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Rebel Wilson Joins The Superstar Cast Of Cats

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The Cats adaptation for the screen is coming, and it will prove to be a superstar film that will have Rebel Wilson in the cast as Jennyanddots.Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

She is just one of many cats, but she will bring comic relief to the film that it will need to make it successful. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

Anyone who is not familiar with Cats might not realize how wild the musical is because it sets the cats in a world that is very unpredictable and crazy just as any One would imagine cats act. Rebel Wilson joining the cast simply makes it more of an adventure.

Who Is Rebel Wilson?

Rebel Wilson is a comedienne and actress from Australia who hit the big time with her turn as Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect series of films. She has been accustomed to singing on screen, and she has parlayed her acting into other movies that have made her a hit among fans. She is someone who can improvise half the script if she wanted to, and she could bring about a lot of fun on the screen that might be hard for other actors to offer. The best part of this is that she is irreverent enough to go off script where needed.Why Is Her Addition To The Film Important?

Adding Rebel Wilson to Cats makes the movie an attraction venue for people who are just young enough to remember when Pitch Perfect came out. These people might not be into musicals, but they will appreciate that she is in the movie. These people will find that the idea of portraying nothing but cats will be funny on its own, and she is playing a character that will be given ample opportunity to be crazy.

The Superstar Cast

Rebel Wilson has catapulted herself in the rarified air of Hollywood where she would be cast in a movie that is going to have nothing but superstars in it. She could be remembered for this movie for a long time if it goes as well as the studio hopes. She will also have a chance to sing so that she can use her interesting style of singing to the screen. It will not be perfect like Broadway, but it will be worth listening to because it is so unique.


Rebel Wilson could make the Cats movie so much better just because she will add that bit of fun and frivolity that is needed to make the movie more interesting. There are people who will be blown away by her performance, and there are others who will be very interested in the way that she could fit into a movie filled with serious actors.