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Fortress Investment Group helps investors to make the best investment decisions

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Fortress Investment Group is a firm that deals with investment management. The company has an inspiring story of success for the twenty years it has been operational. The roots of Fortress Group can be traced back to 1998 when three renowned entrepreneurs met and decided to start an organization that would revolutionize the delivery of services in the financial industry. The three financial executives are Rob Kauffman, Randal Nardone and Wes Edens. Having been working in the financial world for many years, they knew what they wanted to offer to their customers. Wes Edens is one of the principles who played a significant role in the launching of Fortress Investment Group. Read more on

Fortress Investment Group is based in New York, but it has also expanded and established other offices across the globe. Fortress Group is an investment company that is concerned with different financial assets. It is involved in the management of assets like real estate, capital investment and private equity among others. Recently, the company announced a partnership with Softbank, a Japanese firm which has expanded its operations throughout the globe. Fortress Group acquired $3.3 billion from Softbank for the purchase of shares. This company is now heading in the right direction and employees, and other shareholders are happy with the move. They believe this will lead to the financial success of Fortress Group in the future.

Fortress Investment Group secured its first investment job in 1999. Soon it stood out from the rest and customers were attracted in the way the company operated. Soon they started gaining huge profits for their clients, and since then it has been expanding and offering the best services to its customers. They ventured in asset management, capital markets, mergers and acquisition and credit management. The financial world is a dynamic one, and it is not easy to achieve this success. But Fortress Group has been giving clients their best, and they love what they get. They have a goal of ensuring that clients succeed in their investment endeavors. Fortress Investment Group values its customers because they want to give them the best.


Wes Edens: Behind the Scenes

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Mr. Wesley Robert Edens, otherwise called Wes Edens, is a Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC and has been its Private Equity Chief Investment Officer, Principal, President of Private Equity, Head of Private Equity and Co-Chairman since August 2009. He likewise fills in as a Co-Chief Executive Officer at the firm since December 2017. Mr. Wes Edens is in charge of private value and traded on an open market elective speculation organizations. He filled in as Chief Executive Officer at Fortress Investment Group LLC from April, 1998 to July 22, 2003. Mr. Wes Edens is a Co-Owner of Milwaukee Bucks, Inc. He filled in as Chief Executive Officer at Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC from June 2002 to February 21, 2007. Mr. Edens filled in as Chief Executive Officer at Eurocastle Investment Ltd. He filled in as the Chief Executive Officer from October 2002 to April 2006 and filled in as its President since December 2005 at Global Signal Inc. He filled in as Chief Executive Officer and President at Capstead Mortgage Corp. from April 2000 to July 22, 2003. In 2014, Mr. Edens likewise turned into a co-proprietor of the Milwaukee Bucks and drove the push to convey another field to the city of Milwaukee for the NBA establishment. Opening in 2018, the $524 million Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center is the focal point of an eager advancement venture led by Bucks proprietorship to change 27-sections of land of for the most part empty property into an energetic diversion locale. Mr. Wes Edens has been the impetus for the advancement of Brightline, the first exclusive, worked and kept up traveler rail framework in the United States that will associate Miami to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and in the long run Orlando. See more at to learn more.

Notwithstanding serving on various expert sheets and commissions, Mr. Edens is a trustee and long-term supporter of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team Foundation and a functioning donor. He and his family settled The Edens Family Fund for Climate Change Research at Princeton University, a blessing that propelled the Urban Challenge inside the Princeton Environmental Institute.



Matt Badiali on Investing in Natural Resources/Oil Business

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In the recent past, Freedom Checks have dominated the investment world. Many investment pundits have termed the investment option as the future of profitable and safe investment. Matt Badiali is the man behind this brilliant investment idea. Badiali is without a doubt one of the most experienced natural resource and energy experts in the world. This expertise has made him travel through the world. Due to his level of expertise, he has been able to actualize the concept of Freedom Checks. He points out that for an investment to qualify Freedom Checks, they must be compliant to two major factors. The investment option must have either high income or alternatively the company must be stable in share value.

Before Freedom Checks, he was working as a natural resources expert. This occupation gave him a chance to travel around the world. Traveling around the world gave him a clearer understanding of how natural resources and oil are a viable investment option. Matt Badiali understanding on the legal provisions in the USA especially the ones pertaining investments was a savior in his quest of a viable and a legal way to invest.

Apart from being an exceptional investment manager, Matt Badiali is an excellent market expert. He has analyzed (in the past) how geopolitics affects the prices of basic commodities in the USA and other developed countries. Badiali, for example, was vocal on the Iraq effects on the oil prices in the USA. Recently, he has been a constant panelist to different economic panels in the USA discussing the future of oil as one of the key drivers of the economy. Although the natural resources and oil prices are constantly affected by the geopolitical landscape, Matt Badiali still holds the professional opinion that the future is still bright.

In addition to his vast experience in this particular field, he is one of the most educated individuals in the natural resource niche. Prior to his investment journey, he was in the final stages of his Ph.D. He is, however, a graduate from Florida Atlantic University. The institution (according to rankings) is one of the best universities in terms of Geology studies.

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The unmatched growth of the OSI Group

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There is no doubt about OSI Group being the leading food company in the world. It is a leading company in the food industry. In recent years, it has even become one of the top business in the United States. According to the Forbes report of 2016, OSI is among the top 100 private businesses in the United States. It is also one of the businesses that have done very well as far as the development of the food industry is concerned. Since the company was established in 1909, it has been in the process of growth after growth. The company has been doing over the years, rising from one position to another. Read more on

OSI Group is a leading company that is ready to take over the operations in the food industry. Through the efforts that are being applied by the leadership of the company led by CEO Sheldon Lavin, this is a company that has the potential to touch to change the food industry. The amount of work that is being done to ensure that the company rises to the top of the industry is not little. OSI Group is going to be the best company we have ever seen in this industry going forward. The leadership is the strongest pillar of the company. Through the efforts they have been applying, this company is now one of the best.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, this company has grown to be one of the best there is in the country. It has been doing very well over the years because Sheldon Lavin has a dream he wants to accomplish. He is a talented entrepreneur who has the real character of a business person. He will not give up until the company has seen the results he desires. Although he is in his twilight age, he is committed to working harder and see the company thrive even after he is gone.

OSI Group has been around for over a century, and most likely it will last for many more if the growth momentum it has picked is anything to go by. Currently, it is in 17 countries, and the process of expansion keeps on getting better. Visit