Andrew Rolfe Leads the Way at Ubuntu Fund’s 10th Annual Gala Dinner

The Ubuntu Fund was established in 1999 by CEO Jacob Lief. Over the past nearly twenty years the charity has been focused on bringing relief and aid to at risk children living in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. For their 10th annual gala dinner the team at the Ubuntu Fund brought together nearly 300 guests in order to raise money for their Port Elizabeth campus. The goal of this charity dinner was to raise nearly $1 million in total donations by way of a charity auction and several other events throughout the night.

Andrew Rolfe, chairman at the Ubuntu Fund, served as the host for the evenings activities, and he managed to get everyone in the mood to really experience the work that they have been doing in South Africa. Rolfe opened up the night with a speech before giving way to the various other events of the night. One of the headlining events for the night was a high octane auction featuring auctioneer Charlie Ross and a slew of high quality items. Among the different items up for auction were paintings by Dom Pattinson and Nelson Makamo. A trip to South Africa fro a vacation was also up for donation. These items alone raised nearly $40,000.

The highlight of the night was easily when Sinesipho Rabidyani and Malizole Gwaxula took to the stage to tell the story as to how the Ubuntu Fund managed to bring them relief and help to pursue a brighter future. Rabidyani told her story of growing up in a broken home with a violent and alcoholic father. Things looked bleak for her until she was able to connect with the Ubuntu Fund and pursue higher education. Speaking with joy at the event, Rabidyani announced that she was going to be attending law school. Malizole Gwaxula owns a school in South Africa and that led her to connect with Jacob Lief, thus bringing the Ubuntu Fund to life.

After all the donations were counted the Ubuntu Fund raised nearly $700,000 in donations for the Ubuntu Fund. Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief were both in attendance and considered it a great turnout.


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