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Dental Care with Dr. Safik Sachedina

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Doctor Shafik Sachedina is one of the leading dental surgeons that is employed at the Sussex Health Care Center. He was born in Tanzania and even worked for the Secratariat of His Highness the Aga Khan in the country of France.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina oversees the coordinating the community institutions in this area. He was trained at the Guy Hospital Dental School in London, England. He has worked as a dentist in England for many years. He is now working with the Sussex health group to provide care to adults including all aspects of dental surgery.

In addition to working with the Sussex Healthcare center Dr. Shafik Sachedina is involved with the Department of Jamati Institution and is a board member on the Aga Khan Development Network Committee. He is a chairperson for the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee which helps people all over the world get access to the medical and dental care that they need. As if Dr. Shafik Sachedina was not busy enough with all those responsibilities, he is the President of the Ismaili Counsel for the United Kingdom.

The Sussex Health Group provides care for those with special needs. They work with elder people that can no longer take care of themselves, they work with the mentally ill, as well as the terminally ill. Dr. Shafik Sachedina provides care of these people and performs their dental procedures. He must take special care and precautions working with this population. He does not want to see them in pain and is willing to take the time to make sure their dental procedures are performed in a safe and gentle manner. If a person needs dentures he will make sure the get it and it fits well. This health care group is making sure that people get their medical and mental needs taken care of. Dr. Shifik Sachedina is helping to care for those that can no longer care for themselves.

What To Expect From An MB2 Dental Professional

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Most people are under the notion of traditional dentistry that is expensive, uncomfortable, and takes a extended recovery time, but the professionals of the MB2 Dental network that maintenance or maintaining your smile should not cost a fortune. They utilize advanced technological tools to make your procedures more comfortable and have excellent payment options for their patients while most insurance is currently being accepted. Their lead dentist, Dr. Villaneuva, believe his patients should get treatment as soon possible with pediatric dentistry. They offer their customers personalized care services that works with your unique individual smile.

How A MB2 Dental Specialist Can Help Your Smile

Do you want to improve the way your smile looks and boosts your confidence? An MB2 Dental can give you the benefit of correcting spaced teeth, discoloration, or get discreet care for oral diseases including gum disease.They believe getting pediatric dentistry will save you from lengthy dental bills in the future. They also offer amazing dental counseling programs to teach their patients the importance of taking care of their teeth for better nutritional health. Your teeth are an important part of the digestion process for chewing and digesting your food.

MB2 Dental Services

– Oral cancer screenings

– dental x-rays

– gum disease

– orthodontist referral

– braces traditional/clear

teeth whitening experts

– licensed& bonded technicians

– specialized care services

– emergency dental

– most insurance accepted

– pediatric dentistry

– spa dental environment

– friendly& responsive technicians

– jaw realignment

– oral surgery procedures

– alternative sedation

They believe their patients should always get the care they need despite limited resources. An MB2 Dental professional providers superior in-house financing which allows their patients to pay for emergency dental care services over time with bi-weekly or monthly payments.

You can get the smile bright smile you admire from your friends and family. They allow their customers to take part in their dental therapy by choosing from several options. They offer you a free consultation to find the best options for your smile and allow you to take an active role in what procedures will be performed throughout your treatment. They cater to cowards of all ages and invite their patients to come take a tour of a complete spa dental environment, learn more about the office dental equipment, and meet their friendly office staff including your dentist.