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Doe Deere and Lime Crime

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Doe Deere is best known for her successful makeup brand named Lime Crime. Officially launched in 2008, the idea for Lime Crime originated in 2004 when Deere created the name for her DIY fashion line which she began selling on eBay. Colorful makeup became a major part of her brand but wasn’t very easy to find. The idea for Lime Crime, the makeup brand, came from her need for fun and colorful makeup and the lack of it in the makeup market at that time.


Part of what makes Lime Crime so unique is its origination on the internet. Before Lime Crime, lipstick was largely sold at makeup counters where customers could try on the product. Deere saw that she could create Lime Crime as a form of e-commerce. She was able to successfully move cosmetics to the internet despite experts telling her it would be difficult without the customers’ ability to try it on. Deere felt confident that if the product was simply presented in the right way the company would be successful in selling cosmetics online. To still give customers an accurate idea of how the product will look on, Deere introduced the “on-lip” lipstick swatch instead of just a lipstick swatch on paper. The “on-lip” swatch was a game changer and inspired other makeup companies to follow in her footsteps.


One of Deere’s biggest successes is the successful introduction of liquid-to-matte lipsticks that are top quality. These liquid lipsticks don’t crumble, and stay on for a significant amount of time. Deere would know because she personally tries all new products before they launch on her site. Wearing it herself is the only way Deere can be sure the product is authentic to both her customer and Lime Crime itself.


Deere has been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneur by Self-Made magazine since her creation of Lime Crime. The businesswoman has created an explosive and colorful brand of cosmetics and has more to come in the upcoming years. The brand is not only fun but is completely vegan. No animals derived ingredients are in any of her products and Deere is proud to have Lime Crime certified as cruelty-free by the most stringent certifier in the cosmetics industry, Leaping Bunny. Deere also realizes her love of animals by donating regularly to an animal rescue organization named Bide-A-Wee.

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Doe Deere Celebrates Being Yourself

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Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, which is makeup for boys and girls, that celebrates the freedom to be yourself, unapologetically. Lime Crime is known for celebrating the freedom to be you, whomever you are. She is the founder, the CEO, and the owner of Lime Crime makeup. She was born in Russia, and she grew up in New York.

Lime Crime, the fabulous company that it is, has been around since 2008, and Doe Deere started Lime Crime because she couldn’t find makeup bright enough to match the clothes she was making and selling on Etsy. And why wouldn’t you want the brightest makeup to go with your fancy Doe Deere-sewn Etsy clothes? This question came to the fore.

In 2009, Lime Crime came out with a brand of Unicorn lipsticks, introducing very different and radical colors to the market. After that, in 2012, the Velvetines were marketed, and they led the way in the liquid-to-matte lipstick trend that is still popular today. Also, all Lime Crime products are cruelty-free, and not tested on animals.

Many of Lime Crime’s products were Vegan from the very start of the company, but now they have all been reformulated to make sure they are Vegan. Doe Deere wouldn’t have it any other way. She is the owner and CEO, and she oversees all development of products, making sure that the Unicorns, her biggest inspiration, are kept in mind.

Doe was an imaginative, creative child from the very beginning. She was always into color, and she made sure to stay fun and young-at-heart as she grew up and into her career. Makeup has always made her world more palpably fun, and she encourages everyone to pay attention to how they look. She celebrates Unicorns for being born different and being proud of it, and they defy expectations, as she says. She admires true visionary women with a great sense of style, too, of which she is clearly one.

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Doe Deere Has a Unique Take on the Beauty Industry

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One of the great ironies of the makeup industry is that it tends to drift toward uniformity. On the surface, makeup is usually seen as something which promotes individual self expression. This might make one imagine an industry which is filled with unique views and wild voices. But for the most part the industry tends to have a very conservative focus. This is in terms of both product and business plan. But every now and then someone rises up within the industry who brings a refreshingly innovative view of things. One of the most notable examples of this is a businesswoman by the name of Doe Deere.

While other people within the industry have lists of makeup rules to stick to, she recently came out with a list of rules to break. One of the most important things she stressed was that people shouldn’t be afraid of making more than one part of themselves dynamic and noticeable. One of the big rules of makeup is that people shouldn’t try to make more than one feature bold. Doe Deere herself is often found to wow crowds with bright hair, brightly colored lips, and eyes that will catch the attention of anyone in the room. She is herself a clear example of just how great an effect can be had by breaking that simple rule. She’s also quick to throw away the rule of simplicity in design. Most makeup guides argue that one shouldn’t mix too many patterns and colors. Doe Deere has always loved playing around with dynamic mixes of multiple bright and interesting components.

As one learns more about her advice it’s easy to see how she came into a position to argue for it. In fact, it’s this willingness to experiment which launched her into the makeup industry in the first place. She started her career by studying fashion. And this led to an interest in performing on stage as well. Her background quickly led her into the idea of melding various aspects of beauty into a unified whole. It wasn’t at all uncommon for her to work to include music, fashion and makeup into a single on stage presence.

However, there was one aspect of this combination which she often struggled with. None of the existing brands of makeup could work with the fantastical designs she’d come up with. She had to start from scratch and actually learn how to make high quality makeup all on her own. After a great deal of experimentation she had a creation that was ready to test on stage. And it held up in a way that none of the existing brands had been able to. She’d created what would later be known as Lime Crime. And this launched her into a whole new career.