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Omar Boraie’s Performance in the Real Estate Crisis

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Renovating an entire community? Developing buildings for kilometers of landscape? That is something that only an entrepreneur like Omar Boraie was able to do with the success that he achieved at the end of his goals.

The man is responsible for the foundation of Boraie Development, a real estate company that has established some of the classic buildings of luxury in some of the most important commercial centers of the United States.

Since he decided that he was going to be a part of the realty industry, Omar Boraie has developed many buildings and achieved many high successes since he first started his company, becoming one of the most prominent local property owners in regions like New Jersey where he molded some of the cultural references attached to the community itself.

New Jersey, in fact, is an interesting part of the entrepreneur story, as it is currently regarded as the state with the highest rate of residential mortgages that are delinquent to the standards of the market. There is, however, a sign of charts that are showing the decrease of mortgages that have foreclosure and this is a clear indication of a current crisis that is happening in the real estate industry in some commercial centers of the United States.

Omar Boraie has able to combat some of the problems that have arisen from this post-crisis decrease in the likelihood that one would survive by developing properties in affected places like New Jersey. Boraie Development is currently leading the realty industry of the local area, even naming their business model “New Jersey Urban Developers,” is a group that has a significant focus on developing properties in the region. You can visit for more info.

The crisis, however, has taken a bite out of every entrepreneur in the field, as illustrated by some of the biggest challenges in Omar Boraie’s career path. There’s been a shortage of housing that seems to be increasing as time progresses. Because of this phenomenon, an emphasis on developing quality properties in well-thought commercial areas will ensure the survival of the entrepreneur and his team. The crisis has caused an immense increase in the competition though, as there is a big emphasis on selling fast and being one of the first to hit the few clients that are still looking for a house. All signs point towards a near future where the shortage will see an increase and real estate developers will have to do their best to ensure that they will survive the crisis and continue to develop quality buildings in the United States’ landscape. Visit

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Building with Trump

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Hussein Sajwani, billionaire real estate developer and owner of DAMAC Properties, amid heading a thriving business in Dubai, has his eyes on taking his company to the next level by creating powerful partnerships throughout the world, and has recently been in the news for his business dealings with one powerful leader in particular; Donald Trump.

Sajwani and his company DAMAC Properties just wrapped up the construction and opening of a luxury golf course called Trump International Golf Club and he spoke publicly about his budding relationship with the Trumps and his hopes of engineering future endeavors between the two sides. Today, the Trump International Golf Club has garnered sales of over $2 billion due to the popularity of their villas.

While this lucrative business venture seems to be one that Sajwani and Trump are eager to continue, due Trump’s status as the President of the United States, a possible conflict of interest may have been created.

In response to the possible conflict of interest controversy, Donald Trump reassured the public that while his partnership with Hussein Sajwani began prior to his presidency and Presidents aren’t subject to conflict of interest regulations, the operations of his business with the DAMAC owner will be passed down to his children.

It has been noted that the Hussain Sajwani family has also been an integral part in the blossoming business dealings between both parties. According to Sajwani, his wife has a personal relationship with Ivanka Trump and both families have visited each other’s homes and have had dinner together.

Although today Hussein Sajwani is a titan in the luxury real estate development industry, he began his career in a much different industry. Currently the Chairman of DAMAC Properties, Sajwani got his initial start when he developed a food company that specialized in catering.

The immense success that Sajwani saw in the catering business ballooned tremendously when he developed a relationship with the United States military in the 90’s. Sajwani realized the limited growth potential of the catering business and later began his foray into the world of real estate.

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Startup Success Tips From the Startup Master, Mike Baur

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Startup businesses have been on the rise over the recent past. Most of these firms, however, are run by people who are inexperienced in the entrepreneurship world, and this leads to mismanagement. Mike Baur from the Swiss Startup Factory was kind enough to share some business tips that can help a startup business to grow. This article discusses some of these tips.

Setting Up a Professional Staff

According to Mike, the success of a startup is dependent on how it was established and how the staff is assembled. His advice was that all co-founders in any startup must be pushing towards the same side regardless of their backgrounds. The staff, on the other hand, must comprise of experts and professionals. He argued that without a good sales team, even a good product will do poorly in the market. It is advisable to have a professional steering sales and marketing in the startup or better still, one of the co-founders takes it upon himself to market the products.

