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Why Whitney Wolfe Is All About the Bumble

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Whitney Wolfe, a female entrepreneur is raking in billions for the dating app she created. Bumble is a dating app that is focused on empowering women. It’s the fastest growing dating app in the world right now, but what makes it so hot? It’s her way of packaging the app, and how she continues to expand the business.

Busy with expanding her space, Whitney Wolf is taking over the space that was home to the Four Seasons Restaurant. Although she is insistent that women can do anything better than men, it’s no surprise that her dating app is a promotion of women getting their piece of the pie. One of her most poignant statements that she stands by is that everyone deserves a seat at the table. At age 28, she is married but now changing the dating game for women around the world. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at

The selling point for women is that they can make the first move. Whether or not women are ready for this is one thing, the fact that women are using the app to do so is another. The app is popular, that there are now more than 20 million active users registered and looking for potential mates on Bumble. Whitney Wolfe may be smart, but it’s clear that she is also well-respected among her peers in business.

Tinder, the closest competitor for Bumble, now has more than 46 million users. It’s clear that Bumble is quickly trailing them. The growth of Bumble is what folks are watching, and the growth is rather large at more than 70% year over year. Additionally, Whitney Wolfe also made it possible for purchases to be made inside the app. This year, the app will have generated more than $100 million in sales and counting. Secondly, the advertising for this year is also projected to be double for the app and any products that they intend to market, making it a stellar year for the young Whitney Wolfe. Connect:

NewsWatch TV Bags Awards for Excellent TV Production

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NewsWatch TV was awarded several times for their excellent work at various TV programs. The first of the awards was a platinum and a gold under the MarCom Award and a badge of excellence for the Videographer Award. These awards were highly commended in the TV and video production industry.

Aside from this, NewsWatch TV also won awards in the prior programs, such as from their national TV shows. They garnered a Siver Telly Award for the TV production. NewsWatch TV is responsible for reviewing technology innovations, new consumer items, as well as companies all over the United States.

The Videographer Awards is considered one of the most well-recognized awarding programs in the world of videography. Its beginnings in 1994 proved to give recognition to the veteran and aspiring videographers who exhibit spectacular talent. The Videographer Awards is given by the judges from Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (ACMP).

MarCom Awards provides recognition for notable marketing and communication skills that companies exhibit. They also give due notice to the creativity and diligence of industry leaders and companies. Its awarding system began in 1995, and it has grown to be one of the highly respected competitions internationally. Annually, there are 6,000 entries that MarCom Awards receive for their awarding finals. The MarCom Awards is also a program of the creators of Golden Globe, Emmys, MTV, AMA and CLIOS.

About NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a nationwide program that caters to people in the United States. They provide TV programs for every market possible in the country. Every edition of NewsWatch has an audience of 96 million households, totaling to the majority of the population throughout the country.

NewsWatch TV is located in Washington DC, with experienced staff showing their industry expertise. For a span of 25 years, the series of NewsWatch TV was able to reach over 700 million people, making it one of the most successful magazines and TV company.

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Surf Air Celebrates Year 5 With Additional Members Perks

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Summer is here at Surf Air! Starting today, Surf Air members will get special membership perks in celebration of the company’s 5th Anniversary. Surf air wants to use this celebration as an opportunity to thank members for loyalty and to further enhance the Surf Air experience.

Partnering Up
Surf Air Experiences started out as a way for members to enjoy their weekends by selected experiences open at current Surf Air spots in California. Starting in July Surf Air will partner with All Roads North and feature special offerings chosen by the luxury travel business. All Roads North has been creating memorable luxurious road trips across the United States. Each journey is customized by a specialist with connections to the nicest hotels. From downtown San Francisco’s art scene to a private table in Santa Barbara, all weekend travels will showcase the best offerings in California. There are additional weekend packages open in Lake Tahoe.

Why Join Surf Air?
Being a Surf Air member is more than traveling from place to place, you are a part of a community of diverse people that appreciate saving time and boosting productivity. Surf Air is always working to grow their members network, So the company would also like to announce a partnership with The Private Suite LAX and FoundersCard. Private Suite LAX provides hassle-free flying, no lines no wait. Members are transported directly to their aircraft and checked more conveniently. There are preflight suites with individual bathrooms, food-service, daybed and a nice view of the runway. FoundersCard provides VIP travel privileges and access to popular hotels and resorts with negotiated rates, additional amenities and flexible cancellation options.

About Surf Air
Surf Air is the first private air travel club in the United States. It offers unlimited monthly flights to its members. Its target market is travelers for regional business and leisure. Surf Air offers hassle-free flying and has executive private aircrafts stationed at private airports in the U.S. and Europe. Also available is global charter services through the Surf Anywhere program.

Bob Reina Aims at Making the World a Better Place through Charitable Giving

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Since inception in 2007, Talk Fusion has shown a strong commitment to helping people and making the world a better place. The company focuses on building futures, achieving goals, and supporting community projects and charities across the globe. Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina has been dedicated to the firm’s mission of changing lives.

Reina believes that the greater the success, the higher the responsibility. The company and employees share this belief. Great leaders create a path for others to follow. Reina is making an impact in the philanthropy world through financial support and volunteering. He has financially supported Humane Society of Tampa Bay on several occasions, but his donation of $1 billion created a tangible difference at the Human Society. Reina donates towards the creation of shelters for the homeless animals and provision of medical services. He also financially supports an Indonesian orphanage. Reina leads Talk Fusion’s mission of changing lives through charitable actions.

Charitable giving program

Bob Reina has taken charitable giving to a top-notch level. Recently, he created and implemented a program that provides an opportunity for Talk Fusion Associates to give one free account to a non-profit of their choice. The free charity account will comprise of complete customization, branding, and full access to Talk Fusion’s products such as Live Meetings, Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Sign-up forms, and Video Email.

Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a top provider of innovative video marketing solutions. The company facilitates business growth, and changes live through video technology. Its products are availed to clients by Independent Associates through person-to-person marketing strategies. These independent Associates are available in over 140 countries. The firm started operation in 2007 after being launched in 2007 by Bob Reina, who serves as the CEO to date. The company is a member of Direct Selling Association.

Talk Fusion engages actively in carrying out initiatives aimed at making the community better. It supports various animal charities around the word. The company offers revolutionary video communication products, video email, live meetings, video chat, relationship marketing model, global income opportunities, and video conferencing. Originally posted on YOUR MARK ON THE WORLD CENTER:

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Skout’s Reliable And Enjoyable Social Media App

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Skout is the newest social media application that I have tried, and I must say that it is one of the easiest ways that I have found to bring people to my social circle. Skout is free to sign up with, and their application is free to download, of course. There is a great article about Skout that was written by Adweek, and it tells all about what this app is capable of doing for your social circle. The article also gives a great run down of how this popular social media application functions in real time.

This platform is capable of bringing people together from different parts of the world. You can meet new friends for online chatting only, or you can make real friends that you meet up with in real life. Skout is also a great way to meet romantic partners. In addition to finding new people to meet, mingle and chat with on the web or in real life that live in your area, you can also find folks to network with or date in other places in the world. Skout has a fun little feature that is called Passport.

Skout is an all around reliable and enjoyable social media experience. The features that are on their platform are designed to help users get more attention on the application, so you can use Wink Bomb, for instance, to send a bunch of winks to multiple people at once. This will ultimately and likely get you more positive attention within the social media application. If you are looking for new friends and a great way to make them, Skout is the best way to do these things. You can try it out for free, so get to it!