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Dr. Jujurikar a Surgeon of the People

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Dr. Sam Jujurikar is a renowned, board certified, plastic surgeon that has been practicing in Dallas, Texas for over 10 years. A member of the prominent Dallas plastic surgery institute, Dr Jujurikar specializes in facial procedures, breast procedures and body augmentation.

Through his dedicated and passionate practice in the community Dr. J has created bonds which have earned him the ardent nickname Dr. J by his patients. Dr J is committed to providing his patients with the best care possible. His dedication has lead his to a glowing reputation which outstanding bed side manner, the time he dedicates to each of his patients and his natural looking results. Each patient treated by Dr. J is sure to have an experience which takes their individual needs and concerns into consideration through the use of a customized treatment plan.

Dr. J continues to strive towards medical excellence by continuing his education and training to incorporate the newest and most effective techniques to apply to his practice. Dr. J has contributed to 15 peer-reviewed research publications and has earned several research grants from renowned organizations to pursue research on the latest cutting edge methods to enhance plastic surgery. By spending his time staying up to date on the newest and most advanced developments in the field of cosmetic surgery Dr. J is ensuring that he is giving his patients the most comprehensive care possible. He has set an example of what a surgeon who holds the people he services on a daily basis above all else.

Upwork Gives People a Virtual Chance

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Upwork recently joined NASDAQ and they continue their line of success since they started. By joining the trading world, they know they have more chances for success. They also know they have a better chance for stability in the future. Since they worked so hard to get where they’re at, Upwork continued pushing to make sure they can help others with the employment issues they have.

When they started, Upwork was one of the first places for people to find virtual work. It was their way of creating a positive experience that would help others with the issues they had in virtual employment. It also made things better for companies who just needed short term work. They always knew what they could do to help people and they also knew things would keep changing as long as they had a positive experience for the future.

The companies who work on Upwork know they’re getting contractors who know what they’re doing. Upwork vets all their contractors before they list them on the platform. This helps cut down on issues other companies have and makes it easier for people to find the right contractors. It also makes it easier for the company to ensure quality work no matter what people do. Upwork caters to the employers and always does what they can to make the companies work better together since they know what they need to do. In fact, the companies don’t pay anything to list and hire people through Upwork.

The people who work on Upwork pay for the privilege of listing themselves on the site. Not only do they pay a huge percentage to Upwork when they get a job and get paid on the platform but they also have to pay a lot of money if they even want to connect with more than 12 companies per month. It cuts down on the number of scammers on the site but also makes it difficult for legitimate contractors to find work when they’re in difficult times. Because of the way the site does things, more people struggle to find help with the platform.

Gareth Henry

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Gareth Henry is a well-known entrepreneur residing in the City of New York in the United States of America. He is noticeable by many regarding education he acquired from a famous, prestigious University located at Heriot-Watt where he graduated with First class honor’s degree in actuarial mathematics specifically in 2001.The tertiary education equipped him with crucial knowledge and skills sufficient in delivering the services at the optimum level in his field of study. Gareth Henry career success at the prestigious University contributed by the tutors who were supportive in content delivery delivered a better and clear understanding of all the subjects within the field of actuarial mathematics. Gareth Henry for that reason as an avenue to thanksgiving to the institution where was modeled he started a platform that addressed the issue of bursary allocation which gave away to an opportunity to study there.

After acquiring the vital skills and knowledge sufficient to deal with related financial issues, Gareth Henry became an employee of Fortress Investment group holding a position of finance executive. At this position, he managed to streamline several monetary matters which ensured that the corporate goal was skewed towards positive direction hence escalation of the return margins. However, he joined Firm Angelo later on holding the position of the managing director at the same time being the head of global investor. The role granted gave him a chance to generate links with the investor customers on an occasional basis at the same serving as the partner to the company.

The duties that were granted to him assisted in reshaping the company due to his aggressiveness and determination in the field of financial issues. Gareth Henry’s experience in economic matters was attributed to work he performed in firms, for instance, he was once a director of Strategic Solutions where he managed to streamline various departments within the finance department where he imparted necessary inputs that guaranteed maximum profit margins through accountancy in the entire firm premises. Moreover, he has got good public relation which assists in wooing more clients into the company which aids in the promotion of the firm’s products.

A Reflection of Paul Mampilly’s Investment Career

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Many people know Mr. Paul Mampilly as a talented expert who has worked for many financial companies, written several investment publications, featured in top business TV shows, as well as mentored many enthusiastic investors. But, how did he progress to be one of the industry’s finest investment experts? Following is a synopsis of his career. It will help you understand the investment guru, better than you did.

A comprehensive overview of Paul Mampilly

Mr. Paul Mampilly started career after completing his undergraduate studies. Wall Street hired him as an assistant manager of Bankers Trust, one of Wall Street’s portfolio financial companies.
He was consigned to supervise multimillion dollar accounts, an assignment that he administered diligently. After some time, Wall Street promoted him to an executive position.

