Barbera Stokes: Interview Recap and Brief General Information

This will give information around the CEO of “Green Structured Homes” Barbara Stokes. The company is formed out of Huntsville, Alabama. Her interview from “Ideamensch” will be recapped and general information about Stokes will be given later. This company was founded by Stokes and Scott her husband. The team has greatly done work with the Federal Emergency Agency (FEMA) along with the private sector to give out a range of commercial solutions and permanent housing. It utilizes state-of-the-art engineering, design, and manufacturing methods ranging from on-site to modular construction. Following the heartbreaking event of Hurricane Harvey. The company got awarded with a $28 million dollar contract for modular building by the federal government. This was targeted to be finished by March 2018. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

A typical day for Stokes is waking up early and working late each night. It is vital for her to balance working and time she spends with her family and kids. She like to schedule her day in order for her to spend the most amount time with her kids, often volunteering at their school. The balance is vital to her because she likes doing a lot in the community because it aids in relieving stress and be working her best regardless the time of day. Also, one trend which gets her excited is that there are many more women in fields that are Stem-related and in business leadership. She hopes to see this occur a lot in the future. Read this article at

Now, some general information about Stokes. She is located in Huntsville, Alabama. For her educated she attended Mercer University, and graduated there in 2001. She and her team in the job bring demonstrated leadership. When she was there she studied the topics of Physics and Biomedical Engineering. She also studied many other things like thermodynamics and manufacturing and management. Barbara Stokes has shown to be active volunteering in the community of Huntsville she is also a mom of three kids. She also demonstrated her high experience in government contracting. She is pleased to be a leader to GSH in helping the mission of both the U.S Government and FEMA.


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