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Learn Design at the Academy of Art University

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 The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. This is the largest private art and design school in the United States. This school is an accredited member of the National Association of School and Art Design. This school offers both Bachelor of Fine Arts degree as well as Masters of Fine Arts degree.

Every year the Academy of Art University holds a fashion show at Skylight Clarkson Square. This year the school held its 21st runway show. The graduates had the chance to show their work in five collections for women and two collections for men.

The designers have a very diverse background and come from not only the United States but from all around the world. They bring several new and exciting ideas. Some people in attendance include the director from America’s Next Top Model and the Director of Education and Professional Development Cfor FDA. This fashion showed can be viewed from anywhere in the world due to live streaming.

The designers are looking to make the clothing comfortable and to communicate different messages such as peace and strength. The clothing uses light and dark shades to create contrast as well.

Some of the clothing that was featured at this show include outerwear, separates, and dresses. They were made from some unique materials including PVC as well as vinyl. There are also come classic materials that were used in this show. Many of the designers get their influences from emotions and their culture. The designers are using clothing that is interesting and attention getting. They use a number of different colors and fabrics in their designs with the hope that they stand out. These designs can be seen on the runway and the designers are hoping they are picked up and made to be available to the masses.

Sentient AI: The Five Things You Never Tell A Customer

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You need to choose your words carefully when dealing with a customer online or in the store, according to Sentient AI. Sentient AI has done some research, and they find that front-line employees need to wear a smile on their face. Back-line employees need to say things like our pleasure, please come back again; the problem has been solved, and thanks you.

Conversations like these are only the beginning. You need to keep peppering your customers up if you want them to remain loyal. According to Sentient AI- Ecommerce Customer Experience, there are four things you should never tell a customer if you want their business.

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Ecommerce Customer Experience: The Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Service

1) You should not say “no big deal”. You should say “tell me more”. I used to work in retail. I can tell you e-commerce customer experience is right about this. It might not be a big deal to you, but it is to your customer. If you use a line like this once, your customer will walk away.

2) You should always tell your customer you will take care of the problem. Worrying might be part of your customer’s genetic makeup. What might be a healthy response to one person is an unhealthy response in another. You should always put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Shrugging the problem off will cause undue stress to your customer.

3) Comparing one customer to another is a sign of dismissal. You might view it as a joke, but your customer might not. Saying “I can help you with this” is the way to go.

4) You will get a customer who will complain. Some of the complaints are warranted. They are also part of a bigger issue. You might not hear others complain about a problem, but that does not mean the issue is not there. You need to approach every complaint as though there are more out there.

5) “You are not hearing me”. To say that is a sign of dismissal. Your customers get distracted by external forces just like you. Your customers will be assuming many things. They assume you are using a condescending tone. They assume you are reading a script. You need to show them you care. Ask them what part is unclear. To say that shows you are looking into the matter and not dismissing them.