In 2006, Kinetics Asset Management appointed him as its hedge fund manager. Under his management, Barron’s recognized the hedge fund as one of the fastest growing asset management firms in the world.

After some time, Mr. Mampilly quit his executive role in Wall Street. He felt like Wall Street was only helping 1% of the world’s wealthiest people while ignoring the young venture capitalists.

On that account, he opted to help the upcoming investors who could not access the services of principal investment firms.

At present, Mr. Paul Mampilly serves as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. In addition to editing, Mr. Mampilly authors financial newsletters that guide young investors through the industry’s basics.

Paul Mampilly’s publications

1. Profits Unlimited

Mampilly’s Profit Unlimited introduces starters to low –risk investments that can yield lucrative returns within a short period. Additionally, the financial newsletter proposes some of the best stocks that one can consider investing. Profits Unlimited has more than 60,000 subscribers.

2. True Momentum

Mampilly’s true momentum recommends some of the top strategies for buying profitable stocks. The financial guide could help you yield 300% of returns from your initial investment.

3. Extreme Fortunes

Extreme Fortunes proposes some of the most special investments opportunities with life-changing proceeds. The newsletter has a three-step investing strategy that will walk you through the unique investment opportunities.


Robert Ivy Offers Beneficial Reasons For Joining Professional Societies

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Whether you are trying to become an architect or trying to make it as an executive in the business world, the path to success is not as clear and organized as you would have been made to believe while you were in school. Professional careers are notoriously tough to get into and this is only made all the more difficult when it comes to a field like architecture. Architecture is a small community of professionals and it can be hard for someone new to the field to find success. For that reason, Robert Ivy of the American Institute of Architecture believes that the solution lay with joining a professional society. Let’s learn a bit about professional societies and what they can do for you. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

A professional society is similar to a trade organization but the two terms are not interchangeable. According to a census report performed back in 2010, more than 90,000 professional organizations were in operation throughout the United States. Professional associations are completely different from trade organizations in terms of who they are focused on pulling in. While trade organizations want to recruit large companies, professional societies are instead focused on bringing in individual employees.


Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architecture and he believes that his professional society can provide the necessary tools for aspiring architects to reach the destination that they want to get to. At the American Institute of Architecture, or AIA for short, members are granted access to a wide variety of industry tools and benefits that can lead to direct success within the small community of architects. From special analytic tools to networking meetings, professional societies can provide members with everything it is that they need in order to succeed.

Robert Ivy may not be a household name to most people in the United States, but people with ambitions in architecture are definitely familiar with him. Back in 1996, Robert Ivy served as the Editor in Chief for the Architectural Record. His expertise helped to grow the publication into the largest and most consumed journal on architecture in the entire world. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

GoBuySide is Setting the Pace for Employment Recruitment

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GoBuySide is a professional executive search company that focuses on finding talent for the financial industry. They monitor trends within the industry and match their search to coincide with those trends. A trend that is increasing in popularity are those that offer telecommuting. Following this trend allows employers to search a wider circle of talent to find the right person to fill those positions. Read more about GoBuyside at

GoBuySide uses a proprietary screening process along with software and allows GoBuySide to assemble a package of information for each candidate and present to potential employers some of the best and brightest in the industry. The company also follows short term employment opportunities. This type of employment gives applicants more flexibility to utilize how they use their expertise.

GoBuySide works with Fortune 500 companies, advisory platforms, investment managers, hedge funds and private equity firms. Applicants have the ability to search the companies they would like to work for. Interested parties can set up a profile on GoBuySide and take advantage of confidential employment opportunity listings, updates and features to connect individuals with companies. The efforts at the company are focused on developing better methods to find new recruits for companies and opportunities for individuals.


The team at GoBuySide takes a diligent approach to screening perspective candidates for clients in need of filling a spot with just the right individual. The company serves more than 10,000 companies in more than 500 cities. The company takes the effort out of the recruiting and hiring process as GoBuySide searches for the individuals with the right combination of skills to fill permanent, temporary or telecommuting. It is always wise to utilize a professional when filling employment needs. The cost of the consultant hired to find employees will be made up when the positions are filled with more than qualified candidates. Read more at Daily Forex Report about GoBuyside.

GreenSky creates first retail bridge loan

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In 2005, David Zalik was working as a consultant to some of the biggest home improvement companies in America. The entrepreneur had already found success running, first, his own computer company and then going into real estate and founding an e-consultancy called OutWeb. This firm allowed Zalik an up-close view of the way some of the largest home improvement companies made their money. He quickly noticed a serious leak in their business model, one that was costing them billions of dollars per year in the aggregate.

Bridge loans for consumers

What Zalik saw was that there were a large number of high-end homeowners who were seeking to do home improvement projects. Some of this business was coming directly into the home improvement stores when the homeowners were trying to act as their own general contractors. But most of this business was essentially hidden; it was secondary business that was happening when home improvement contractors would come into the construction supply stores to buy all the things they needed to complete their projects. This is one reason that Zalik was one of the first people to catch this huge problem.

