A Career of Nominations and Awards: The Incredible Success of Robert Ivy’s Legacy

Architecture is a very complicated profession. There aren’t that many graduates in architecture in the United States, and part of the reason is that of their narrow application and because of the market for architects.

Because of that reason, Robert Ivy, a successful leader in the industry, current CEO and Executive Vice President of AIA, the American Institute of Architects, as well as former Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, reminds young architects of the importance of joining a professional society to help them grow and find other professionals and enthusiasts.

Ivy holds a long history as an influential personality in the architecture world, as he has already been the Chief Editor and Vice President of magazines such as Architectural World, where he still is featured in news and reports, and the corporation McGraw-Hill Construction Media, a group of magazines that include GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, HQ Magazine, Constructor, and Sweets, among others. Find out more about Robert Ivy at discoverorg.com

New architects coming into the industry don’t quite see the tremendous importance of joining professional organizations like AIA, where they have benefits and privileges, as well as close contact with experts and the news. Robert Ivy reminds young architects that they are stronger when united.

Robert Ivy is an incredible source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs, architects, and students. Throughout the years, he has outdone himself, again and again, this year topping his accomplishments with an award, a recognition, from the non-profit organization of Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, or MIAL for short.

MIAL nominated Ivy for the prize “Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award,” which aim to recognize incredible successes in an individual’s lifetime, and Robert Ivy was the first architect to ever the receive the honor.

Apart from that prestigious price, Ivy has already received other awards and nominations during his career, such as the Crain Award, a highly acknowledged nomination in all of the business world of the United States. During his Vice President and Editorial Director years in McGraw-Hill Construction Media, he also received the company’s award and recognition for Management Excellence, in 1998, because of the outspoken success and charisma of the leader.

Robert Ivy, with his accomplishments in the architecture world, is also a published author, having written a biography of a Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice. The name of the book is Fay Jones: Architect, and has received highly positive feedback, even being called a must-read for anyone interested in the story of Fay Jones.

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