Idea Execution

Mike cautioned startup entrepreneurs from being overconfident with their plans since success doesn’t depend entirely on good ideas. He pointed out that success is highly dependent on the execution of an idea, which means that an entrepreneur must be committed, convincing, and be ready to go an extra mile to see their ideas blossom. Mike noted that the idea execution process might be tedious, but business is not for quitters. He advised that instead of giving up during hard times, the advisable thing to do is to get customer reviews and use their feedback’s to improve the business. When taking customer feedbacks, Mike advised that it is good to be hard but nice, for not being nice is detrimental. The other issue Mike touched on was about negative criticism. He advised startup entrepreneurs to be smart enough not to be swayed from their course by negative critics. According to him, it is good to listen to them, but always be equipped with a ready answer to counter their criticism.

Avoiding Fraudulent Investors

Mike also discussed entrepreneurs who hide their ideas up their sleeves for fear of it being copied. He argued that hiding an idea limits an entrepreneur from getting better strategies to grow his good idea. About giving out contracts and finding investors, Mike advised startup business operators to hire professionals for such jobs to avoid being shortchanged by fraudulent investors and contractors.

About Mike

Mike Baur is a professional banker with over two decades of experience. Since he left banking in 2014, Mike has been helping startups to grow through Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF).

Stephen Rotella: The Adept Financial Advisor

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Stephen Rotella is the present day honcho at the renowned financial advice and management service provider, StoneCastle LLC.In his academic portfolio, Stephen boasts of an undergraduate degree in Economics from the State University of New York, Stony Brook. He pursued a postgraduate education at the State University of New York, Albany, where he got a degree in Information Systems and Finance.

Early Career

Stephen’s first job was as a broker cum consultant in the lending industry. When he was the boss at Chase advisory, he took it upon himself to avail loans to individuals who were often overlooked by other lending institutions. This kind gesture signaled his desire to alleviate the living standards of the less fortunate.Rotella boasts of deep knowledge of the financial landscape, owing to over thirty years of experience in the industry. His forte is retail and online marketing, asset management as well as strategic development. In his illustrious career, Stephen has held a myriad of prominent positions in various esteemed institutions. Also, he has sat on boards of several firms including Ballet Met and Chase Advisory.

Washington Mutual, Inc.

Stephen was serving at JP Morgan Chase as an executive when Washington Mutual presented him with an irresistible offer, to which he obliged. The job would put him in charge of one of the leading financial firms in the nation. As the President and Chief Operating Officer, Stephen would supervise all activities in the business as well as formulate development strategies.Washington Mutual is an enterprise that is committed to client satisfaction by upholding high operational standards. For this reason, whose exemplary track record speaks for itself, was the favorite candidate to head the company. Stephen held the job for three years, from 2005 to 2008.

StoneCastle Cash Management LLC.

StoneCastle is an all-encompassing financial services provider, specializing in consultancy, management, and banking. The firm has its headquarters in New York.Stephen Rotella ascended to the top brass of StoneCastle in 2011. Since then, Stephen has overseen multiple mergers, including the recent acquisition of a deposit sweep business from Intermedium Financial. Not only did this deal expand StoneCastle’s distribution networks, but it also enhanced the firm’s reputation.

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Arthur Becker Real Estate

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There are many people today who want to jump into investing in real estate again. With all of the changes in the markets around the country, now is a great time to lock in some gains with your current investments. Arthur Becker invests in a variety of industries, but he has had a lot of success within the world of real estate. Over the years, he is the type of person who is always willing to press things in order to get to a new level in life. There are a lot of people who are trying to learn from him on how to invest in the right levels of real estate. If you are ready to take the first step, make sure you have the financial footing to do so.


Financial Planning


Houses are not cheap, and few people have the cash on hand to make a massive purchase out of pocket. Getting the right real estate financing is one of the most important things that anyone can do. If you want to get on the right financing plan, you can shop around and have a lot of success with finding a lower rate. Just a small change in the rate on a loan can make a huge difference in the total amount that you owe over the long term. This is a great way to build equity, and many people are using this strategy.