Zalik saw that these homeowners, who rarely had anything resembling real contracting experience, would constantly and reliably underestimate the true cost of their projects by thousand or tens of thousands of dollars. When they got the real estimate from a professional contractor, the sticker shock combined with the simple lack of readily available liquid funds meant that many of these projects fell through the cracks. Zalik saw a way to save most or all of those deals.

He founded GreenSky  as a way to instantly provide point-of-sale loans to high-end homeowners, who almost invariably fall into the prime-borrower category. GreenSky , then, effectively provides bridge financing for retail customers. The brilliance of the GreenSky  model lies in the fact that literally everyone participating in these deals walks away a big winner.

When GreenSky  issues a point of sale loan, the contractors get to complete five- and six-figure projects that they would have otherwise lost. The homeowners get to add tremendous value to their homes and the banks get high-quality loans on their books.

A Career of Nominations and Awards: The Incredible Success of Robert Ivy’s Legacy

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Architecture is a very complicated profession. There aren’t that many graduates in architecture in the United States, and part of the reason is that of their narrow application and because of the market for architects.

Because of that reason, Robert Ivy, a successful leader in the industry, current CEO and Executive Vice President of AIA, the American Institute of Architects, as well as former Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, reminds young architects of the importance of joining a professional society to help them grow and find other professionals and enthusiasts.

Ivy holds a long history as an influential personality in the architecture world, as he has already been the Chief Editor and Vice President of magazines such as Architectural World, where he still is featured in news and reports, and the corporation McGraw-Hill Construction Media, a group of magazines that include GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, HQ Magazine, Constructor, and Sweets, among others. Find out more about Robert Ivy at

New architects coming into the industry don’t quite see the tremendous importance of joining professional organizations like AIA, where they have benefits and privileges, as well as close contact with experts and the news. Robert Ivy reminds young architects that they are stronger when united.

Robert Ivy is an incredible source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs, architects, and students. Throughout the years, he has outdone himself, again and again, this year topping his accomplishments with an award, a recognition, from the non-profit organization of Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, or MIAL for short.

MIAL nominated Ivy for the prize “Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award,” which aim to recognize incredible successes in an individual’s lifetime, and Robert Ivy was the first architect to ever the receive the honor.

Apart from that prestigious price, Ivy has already received other awards and nominations during his career, such as the Crain Award, a highly acknowledged nomination in all of the business world of the United States. During his Vice President and Editorial Director years in McGraw-Hill Construction Media, he also received the company’s award and recognition for Management Excellence, in 1998, because of the outspoken success and charisma of the leader.

Robert Ivy, with his accomplishments in the architecture world, is also a published author, having written a biography of a Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice. The name of the book is Fay Jones: Architect, and has received highly positive feedback, even being called a must-read for anyone interested in the story of Fay Jones.

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Stream Energy Unveils a New Foundation Called Stream Cares

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Following the Hurricane Harvey that caused loss of lives, pets, and destruction of properties in Houston neighborhoods, a Dallas-based company called Stream Energy moved with speed to finance the recovery process and help minimize the financial burden of its clients. The reputable direct-selling energy firm unveiled its philanthropic organization, Stream Cares, to reinforce its ongoing philanthropic activities across Texas and the nation at large.


Stream Energy has been active in philanthropy since its establishment. However, its recent charitable activities during Hurricane Harvey demonstrated why philanthropy is a critical part of the energy company’s DNA. Starting an independent philanthropy arm is a new phenomenon in the corporate world. This move has dual benefits. The company supports various causes in the community while concurrently gaining the trust and loyalty of prospective customers and the general public.

One special cause that Stream has invested deeply in is getting rid of homelessness in Dallas. Both the company and its staffs regularly track the number of homeless people in Dallas. In a bid to tackle the devastating homelessness problem in Dallas, Stream Energy has teamed up with Hope Supply Co. Through this collaboration, the two companies host an annual event called Splash for Hope whereby more than 1,000 homeless children from North Texas enjoy different meals and participate in fun-filled activities. Home Supply Co. regularly supplies clothes, diapers, and essential school supplies to homeless children. Stream has been directly involved in activities of this charity for over four years.


Stream Energy has also been offering humanitarian assistance during disasters. For instance, it responded quickly to help victims of Texas Tornado in 2016. It partnered with the Salvation Army in raising funds to support residents of North Texas who suffered massive losses. It doubled the funds donated by its associates.


Stream Energy in Brief


Stream is a well-respected and top direct selling company that provides energy, home, protective, and wireless services to its client. Stream is an authority in the energy space, generating more than $8 billion in proceeds since its establishment in 2005. The Dallas-based company offers its services in New Jersey, Washington D.C., Ohio, New York, Texas, and Georgia.