Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is a writer across many media platforms running her company, Colibri Studios as executive producer. Colibri Studios is a content development studio, which means that a collaborative approach can be how they execute their work with compelling stories. Using research and strategizing how to use computer technology with work, her approach speaks to large audiences on both an intellectual and emotional level. Bridget oversees the creative development of teams between 5 and 220 people. Their genres are drama, children’s animation, entertainment, lifestyle, and factual entertainment programming. Scarr collaborates with international broadcasters, project partners, and creative talent to dream up new projects.


In the past, Scarr was a television producer. Her main working time is 9-12 p.m. where she researchers and writes original content. She goes home for lunch. From 2 p.m. on she follows up on emails with co-producers, and sales agents. She reads a book or finds an alternative project inspiration. Her projects often include Exhibition projects, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Content or television-related projects. She works on historical projects mixing both factual information and narrative structure. She tries to create new stories true to the time. Virtual reality is cutting edge technology she is helping to write.



Virtual reality can be used in education, in healing, or even granting a dying patient their last wish. Virtual reality transports you into another world. She greatly values having a time-out from work to give her soul a break so that she can feel fresh. She feels that magic is real, being accessible from existing all around us. Also, she remembers that her first business failed because she had an internal financial collapse. She lost everything she owned in that collapse but she managed to build other successful companies afterward. These days she has an idea for a wine app that has both an online store, and a wine concierge who can set up good food and wine experiences. Scarr suggests a wine virtual reality app. Starr’s prior company was Pollen Media where she worked from January 08 to December 2015. She has worked at Colibri from Mar 2016 to the present.


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