Arthur Becker


When Arthur Becker first started in business, there were a lot of challenges that he had to get through. There are many people who look up to his persistence and the amount of investments that he has been able to build. Not only that, but he truly cares about the lives of customers who he interacts with. If you want to build a great real estate empire, real estate can get you there. Arthur Becker spent many years learning the business, and that is why he has had so much success in the short time that he has been in business. He can teach a lot of people about how to succeed.

The Life of Arthur Becker

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Many people in the real estate industry are having success right now. After the real estate crash many years ago, a lot of people are starting to see new gains in this area. People who have help properties for many years are realizing a lot of financial benefits. Arthur Becker has proven that he has what it takes to succeed in the real estate business. He has built a nice empire in this industry over time, and he wants to help other people do the same as well. If you want to learn from someone like Arthur Becker, you can do so in a variety of areas. He is always willing to invest his own time and money to help other people get to the next level.




One of the biggest problems that people have with investing is getting a down payment that makes sense for them. If you borrow too much, you are going to have a high monthly payment. On the other hand, if you do not borrow enough, you may struggle with a variety of other issues. A lot of people today are excited about the changes that are taking place in the lending field of this industry. If you want to start keeping track of the different ways that you can borrow money, you need to constantly be learning because it changes so rapidly. Instead of going out to a traditional bank to get a big loan, always make sure that you are thinking of various ways to invest for the future.


Final Thoughts


Overall, Arthur Becker has lived a great life and has helped others during the process. Real estate is one of the biggest areas that he likes to concentrate on in business. Not only has he had success in this area over the years, but he has helped others along that process as well. With all of the changes that he is making, he is ready to start thinking about the long term perspective of the business. Arthur Becker is a great person to learn from because he truly cares about others.

Building Wealth Like George Soros

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Over the years, George Soros has done a great job of running a business and building wealth on One of the biggest reasons why he has had success in this area is that he is always willing to take a risk when others are not. There are a lot of times in his career that people thought he was crazy. However, he has a strong determination to succeed, and that means that he has to be willing to stand out from the crowd. One of the best examples of this is when George Soros shorted the Bank of England. Many people thought he was crazy, but he ended up making a fortune off of the trade.

George Soros

When he was in school, George Soros never thought that he would be where he is today. After he emigrated from a poor country, he simply wanted to go to school and have a good life for himself. Over the years, he developed a great work ethic on Forbes that is still with him to this day. If you want to advance your career, learning from his example is a great way to get started. There are a lot of people who are excited about what George Soros is bringing to the table.

Investing Advice

When it comes to investing, there are a lot of people who are excited about the future. Many people want to build wealth as quickly as possible, and this requires a dedication that few people have. Not only that, but George Soros is willing to go the extra mile for his customers. When it comes to owning a business, this is perhaps the best thing that you can do for yourself. Not only that, but he uses the profits from his business to invest into expansion plans on Politico. That is one of the reasons why he has accumulated so much wealth over the years. Not only does he make a lot of money, but he is constantly trying to invest it in order to earn more.


You cannot talk about George Soros without mentioning politics. There are a lot of people who reject the way that he tries to influence elections around the world. However, other people believe that he has a right to invest in candidates whom he sees fit to serve. George Soros supported Hillary Clinton in the election for President of the United States. Not only did he spend a lot of money on the race, but he also spent a lot of time trying to convince people to not vote for Donald Trump. Although his person lost, he is still trying to make things better for his political party. It will be interesting to see if he continues to work to make things better for the people who share his political beliefs. One things is for sure, George Soros is passionate about adding value to others, and he is going to continue to have success in life with his current financial plans.

James Dondero and Highland Capital take Huge Position in Nexpoint Credit Strategies

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Highland Capital Management, a fund that specializes in structured investments, public equity, fixed income and distressed investment funds, just increased its ownership in Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund (NHF-NYSE). They now own 793,036 shares of the company. This equates to 5% of the outstanding shares. James Dondero, a co-founder and the President of Highland Capital Management owns 3.01 million shares of Nexpoint, 18.8% of the company’s stock.


