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Tammy Mazzocco’s Luck Struck Career In Real Estate

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Tammy Mazzocco attributes her success in real estate to inspiration received from a couple of mentors along her journey who also doubles as her employer. The first encounter that catapulted Tammy into the field involved stemmed from her boss’ urge to have her gain more interest in the property business in 1995. Since then Tammy has grown in the business with a passion for scaling up the heights.

Tammy understands that executing exceptional business operations in the niche requires a clear vision and firm decisions. She grounds herself every morning before taking up an endeavor by meditating and working out to stimulate and keep her energy levels up. Tammy Mazzocco carries out her office duties with the precise focus to ensure that all her clients receive first-grade care. She revealed that her primary urge is to sell beautiful properties to clients who bid for them on the market, negating the conception that the need to increase her income is her main aim. Tammy pointed out that her revenue is generated from the commissioner percentage of selling houses from bids.

According to Philly Purge, Tammy recalls that her early days in the business were not free of obstacles. She stated that it is hard to learn the ropes, but it got easy when she confronted her fears and input diligence into every minute task. Tammy enthusiastically recalls receiving her first pay cheque in 1999 and added to say that she grew in the business by adapting to modern marketing strategies. She has an active online presence that gives her business a platform to attract new clients and build trust.

Tammy started out as a secretary at Edwards Realty where she collaborated with nine commercial agents. Her next employer from Scotland Yard Condominium inspired her to get her real estate license. She left to join T&R Properties where she served for a few years before teaming up with Joe Armeni of Victorian Village. Joe played a significant role in having Tammy become a full-time real estate business person in 1999. In 2000, she joined Judy Gang & Associates, where she gained a lifelong friend and mentor, Judy Gang. In addition to the support Tammy has been fortunate to encounter, her passion is the core reason she has evolved her career to national success.


US Money Reserve Gold Coins And Designs

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The US Money Reserve is a coin designer that is interested in the collectibles market, investors and traders. They are selling their coins to a number of people who are in need of a better investment option, and they will show many people a way to invest that is not traditional. Gold coins were once the best currency in the world, and it has changed over time. Someone who is searching for a way to invest must purchase gold coins from the US Money Reserve to revert back to a safer investment.


#1: Gold Has Been Safe For All Of Time


Gold has been a safe investment for centuries, and the coins are made of a metal that has a high price on the open market. The price of gold is rising every ay, and it is helping create value for all those who are investing in it. The person who is investing in gold coins today may do so for many years. The coins will begin to build up, and the collector may sell them off in any way they like.


#2: Every Coin Has Its Own Value


The coins that are collected have their own value, and each one must be valued before it is sold. The coins are valued based on their design, weight and size, and they may be sold individually to ensure that the highest price is fetched for each coin. The coins may be sold to a broker, or they may be sold back to an investor.


#3: Trading Coins Among Investors


Trading in gold coins is simple when the investor knows other coin owners. They may meet each other at conventions, or they may see the coins on-sale at a show. The customers may trade among themselves, and they will learn that there is a coin that has a high price. The coin may be sold when the investor knows that they may garner the highest price, and they will gain profits that may be used for any purpose.


Gold coins are fine investments that must be made by someone who has an understanding of the investment market. Investments may be made quite easily with help from someone who is buying from the US Money Reserve, and every person who wishes to use the coins to invest for the future may wait until the last possible second to sell their coins for high prices.


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Preventing Crimes with the Help of Securus Technologies

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I work on part of our local police force that is responsible for putting violent fugitives behind bars. My latest assignment was working on a case where a very violent fugitive was breaking into homes in the area and either tying up or beating the residents before he left. In many cases, this violent offender would have been able to leave with the merchandise, but stayed to torture the residents instead. We already had his brother in jail for the same crimes, but the younger brother proved to be more challenging to catch.


