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A Stunning Place To Fly

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The Fagali’I Airport is a single terminal airport located on the Samoan island of Upolu, just minutes from the village of Apia. One of the most beautiful airport locations, it is immediately surrounded by a dense, green rainforest, while the entire island sits encircled by perfectly clear Pacific Ocean water.

Although smaller than other airports and offering less amenities, it is easily made up for by its close proximity to hotels and resorts with beaches of white sand lined with palm trees, like the Taumeasina Island Resort. There are many tourist attractions, like majestic waterfalls, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, golf course, surfing, ancient temples, as well as restaurants serving native food choices like Maketi Fau. Car rental, shuttles, or a car and driver services are available at the Fagali’I Airport.

Previously, Fagali’I airport was used by Talofa Airways and South Pacific Island Airways, but is currently used by Polynesian Airlines and Samoa Air, who run multiple flights a day to various destinations, including American Samoa’s Tafuna Airport, Honolulu, as well as many other cities in the U.S.


If you are flying to the airport, you can relax in knowing U.S. travelers are said to be safe on all Samoan islands. Only a passport is needed, unless you plan to stay longer than 2 months, then a tourist visa will also be required.

When flying in to the Fagali’I Airport, the approach is one of the most breathtaking sights you will see. Water as clear as glass enables the flier to see underwater land formations as well as some of the larger marine life, while the gentle waves glide over the hot, sandy beaches. Trees and greenery welcome visitors and those returning home. As the plane curves inland, off in the distance, snuggled in the middle of the forest, is a flat area, the Fagali’I Airport according to The plane looks like a bird flying down from a tree as it just skims over the treetops to touchdown upon the landing strip.

There is no doubt this small Samoan airport in Upolu offers it’s patrons an experience larger airports simply cannot match.

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Talkspace Discreet and Private Online Counseling Service Provider

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As per the surveys that were done by reputed medical institutions in the United States, it is seen that the stress levels are slowly increasing and has reached unprecedented levels in the last few years. People are finding it hard to cope with the amount of stress they are going through and the financial and work pressure they have is making it difficult for every passing day. While most of the people can somehow managing their mental and physical wealth carefully, many people fall into the trap of psychological health problems. If these issues are not addressed at early stages, the problems can grow and deteriorate the condition further.

The need to consult with the professional therapist with years of experience backing him or her is essential in such cases. Many people are worried about the high cost associated with consulting with the therapist and it is why Talkspace is getting popular these days. Talkspace is a popular online therapy app that would ensure that the people can connect with the therapist easily. With over a thousand therapists registered at Talkspace, people can be sure that they would be able to get the right guidance they are looking for. Moreover, the members at Talkspace have the right to request the change in therapist anytime they want.

Talkspace has been growing in popularity since its launch as more and more people realize that online therapy is more comfortable and convenient than face to face consultation at the therapist’s office. Talkspace has so far provided consultation to more than 500,000 members, and the figure is growing at a rapid pace. People are coming out of their comfort zone to address the mental health problem they are facing, and the best part is that Talkspace respects and protects your privacy. Everything your share online on the platform of Talkspace is kept confidential.


Seattle Genetics Led by Clay Siegall

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Seattle Genetics is to Seattle what Wall Street is to New York. It is poised on the brink of being the focal point of Seattle, taking the place of Immunex, which was acquired by Amgen in 2001 and relocated to Thousand Oaks, California. Amgen bought Immunex after it developed the hugely successful arthritis medication, Enbrel. Seattle Genetics is in the process of bringing to market an antibody therapy for cancer. If it proves to be successful, Seattle fears it too will leave their welcoming bosom.

Seattle Genetics is the largest biotech in Washington with $10 billion in market value and 900 employees to which they are expecting to add another 200 staff members by the end of the year. Seattle Genetics’ flagship drug is Adcetris, a Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is cancer that attacks the lymph nodes and through the lymphatic vessels travels wherever the circulatory system travels, consequently the cancer easily spreads throughout the body quickly.

Clay Siegall, the co-founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics states very emphatically that the company is not just a biotech. He makes it clear that Seattle Genetics is already a bona-fide ‘’global, multi-product, oncology company”. Siegall initially sold its international commercial rights to Takeda Oncology to raise money for the development of Adcetris. It learned from their interaction with Takeda and now Seattle Genetics has its own international marketing office in Switzerland.

Clay Siegall’s scientists at Seattle Genetics have focused on developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). ADCs target antigens-protein molecules that forces the immune system to create antibodies. These are transformed antibodies attach to the outside of cancer cells injecting them with a toxin that explodes within the walls of the cancer cell like a bomb. This smart bomb is filled with a cancer killing serum that does not affect healthy cells.

