Ara Chackerian’s Influence On Healthcare Startups

Healthcare startups thrive on an output of influence and an influx of venture capital as the economic expansion continues to deepen. So what is the bottom line? In an already robust segment of the global economy, startups are enhancing their footprints. Innovators such as Ara Chackerian do not find the rise of startups as a surprise.



Innovation power



A few years ago Chackerian discovered that healthcare innovations such as robotics, AI, digital imaging and the likes had the capability of streamlining the medicine “business” and improving patient outcomes. Chackerian wooed investors by championing novel concepts such as the Transcranial Magnetic Simulation. He assured the investors that innovation would lift the overall sustainability and success of the healthcare sector.



Test case in New York City



$703 million in venture-capital funding was raised by 79 New York City healthcare startups in 2017. According to’s Jonathan LaMantia, the Big Apple is well-positioned to startups that are nourished. LaMantia said a report published by NYC Health Business Leaders highlighted conditions in the city that fostered startups. Some examples of conditions fostering startups were support from state and local government, proximity to major universities and access to capital. You can visit




Beyond anxiety



According to The New Version, the 2018 outlook for healthcare startups, despite concern from investors, is not all “doom and gloom.” Chackerian and other successful entrepreneurs, who had moved their startups into medicine’s mainstream “personalized/precision medicine,” offered a path that was beyond delays in IPOs and early cash flow hiccups.



About Ara Chackerian



Ara Chackerian is a dedicated philanthropist, angel investor and entrepreneur. He is the managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, which is a limited liability company. Chackerian uses his position to make early investments in healthcare companies that are committed to changing or re-inventing the healthcare system in the United States. He has over 20 years in building healthcare companies.



Since he started working with startups, he has managed to co-found multiple companies like BMC Diagnostics. It is a company that is a leader in offering diagnostic imaging services. Other companies Chackerian has co-founded are TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRx. The former is a California based services provider of integrated behavioral health, while the latter is a national provider of Telepharmacy services. Check out





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