After the last burglary, the suspect sent our office a recording that threatened me and my team if we did not stop chasing the suspect. He mentioned that he wanted to meet me personally so we could settle this score one on one. The suspect also mentioned that if we did not stop chasing him and harassing his family, he was going to make the next family suffer. Now we had a real problem on our hands because we can never stop the hunt, but our residents safety comes first.


On a hunch, I returned to the jail where the suspect’s brother was being held, and decided to try something new to me. Securus Technologies had installed an inmate call system in the jail that allowed us to now monitor calls the inmates make with new technology. The LBS software and the covert alert feature would now be our ears for us instead on my team trying to anticipate the next move of this dangerous suspect.


The suspect and his brother were talking, and when they thought they were disguising their conversation about the next score, we were able to stake out the location and set a trap. The suspect is currently under arrest in part to the inmate call system in our jail installed by Securus Technologies.


Where Can I Find Beneful Dog Food Coupons?

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Do you want to give your dog the best food that you can give them? Are you looking for a reliable brand like Beneful to give them the nutrition they need for their overall health? Beneful is a very well respected brand that knows how to provide you with everything you need. Beneful is so incredible with what they have to offer, and they always try to come up with new ways to provide nutrition at its best quality with the help of efficient strategies. Beneful is popular for all kinds of reasons, including the fact that they have affordable food.

If you want to save even more money, Beneful also willingly provides their fans with great dog food coupons. There are all kinds of coupons available in their site that you could use. These coupons are always in their newsletter and throughout the site in general. They provide legitimate solutions and top of the line ways to save money.

You can find a couple of them on sites related to saving money via coupons and other sources. These sites provide great opportunities to make serious cash and build upon what you have, and you can buy multiple products very easily with the help of Beneful’s coupons.

If you are looking for a legitimate way to save money, Beneful is here to provide you with everything that you will ever need. Beneful provides coupons throughout their online store if you simply look around for them and use them during checkout before you buy.

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Karl Heideck Is As Good As It Gets

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Get to know Karl Heideck

Get to know Karl Heideck

For anyone who wonders what a litigator does and what kind of training and education the profession require, the answers to those questions are relatively simple, at least on paper. A litigator is an attorney who works specifically to see that a case is brought to court and given its due trial. Moreover, they oversee every aspect of the cases they bring to court, from start to finish. One way to envision a litigator is as a champion for their clients. Sometimes, these clients are plaintiffs, and in other circumstances they are defendants.

The details of what a litigator does, on any given case, vary from each circumstance to the next. Of course, there are basic duties that are to be performed from investigation to advocacy, and at times these task require a team of professionals from private investigators to medical doctors. However, there is a singular task that any and every litigator must perform. They must put the wishes and welfare of their clients first no matter how they may personally feel about how a trial is going.

The education and training required to be an attorney is not the most grueling. That is not say it is a cake walk either. By no means, does anyone just get a degree in law, and in most cases it definitely is not a “plan b” story. It requires a Bachelors from an accredited institution of higher learning, for starters. After that, it is off to take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) as a requirement of most law schools. Once that job is done, it is just another three years of law school. And even after graduation, there is this little thing called the Bar Examination. Without passing that exam, you may not be licensed to formally practice law.

Karl Heideck has all the required experience and training and is a competent litigator. He really does not handle private clients. Karl Heideck sits on full time counsels, some of which are government counsels.

Karl Heideck’s specialty is in risk management and compliance practices. He performs his duties based out of the Philadelphia area. Anyone who knows him can testify that he is highly intelligent. This is because Karl Heideck’s education includes attending Swarthmore College and Tempe University Beasley.

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Todd Lubar Is Fulfilling People’s Dreams Through TDL Ventures

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Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He is also the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. The successful entrepreneur has been working in the real estate and finance industries for over two decades. During this period, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience. In addition, Todd has ventured in mortgage banking, construction and entertainment. His deep desire to help others achieve their dreams motivated him to establish TDL Global Ventures. Through the corporation, he has been able to provide clients with innovative products and services.