Seattle Genetics has eleven drug in its pipeline, with four drugs including Adcetris which show great promise according to Clay Siegall. Adcetris was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2011. If Adcetris is used as a first therapy by medical professionals, Siegall predicts sales could easily reach $1 billion annually.

Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, where he serves as the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He received his PhD. in genetics from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in zoology from the University of Maryland. His past positions at the National Cancer Institute in the years 1988 to 1991 followed by Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute in the years 1991 to 1997 led to his Seattle Genetics venture, which shows nothing but continued success in its near future.

Flaws of Kerrisdale Capital according to Sahm Adrangi

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Sahm Adrangi is a financial guru who has acquired a lot of knowledge on matters concerning stocks; he currently serves at Kerrisdale. He has been involved in all aspects of the firm development since it was launched.He is best known for short selling and publishing research.

His research is mainly based on correcting the myths and the misconceptions that the third party have about the company. He mainly shares his research on the websites where the investors can easily access them and on such social media such as Twitter.

In his research, Sahm Adrangi also focuses on various sectors of the firm regarding resource and capital allocation, effective and efficient management of the company’s resources to enhance the continued positive growth of the company and increase the economies of scale.

He believes that KODAKOne is continuously experiencing diseconomies of scale which provides evidence that it may not be able to offer any benefits to the owners of the company or even Kodak main shareholders. Sahm Adrangi is highly interested in long-term investments. There are various reasons as to why Sahm Adrangi believes that Kerrisdale will continue making low profits or declining revenues.

One of the reasons is that KODAKone seems to have poor management. It is led by WENN Inc which Sahm believes has previously portrayed a poor track record. Poor management leads to misappropriation of funds, poor utilization of available resources, poor planning, poor management of credit facilities which can lead to bankruptcy or lead to low-profit making or even losses.

Another reason is that members of the board of directors with Kodak gave themselves some constant stock from KODACOne before it was launched which is so illegal.

Thirdly, even though Kodak has some partnerships, this will not reduce the rate at which they experience negative cash flows because they have made several fruitless attempts to improve the unsustainable capital structure.

KODAKone is led by WENN Digital Inc and other innovations. The companies have backgrounds with high uncertainties. In most cases, the success of any given business highly depends on its environment like the potential investors, lenders, and other financial institutions will need the background information of that company before getting into any commercial or any other business transaction.

Talk Fusion Helping Businesses Stay Ahead of Their Competition

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It arrived on the market in 2007. It is called the Talk Fusion. Its creators had one goal in mind: help businesses increase profits and sales while staying ahead of their competition. Since 2007, Talk Fusion has become a popular tool for many businesses. Businesses can make their marketing efforts more memorable and engaging with the help of video. As of 2016, the app is available in more than 140 countries. It has become so popular that the company introduced a video chat app too.

Video Email is not Hype. It’s a Game Changer.

For many businesses, it is the video email that is the most used product on the app. It allows businesses to easily connect with their contacts. For instance, a user can send video emails directly from their smart phones to a client. Talk Fusion puts the marketing campaign in the palm of an employee’s hands.

One feature of the video email chat that have a lot of businesses’ hyped is personalizing emails. You can incorporate video to your personalized email messages. For anyone from your team member, to customers and vendors. Personalized emails have more reach with clients and more click throughs. In addition, it ups the game of a typical promotional email.

Fusion Talk Gives Businesses to Power by Their Competitors.

Reaching clients. Gaining customers. Those things are an obsession for businesses that want to make a profit and grow. Talk Fusion does that for its users. It is a video communication company. The company, that makes social networking, conferencing and broadcasting products.

Talk Fusion, described as the world’s first all-in-one video marketing solution, was founded by Fonder and CEO Bob Reina. Besides, helping businesses with their creative edge, Talk Fusion also helps by giving back animal charities, communities, friends and family across the world.

Businesses using the app can upload already recorded video or record their own live video. Once the video is complete, they have the option of choosing a template. This is one way to customize the template. Anyone can be called from the app. The images on the app are nearly perfect with very little blurriness or static.

The Talk Fusion app is ideal for new and existing businesses because it offers things businesses cannot get anywhere else. For example, Talk Fusion offers unlimited messaging which is solely needed by a lot of businesses. It also provides a chance to archive messages and is add free.

