Bruce Levenson Continues His Fight Against Insurance Giant AIG

As the owner of the Atlanta Hawks Bruce Levenson proved he was not a business leader to accept a lack of progression and growth in all aspects of his ownership of the NBA franchise. Levenson oversaw a season by season progression for the franchise that saw the team move from the very bottom of the NBA standings to the number one season in a single decade; the same rules have applied to the battle with insurance giant AIG that has bee ongoing since Levenson’s group sold the Hawks franchise to a group headed by billionaire Tony Ressler.

The insurance payout being claimed by Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson’s group relates to the termination of the contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry that will test workplace torts and constructive dismissal rules. Ferry mutually terminated his $18 million six year contract just two days prior to the announced sale of the Hawks franchise by Bruce Levenson’s group with his comments thought by Levenson’s legal team to have activated a workplace insurance policy the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment group had in place. The case will be brought at the Fulton County Supreme Court, but the current owners of the Hawks have already stated they have no reason to be involved in the case as it relates to the former owners of the franchise.

Bruce Levenson was one of the most popular and respected owners in the NBA during his decade in the NBA, particularly for the role he played as a part of the Hoop Dreams and Make A Wish foundations. Levenson also joined the NBA Board of Governors to protect the game in the future. The founder of the UCG company is a well known philanthropist in his local area of Maryland and Washington D.C. where his business interests have remained rooted throughout his career.


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