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James Dondero Was A Large Part Of Restoring A Hippo Habitat To The Dallas Zoo

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James Dondero is a financial expert and investment specialist who serves as the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. He studied at University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce and fist went to work with American Express. Dondero has done a lot in his career since his early days and now serves the world as a philanthropist. For James Dondero, no day is the same. He spends a lot of his time serving charitable organizations in the Dallas, Texas area and has encouraged Highland Capital Management to continue to donate money to many different charitable causes. He loves to make a difference every day he is alive and looks at his charitable giving as a piece of a larger picture.

James Dondero recently donated a very large amount of money to an exhibit in the Dallas Zoo. Close to two decades ago, the hippo habitat was cut from the zoo after an older hippo named Papa passed away. While many residents in Dallas were upset that the habitat was closed, no one stepped up to do anything about it. Other than writing letters expressing their feelings, no one put any money forward to really get anything solid going.

A decision was made to rebuild the zoo’s hippo habitat, and it was revealed that it would take around $14 million to do so. This is when James Dondero stepped in to offer a hand. The new habitat is called the Hippo Outpost and is a two acre area where hippos can be viewed by people. Greg Hudson, chief executive officer for the Dallas Zoo, admitted that he was very glad for the support, and it was later revealed that James Dondero donated $1 million towards the cause. Dondero continues to do as much as he can to improve the lives of, both, people and animals in the city of Dallas.

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Gareth Henry on Private Credit and The Global Economy

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Private Credit is one of the greatest forces that impacts the economy throughout the world today. Gareth Henry says that the 2008 financial crisis provides one of the best arguments that one could make for this. This was a period that is widely considered to be the worst financial crisis since the one known as the Great Depression in the 1930s. During this period, stocks that were being traded publicly fell nearly a thousand points in a single day thanks to investor panic. Gareth Henry states that at it’s worst, the crisis essentially froze public debt markets. Two of the biggest names on Wall Street, the Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns became completely insolvent. Direct lending is one of the largest drivers of private credit in the global economy today and is growing rapidly.

Gareth Henry states that within the space of private credit, direct lending funds and their rise has been notable. In a recent Preqin report, direct lending was responsible for the second largest share and is close to taking the top spot. Direct lending, according to Gareth Henry works like old fashioned bank lending, without a bank. It’s beginning came to start with asset managers. These managers work with pitches from debt advisers and view them as investment opportunities. They hold onto loans long term and attempt to offer growth support and enter into multiple funding rounds, with some funds selling a small proportion of the debt.

With such popular websites like Lending Tree and LowerMyBills a lot of consumers have familiarized themselves with direct lending. US Households are gripped with over 1$ trillion in installment debt and has credit card debt of more than 6300$. According to Gareth Henry, these direct lenders manage to compete effectively by using credit scoring algorithms that provide a more accurate picture of what true credit default risk looks like. With this, it results in lower rates and lower monthly payments for borrowers. This combination is one that proves to be winning for those who use these services.

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Jason Hope

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Jason Hope, a philanthropist, has dedicated his life to helping several different facets of research in hope for a better life. A recipient of his charity is the SENS foundation. The SENS foundation’s focus is anti-aging, and Jason Hope contributes money in hope of helping the company find a better way to live.

Organizations such as SENS are focused on research and the potential elimination of anti-aging. One of the objectives is to find a cure for diseases that cause detrimental effects to the body such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, lung disease, and heart problems. The mode of thought for SENS is that traditional medicine attempts to fix the problem after the fact. SENS, with the help of Jason Hope, moves more in the direction of stopping the disease before it happens. The idea is prevention, not treatment.

Jason Hope is dedicated to helping the welfare of others through philanthropy, research, dedicated, and passion. As an entrepreneur, he wants to see the communities in Arizona thrive economically. As a humanitarian, he drives organizations to help the human cause and condition.

His work in technology is nothing short of exemplary. He has developed mobile apps, desktop software, and even gaming software as well as devices for connectivity. His passion is in developing technology to bring enjoyment to life. Jason considers himself a futurist, working with organization and individuals to imagine and create a future comprised of cutting edge technologies that can change the economy and the lives of millions.

Jason shares his knowledge with young business owners to drive forward his ideas for future technologies, and push focus of various businesses on expanding and providing jobs. His acumen is to revitalize business and his knowledgeable approach helps motivate change and drive for success. His goal is to help humanity and society in championing the drive for success.

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Matthew Fleeger predicts a long term oil boom that reaches into 2040

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It wasn’t too long ago that financial and oil experts were talking up a storm about how the U.S would soon be entirely dependent on OPEC after the imminent depletion of our hydrocarbon reserves. This, of course, was not too hard to believe as many in the business did not see an alternative other than “hard oil”, however, the name is just as this hard oil was deemed not to be financially feasible. Then, however, came the introduction of technologies that would throw that theory out the window. Suddenly, this hard oil located in the hard shale and sandstone formations of America could not be extracted easier and with a lot less money.

The two innovative technologies that saved the U.S during a critical time of change where horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. The introduction of a self-navigated drilling system also allowed companies to set up drilling stations with little or no manpower which meant the elimination of the payroll budget. The company there from the start was Gulf Coast Western, run by Matthew Fleeger. Fleeger with his years of experience working with his father who founded the company saw the opportunity these technologies brought to the company. With his expertise, Fleeger quickly began utilizing the partnerships the company had with other producers and began incorporating these two technologies in order to bring in a hefty profit for the company. Fleeger states that this oil boom could no doubt last up until 2040 with reserves going strong.

In a sit-down interview, Fleeger talks about his time when uncertainty was in the air, he states that his first priority was to cut down on any unnecessary overhead without having to lay any of his employees off. Secondly is the inclusion of his constant positive attitude, Fleeger states that having a positive mindset in the presences of your employees spreads quickly and encourages everyone to do their best. There is no doubt that success and forward progression lay ahead for Fleeger and the Gulf Coast Western company.