OSI Industries & Flagship Europe

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OSI Industries Company Background & History

If we had to list the most difficult and demanding working fields in the work today, odds are that the food and business industries top that list. When we consider factors such as time, money, and dedication that is needed out of professionals to thrive in these two industries, it is easy to see why there are not too many ultra-successful individuals or companies in them. However, with that said, those who have managed to become successful in these fields has an impressive accolade on their list with that fact alone. Impressively enough, there are even companies who have managed to prosper in both industries at the same time. As amazing as that sounds, perhaps no other company in the worlds has been able to succeed in both industries as the company OSI Industries has been able to. As one of the most prominent and well-rounded food companies around, there is not too much that OSI Industries has left on the table in terms of career accomplishments. This speaks volumes about the type of commitment to excellence OSI Industries has as a company. In fact, there is still so much more to OSI Industries’ successful ways. So, to get a better sense of what the company does and how they have become so successful, here is more on OSI Industries company highlights.

More on OSI Industries & Company Highlights

Worth mentioning again, OSI Industries is as accomplished as it gets as a food company. IN reality, their company accomplishments have established them as the standard of success in respective industry. Needless to say, this is saying a lot about OSI Industries as a company. Having said that, perhaps no other career accomplishment or accolade has been as recognized as their recent acquisition of Flagship Europe. Specifically, this acquisition is a way for the company to grow and expand. However, more so than anything, this company move is just more proof that OSI Industries belongs at the top of their field. Furthermore, acquiring Flagship Europe is another way OSI Industries continues to set the bar higher for what it takes to prosper in the food and business industry. All in all, there is no denying OSI Industries overall success. In addition to that, with the way things are going and have gone for the company, there is no doubt that they will continue to succeed for many years to come.

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Todd Lubar

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Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who has succeeded several investments including scrap metal and real estate businesses. He has channeled many people’s dream to have their own homes to reality though Mortgage loaning. Todd Lubar is a man who is gifted with values such as tolerance, work ethics, and hard work. He uses these values in his ventures, and as a result, Todd boasts numerous business successes. These characters have propelled him to higher ranks making other entrepreneurs both upcoming and the old in the industry to seek for his assistance.


In an interview, Lubar revealed that entrepreneurship is his childhood dream and he has always been having the business mind throughout his life. He gave his story on how he used to sell hot chocolate and lemonade in Washington DC at the age of 7 Years. He also noted that working hard is a value that has always been in him even at a tender age. Lubar advised ambitious businesspersons to emulate communication with their teammates. He admitted that there are numerous challenges in business life, but he used to try his ways during difficult times. You can visit



Todd Lubar is the present President of TDL Global Ventures LLC. Lubar also works as the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. Mr. Lubar has in the past been in various positions and roles in several institutions such as Legacy Financial Group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd Lubar is remembered for helping Maryland Legacy Financial grow its office to several one hundred million dollars annually production unit in loan accumulation. Todd Lubar is also a former Vice President of Charter Funding where he used his position to continue focusing on helping the needy. Todd Lubar received his bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University where he graduated in the year 1995. Check out



Todd Lubar entered into the industry of real estate back in the year of 1995. His desire to help other people driven him to venture into real estate as his lifetime career. He secured his first real estate job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he was tasked with the role of a loan originator. He utilized his position to learn and understand the model of conservative mortgage lending. Todd managed to build significant relationships with CPA’s, insurance agents and real estate agents who are today comprise of his business enterprise.

Jason Hope’s anti-aging campaign

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Jason Hope has featured in numerous publications for his stand on technology innovations. He has recently been commentating about the internet of things and how it will be a great technology. He has even written an eBook explaining what the internet of things concept. In the eBook, he has delved into the benefits and risk of the internet of things. This is going to be the best technology, but its success depends on the ability of the coders to make it hacking free. The internet of things will have extensive application in the industrial setup. The automotive industry and medical industry are just some of the industries that will benefit largely. However, no industry will be left behind.

Jason Hope is a futurist and an expert in technology. He supports anything that catches his attention in the technology field. One area that also caught his attention apart from the internet of things is the anti-ageing research work. In life, it is almost certain that death will be part of every person. The process in normal cases usually involves one getting through the ageing process. The body becomes frail until such a time when one passes on normally or due to disease caused by old age. In the field of biotechnology, there is research work that is ongoing on the rejuvenation biotechnologies. Experts in the field of medicine are very close to realizing a solution to eternal youth. There is ongoing development of a drug that will stop or slow down the rate of ageing in the human body. The anti-aging campaign is being led by a nonprofits organization known as SENS Research Foundation.

According to one supporter of the research group, they are not trying to create a way of living forever and ever, no! They are creating a solution to assist human beings to live a healthy and vibrant life free of old age diseases. Jason Hope has stood in solidarity with this organization by making sure that the group get financial support in whatever they are trying to do. He started helping the group in 2010 when he gave out half a million dollars to the SENS Research Foundation to build a laboratory in Cambridge, England. Since then, he has made a lot more contributions that can total to over $1 million.