He combines his experience with a strong desire to ensure that he achieves success in his undertakings. Todd pays close attention to every detail of his company. This way, he is able to make informed decisions. He believes that hard work and a constant reminder of one’s goals in life are vital ingredients to achieving success in any business. Todd enhances the growth of the company by nurturing a culture of trust and transparency through communicating with team members and customers. In an interview with Ideamensch, Lubar posited that he is thrilled by the advanced technology used in home appliances. This is because he is able to control most equipment with a remote.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar started his career in real estate in 1995 by working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. He focused on conservative mortgage banking. In addition, Todd interacted with different experts such as CPAs, insurance agents and financial planners who are now a source of referrals for his business. Later, he joined Legacy Financial Group where he served on an equity capacity. He gained a platform to expand his lending skills. With adequate knowledge and expertise in different industries, Todd founded Legendary Properties, a residential development company.

According to crunchbase, in 2003, he incorporated Charter Funding, a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. Later, Lubar established Legendary Financial, an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC. Through this corporation, Todd Lubar was able to offers loans to individuals and companies that did not meet the strict requirements for traditional lenders. With over 700 transactions, Todd is well positioned to analyze the overall risks of loans. This way, he is able to make informed decisions to avert instances of bad debts.

EOS-Not Your Average Lip Balm

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As you can see in the Fast Company article, the days of boring lip care are finally over. With the birth of EOS,, a new and innovative lip balm, the traditional cylindrical tube is not your only option anymore.

Seven years ago, EOS came to be. The pastel-colored orbs that come in many tantalizing flavors and can now be found in Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, and Target. EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, currently sells over 1 million units each week and is projected to increase to $2 billion by the year 2020 because of the demand for organic and natural products like EOS.

Sanjiv Mehra believes that it’s important for EOS customers to know about the business and the values it stands for. After some research, it was discovered that lip balm is used primarily by women and Mehra set out to create a product that made it delightful to use on a daily basis. EOS is a product that appeals to all five senses, from the colors and flavors, to the scents, the feel of the cute little org in your hands, to the clicking sound it makes when you close the orb.

Although tough to make it into well-known stores, EOS lip balm has made its mark. Millennials are the target audience-women aged 25-35, and EOS even has a large social media following. EOS has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram and nearly 7 million followers on Facebook. Just one photo of a new EOS flavor can get over 40,000 likes. EOS is growing in popularity by the day and the company is always innovating. EOS has partnered with Keds and in just seven years, EOS has become a household product. Mehra and teller, the cofounders of the successful company, credit their diverse background and schooling to their success.

Vijay Eswaran; One Of The Best Business Minds The World Has To Offer

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In life, people undergo through a lot of challenges that play a part in shaping them to become a better individual in future. Being successful is not matter of waking up and becoming successful, but it involves working hard and not giving up on your dream regardless of what people say.

This is what Vijay Eswaran did, and now he owns a multimillion business that is helping boost the Asian economy. Looking at everything he has gone through and still become a successful entrepreneur, one cannot stop but admire Vijay Eswaran. According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran is the founder of QI Group, a marketing firm that has grown and developed to become the largest marketing enterprise in Asia.

When it started, the firm was a retailer that focused on commemorative coins and precious metals. All this happened when Vijay learned about direct sales while he was in London studying; he understood the importance of researching and knowing more about a certain aspect before he could implement the aspect in his life.’

He believed that for him to begin his firm, he first had to ensure he had learned everything there is to know about direct sales.

In his bid to learn about direct sales, Vijay Eswaran landed at IBM where he worked while finding out more about the industry. He worked in various institutions while learning new things and when he saw he had learned more than enough, he returned home to open up his business. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

It was easy for him to launch his firm as he had no capital to start with or any mentor who guided his steps. He was all alone, and regardless of these challenges, Eswaran still made it in life. Other people did not trust in his idea, and all Vijay had was himself and his idea that he aimed at bringing to life.

