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John Holt was the chosen panelist for this last November’s 2016 Texas Bankers’ Annual Conference held in New Orleans. He no less held his own. He discussed everything that a top banking leader should cover – and so much more. He fought and advocated for the rights and privileges of all bankers worldwide – and especially U.S.-wide – as they relate to a better transaction and banking solution for all.

John Holt’s the top leader of Nexbank. He knows what it means to save, to invest, to secure, to fund, to check and so much more. Both Nexbank and Holt reside in Dallas and serve the surrounding areas as well, such as McKinney Cedar Springs. If you wish to do banking or investments, Texas is the place to go as it holds a minefield of invaluable resources and leaders.

Nexbank’s CDs are quite special. As such, many take advantage of what they can offer in turn. For example, a six-month term will offer 0.85 percent APY while a 12-month term will offer 1.25 percent APY, and an 18-month term gives up to 1.35 percent APY. Get the best deal all-around: Apply for a 24-month term for 1.45 percent APY, and secure your rate while you still can.

You may learn more about this specific opportunity by calling 1-214-234-7280. Note that a large penalty may be imposed within withdrawals or prior to a CD’s full maturity. These current rates are in effect as of May 2017 and may unexpectedly change at any time.

The maximum CD amount that may be deposited is $240,000. Annual percentage yield – or APY – fees may reduce the earnings on your account. Check with your provider to learn more. Nexbank is located at 2,515 McKinney Avenue, Suite 1100, Dallas, TX 75201. All rights are reserved.


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