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The Marketing Experiences of Whitney Wolfe

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Before Bumble, Whitney Wolfe had a couple of successful businesses. This has given her a lot of experience and confidence with what to use in order to market her business. One thing that has helped her run a successful business is that she had a cause that she was supporting. As a matter of fact, one of the best chances that people have to build a successful business is having a cause to support. With Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has worked towards making sure that women have some kind of empowerment in some area of their lives. Among the areas that Whitney wanted to empower women is dating.

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Whitney has also wanted to build a workplace where women can feel welcome. One thing that women have to deal with is a lot of harassment and discrimination in the workplace, especially if they are a single mother. One of the reasons that being a single mother can actually work against a woman in the workplace is because she has to be able to put in all of the required hours for the job while taking care of the child whenever there is a need. Fortunately, since Whitney Wolfe is very passionate about empowerment, she makes sure that women have the best space possible.

Whitney Wolfe has found a good secret to marketing. This one secret is in having a cause to work towards. This not only motivates her to market her company but also gets the attention of plenty of people when it comes to finding something to support. Given that feminism is an important cause to society, any business that is working towards feminism is going to have a good chance as long as it advertises that cause. Whitney Wolfe goes beyond advertising. She also backs up what she is saying with her actions.

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Whitney Wolfe Helps Singles Find Love In A New Way

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It an be a real challenge to find someone to share your life with if you are single. Many men and women have this trouble because they just don’t know where they can turn to meet the right person. This can be disheartening sometimes because so much of the dating apps looks the same. Whitney Wolfe was aware that there were people that were still having a hard time. Even though.

She created a app called Tinder it was obvious that people were still having difficulties finding the right one.

Whitney Wolfe did not ignore these flustered singles. Even though Tinder was an app that had around 50 million users by the time she departed from Tinder, there was still a void that she felt in the dating app industry. She wanted to make a change because she felt like there was something that could be done to give women a voice in the dating industry.

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In a male-dominated world where all of the dating apps look the same Whitney Wolfe wanted to carve out a spot for herself. She wanted to create new opportunities for women to make the first move.

This did not come easy. She created an app called Bumble, but she was still fighting against what was considered the norm. Whitney Wolfe realized that it would take a lot of ingenuity and some familiarity to bring that Bumble app forth. She chose to lock into the ideal that women would make the first move. This would be the ingenuity that she needed to elevate this app above the others. By the same token, she also knew that there was a level of familiarity that would be needed. It was through the left and right swipe of photos that people would see the familiar resemblance to Tinder.

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