Jason Hope has earned a reputation in the industry from his futuristic ideas. He is very good at predicting technological trends. He is a leading futurist who is making it to the airwaves for his advanced approach to the internet of things technology.

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How Larkin and Lacey Received the News Of Trump’s Pardon of Arpaio

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have spoken out after president Trump pardon former sheriff Arpaio. They have described how corruption scandals were organized and executed in the county offices. The two journalist have expressed their disappointment on the president’s move to pardon Arpaio. They have to Arpaio as a criminal of justice who violated several human rights.

Larkin and Lacey founded Phoenix New Times so that they can use it to enlighten the public about the truth of what is happening in their state. They have expressed their concern after Judge Susan Bolton uphold the president’s pardon. The crimes that Arpaio is still fresh in the minds of many people despite the pardon that he been given.

Arpaio had also been accused of racial profiling in the lawsuit that was termed as Melendres V. Arpaio. He was involved in the deportation of all the people who were non-citizens. The deportation was based on racial discrimination. He had ignored the court summons several times.

Michael Lacey expressed that the pardon was disappointing but not a surprise. He knew that Arpaio had a strong political connection and he would be shielded from being sentenced. Arpaio played a key role in support of Trump campaign.

His loyalty to the president paved the way for his pardon. Lacey claimed that justice did not respond fairly to the treatment of Arpaio. He should have remained behind bars for many years,

Larkin and Lacey are victims of Arpaio vengeful acts. They were involved in exposing corruption scandals in the office of Arpaio. They also reveal the violation of human rights in the prisons. Prisoners were being tortured daily. Many died from the torture while others committed suicide. Women and children who mistreated and abused sexually. Lacey and Larkin had been recording the scandals that were being carried out.

They later published the scandals in one of their newspaper. Arpaio was not happy with the publication, and he ordered for the arrest of the journalists. Their rights were violated in the midst of their arrest. Plainclothes visited their home in Arizona and handcuffed them. They were then transported to the prison in the unmarked tinted car. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Facebook

The members of the public were outraged by the arrest. They went to the streets and demanded the release of the journalists. The court was yielded to the public outcry. Larkin and Lacey sued Maricopa County for their illegal arrest. The county paid them $3.75 million as compensation. The funds were invested in the establishment of Frontera Fund.

The organization has assisted many immigrants in Arizona to obtain their constitutional rights. The money has put a smile on the faces of many people. The people have been relieved of the Arpaio’s oppression.

Larkin and Lacey have initiated several programs that are meant to assist members of the public. They have proved to the people that oppression should be eradicated in the society. They have emulated Larkin and lacey in building the society.

The productive contribution will be remembered, but Arpaio will be remembered as the “America’s Worst Sheriff.” Many people lost their lives during his tenure.

Fighting The Good Fight Against Cancer: Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Labs

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The biggest defense against cancer is knowledge. The fact is that cancer invades the body in many different ways. No two people are alike in how cancer affects them. Eric Lefkosky understands the complexity of cancer and how it tends to mimic healthy cells. Lefkosky founded Tempus Labs to improve the way cancer diagnosis is handled. He believes that knowledge is power. The more data you can get about cancer treatments and options the better informed you are. The problem is that data is still scattered and there is no central area to access needed data. Tempus Labs resolves this problem.

Personalizing care is an important component according to Lefkofsky. The information gathering process Tempus enacts with leading healthcare organizations and NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers provide physicians and other medical personnel the tools they need to serve their patients. This process provides a recognizable pattern and record of patient responses to treatment. This helps patients improve their odds of beating cancer.

His work with Tempus Labs is only part of what he does. Eric Lefkofsky provides monetary support for education and the arts. He and his wife are actively involved in Chicago area artistic venues and educational venues through their Lefkofsky Family Foundation. His foundation supports the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago. The main purpose of the foundation is to promote arts, education, human rights, medicine, and culture initiatives.

Eric Lefkofsky is very social media savvy with experience in e-commerce and technology. He has expertise in marketing which helps in promoting his work through Tempus Labs. He also has a firm grasp of print and promotional solutions. His experience with an analytics program has provided him with needed information to gather data into a centralized hub.

Lefkofsky’s roots are in Chicago where he teaches at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. His philanthropic endeavors have helped the community at large. He is a big fan of education and believes that education is key to succeeding in life.

The healthcare technology industry has benefited greatly from Lefkofsky’s work with Tempus Labs.

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