Having gained a lot experience and information about direct sales when still in London, it was not hard for him to lead QI Group.

Over the years, the business has continued growing to the point of operating in more than twenty states something he never thought would happen. He trusts that with QI Group, many people’s lives will be changed and improved to become better.


Startup Success Tips From the Startup Master, Mike Baur

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Startup businesses have been on the rise over the recent past. Most of these firms, however, are run by people who are inexperienced in the entrepreneurship world, and this leads to mismanagement. Mike Baur from the Swiss Startup Factory was kind enough to share some business tips that can help a startup business to grow. This article discusses some of these tips.

Setting Up a Professional Staff

According to Mike, the success of a startup is dependent on how it was established and how the staff is assembled. His advice was that all co-founders in any startup must be pushing towards the same side regardless of their backgrounds. The staff, on the other hand, must comprise of experts and professionals. He argued that without a good sales team, even a good product will do poorly in the market. It is advisable to have a professional steering sales and marketing in the startup or better still, one of the co-founders takes it upon himself to market the products.

Idea Execution

Mike cautioned startup entrepreneurs from being overconfident with their plans since success doesn’t depend entirely on good ideas. He pointed out that success is highly dependent on the execution of an idea, which means that an entrepreneur must be committed, convincing, and be ready to go an extra mile to see their ideas blossom. Mike noted that the idea execution process might be tedious, but business is not for quitters. He advised that instead of giving up during hard times, the advisable thing to do is to get customer reviews and use their feedback’s to improve the business. When taking customer feedbacks, Mike advised that it is good to be hard but nice, for not being nice is detrimental. The other issue Mike touched on was about negative criticism. He advised startup entrepreneurs to be smart enough not to be swayed from their course by negative critics. According to him, it is good to listen to them, but always be equipped with a ready answer to counter their criticism.

Avoiding Fraudulent Investors

Mike also discussed entrepreneurs who hide their ideas up their sleeves for fear of it being copied. He argued that hiding an idea limits an entrepreneur from getting better strategies to grow his good idea. About giving out contracts and finding investors, Mike advised startup business operators to hire professionals for such jobs to avoid being shortchanged by fraudulent investors and contractors.

About Mike

Mike Baur is a professional banker with over two decades of experience. Since he left banking in 2014, Mike has been helping startups to grow through Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF).

Lime Crime Finds Success With New Product Launch

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It should go without saying but I am a fan of all things bright and colorful. You’d have to spend some time searching my clothing to find something that others might consider subdued. I can’t help all things bright and inviting is just my style, even down to whatever color my hair happens to be this month.


Though to accomplish my multi colorful look, I often have trouble finding brands that carry enough variety of color. Far too often I’ll find a brand I like only to find out that they only make three or four colors of products. That certainly won’t do.


This was my reoccurring process, find a brand I trust to work, run through their entire line of products within a few months span, and then be forced to start the process over again. It has gone on like this since I first decided to dye my hair blue using left over kool-aid mix.


Luckily though I just found out that my favorite brand of makeup is coming out with an equally amazing line of hair dyes. Lime Crime, my go-to choice for everything bright and colorful, announced on their web store that the company intends to start selling hair dyes.


If the hair dyes are anything like their makeup selection, I know they will be not only amazing products but perfect for matching my unique style. Even better, they are taking inspiration from some of their best-selling products to produce the hair dye hues.


I am mainly excited for the metallic Unicorn Hair Dye! Finally, something to match my favorite eye shadow palettes.


Lime Crime’s Hair Dyes Excitment

As excited as I am for the release of the new products, I am not alone. After reading the news from Bustle’s blog, it seems that almost every beauty blog I frequent has picked up the news and are all equally excited. Marie Claire’s writers hit the nail on the head when they predicted the news would make the internet “explode.”