A Reflection of Paul Mampilly’s Investment Career

Many people know Mr. Paul Mampilly as a talented expert who has worked for many financial companies, written several investment publications, featured in top business TV shows, as well as mentored many enthusiastic investors. But, how did he progress to be one of the industry’s finest investment experts? Following is a synopsis of his career. It will help you understand the investment guru, better than you did.

A comprehensive overview of Paul Mampilly

Mr. Paul Mampilly started career after completing his undergraduate studies. Wall Street hired him as an assistant manager of Bankers Trust, one of Wall Street’s portfolio financial companies.
He was consigned to supervise multimillion dollar accounts, an assignment that he administered diligently. After some time, Wall Street promoted him to an executive position.

In 2006, Kinetics Asset Management appointed him as its hedge fund manager. Under his management, Barron’s recognized the hedge fund as one of the fastest growing asset management firms in the world.

After some time, Mr. Mampilly quit his executive role in Wall Street. He felt like Wall Street was only helping 1% of the world’s wealthiest people while ignoring the young venture capitalists.

On that account, he opted to help the upcoming investors who could not access the services of principal investment firms.

At present, Mr. Paul Mampilly serves as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. In addition to editing, Mr. Mampilly authors financial newsletters that guide young investors through the industry’s basics.

Paul Mampilly’s publications

1. Profits Unlimited

Mampilly’s Profit Unlimited introduces starters to low –risk investments that can yield lucrative returns within a short period. Additionally, the financial newsletter proposes some of the best stocks that one can consider investing. Profits Unlimited has more than 60,000 subscribers.

2. True Momentum

Mampilly’s true momentum recommends some of the top strategies for buying profitable stocks. The financial guide could help you yield 300% of returns from your initial investment.

3. Extreme Fortunes

Extreme Fortunes proposes some of the most special investments opportunities with life-changing proceeds. The newsletter has a three-step investing strategy that will walk you through the unique investment opportunities.

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