an appealing work culture that makes every employee at OSI Group feel at home. It explains why the company has low employee turnover despite having more than 65 processing facilities.

Over the years, Sheldon has maintained a positive image for the company. Nowadays, OSI Group has earned the reputation of being the premier provider of high-quality food products. They have diversified their product lines to include functional foods that meet the needs of the modern consumers.

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