Highland and Dondero are the largest stakeholders in the company, next to Morgan Stanley. The company is operated by NexPoint Advisors, an affiliate of Highland Capital. Nexpoint Credit Strategies has beaten the S&P 500 and is in the top 10 percent of Closed End Funds. Its objectives are income and capital appreciation. They accomplish this goal by investing in “low grade debt” instruments and equity. They claim to have a way to hedge their risks well. The fund has nearly $382 million in net assets. The Nexpoint Credit fund tries to exceed the average hedge fund return. It was up 5.92% last year.


James Dondero has used his 30 years of experience in the investment arena to build Highland Capital into a successful investment company, that specializes in high yield investing and investing in distressed assets. The company offers a number of investment vehicles to its clients, including Collateralized Loan Obligations, mutual funds, hedge funds, real estate investment trusts and more.


Dondero is Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, as well as a member of the board for American Banknote and MGM Studios. James is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), He is heavily involved in philanthropy in his community and around the world. He has partnered with The Dallas Foundation, to provide support to the local community and to provide an easy way for his company and employees to get involved in charitable giving.


Bruce Levenson Continues His Fight Against Insurance Giant AIG

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As the owner of the Atlanta Hawks Bruce Levenson proved he was not a business leader to accept a lack of progression and growth in all aspects of his ownership of the NBA franchise. Levenson oversaw a season by season progression for the franchise that saw the team move from the very bottom of the NBA standings to the number one season in a single decade; the same rules have applied to the battle with insurance giant AIG that has bee ongoing since Levenson’s group sold the Hawks franchise to a group headed by billionaire Tony Ressler.

The insurance payout being claimed by Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson’s group relates to the termination of the contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry that will test workplace torts and constructive dismissal rules. Ferry mutually terminated his $18 million six year contract just two days prior to the announced sale of the Hawks franchise by Bruce Levenson’s group with his comments thought by Levenson’s legal team to have activated a workplace insurance policy the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment group had in place. The case will be brought at the Fulton County Supreme Court, but the current owners of the Hawks have already stated they have no reason to be involved in the case as it relates to the former owners of the franchise.

Bruce Levenson was one of the most popular and respected owners in the NBA during his decade in the NBA, particularly for the role he played as a part of the Hoop Dreams and Make A Wish foundations. Levenson also joined the NBA Board of Governors to protect the game in the future. The founder of the UCG company is a well known philanthropist in his local area of Maryland and Washington D.C. where his business interests have remained rooted throughout his career.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Reshape the Fashion Industry

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Adam Goldenberg and his close friend Don Ressler are the founders and Co-CEOs of JustFab, an e-commerce fashion company that is very popular. The two friends are set out to ensure that they reshape the fashion industry. They have the ability to spot trends, develop industry leading brands and at the end of the day grow a successful business. They have managed to be successful because they combine their skills, passion, and fun. These features at are very rare in the fashion industry because the individuals in the department take life too seriously.

Adam Goldenberg started his first company when he was just fifteen years old. The company was known as Gamers Alliance, and it did well in the market. After three years, it was acquired by Intermix Media. He chose to quit high school to join Intermix Media as the vice president of the strategic plans. By the time he turned twenty years, Adam was doing well in Intermix Media; he was working as the Chief Operating Officer. At that time, he was known to many people as the youngest COO operating in a publicly traded organization in the country.

While working at Intermix Media, Adam Goldenberg met Don Ressler. Ressler was working as a brand building specialist in the region. Goldenberg had just sold his successful company, known as to Intermix Media. This sale of the company had given the businessman over one billion, and he had also raised over one hundred million from several internet companies.

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After a year, the two friends started an e-commerce brand incubator platform called Intelligent Beauty. Afterward, they become successful entrepreneurs who established several health brands to the market.

The modern consumers love shopping online, and the two friends thought that it was a good idea to introduce a personalized online experience for the customers. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler decided to merge social interaction and edge cutting fashion. The businessmen also decided that they would offer the services at an affordable rate, unlike most of the popular fashion brands in the market.

JustFab was founded on this concept, and it has impressed many consumers in the country. Just several months after its introduction, the fashion brand on has done so well, and it has acquired many subscribers from all parts of the country. The fashion brand is fun, engaging and highly social, and this attracts more clients.