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The Marketing Experiences of Whitney Wolfe

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Before Bumble, Whitney Wolfe had a couple of successful businesses. This has given her a lot of experience and confidence with what to use in order to market her business. One thing that has helped her run a successful business is that she had a cause that she was supporting. As a matter of fact, one of the best chances that people have to build a successful business is having a cause to support. With Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has worked towards making sure that women have some kind of empowerment in some area of their lives. Among the areas that Whitney wanted to empower women is dating.

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Whitney has also wanted to build a workplace where women can feel welcome. One thing that women have to deal with is a lot of harassment and discrimination in the workplace, especially if they are a single mother. One of the reasons that being a single mother can actually work against a woman in the workplace is because she has to be able to put in all of the required hours for the job while taking care of the child whenever there is a need. Fortunately, since Whitney Wolfe is very passionate about empowerment, she makes sure that women have the best space possible.

Whitney Wolfe has found a good secret to marketing. This one secret is in having a cause to work towards. This not only motivates her to market her company but also gets the attention of plenty of people when it comes to finding something to support. Given that feminism is an important cause to society, any business that is working towards feminism is going to have a good chance as long as it advertises that cause. Whitney Wolfe goes beyond advertising. She also backs up what she is saying with her actions.

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The Approaches that Fabletics has used to ensure its Growth

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Fabletics is among the fastest growing companies in the e-commerce industry. The firm has specialized in the production and retail of quality athleisure wear. It was established in 2013 by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. The company currently sells its products both online and through brick and mortar stores that have been established across the United States. The firm is devoted to providing stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting products to its clients. Fabletics’ brand has gained an excellent reputation in the past four years, and it now competes with companies such as Lululemon, Athleta, and Amazon. The firm is highly profitable and has generated over $250 million since it was established. It has managed to attain success due to the affordability of its products and its solid subscription plan.


The athleisure wear firm’s subscription plan allows clients to create accounts and pay for their products through online payment method such as credit cards. Individuals are can either register as regular or VIP member. VIP members are offered a variety of privileges such as gifts as well as free deliveries and returns. Fabletics is the only company that sells products to its clients at half their market price. People who are willing to subscribe to the firm’s services are required to answer a small quiz that will enable its stylists to understand their taste.


Fabletics has ensured that its products are available to clients from different parts of the country. It currently runs more than 39 brick and mortar store in various states and will be establishing others in the next few years. The physical shops have enabled it to attract clients who do not prefer shopping online. Fabletics also uses the reverse showrooming technique, where by people can view its products on the internet before they go to the brick and mortar stores to purchase them. Kate Hudson ensures that the firm provides outstanding after sells service to make sure that it has a healthy relationship with customers.


According to recent studies, the profitability and growth of a brand are significantly influenced by the type of reviews that it receives from its clients. Hudson understands this and has developed marketing approaches that consider customer reviews. Most people know the quality of any product they wish to acquire by reading crowd source client reviews. They also believe in the remarks that the public offers more than the traditional advertisement methods. Most search engines display the results of highly rates companies on the first page whenever they are searched. Enterprises that have positive customer reviews are attractive, and therefore, they make high profits. Positive crowd sourced remarks can influence people to acquire products that they have never used.


Kate Hudson has used remarkable marketing techniques to ensure that the firm attracts clients. She makes and uploads short mobile phone clips that inform customers about the company’s products. The returns that Fabletics makes have been increasing by about 35 percent every year. The company currently uses client reviews to understand the market trends and their needs.

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Lime Crime Finds Success With New Product Launch

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It should go without saying but I am a fan of all things bright and colorful. You’d have to spend some time searching my clothing to find something that others might consider subdued. I can’t help all things bright and inviting is just my style, even down to whatever color my hair happens to be this month.


Though to accomplish my multi colorful look, I often have trouble finding brands that carry enough variety of color. Far too often I’ll find a brand I like only to find out that they only make three or four colors of products. That certainly won’t do.


This was my reoccurring process, find a brand I trust to work, run through their entire line of products within a few months span, and then be forced to start the process over again. It has gone on like this since I first decided to dye my hair blue using left over kool-aid mix.


Luckily though I just found out that my favorite brand of makeup is coming out with an equally amazing line of hair dyes. Lime Crime, my go-to choice for everything bright and colorful, announced on their web store that the company intends to start selling hair dyes.


If the hair dyes are anything like their makeup selection, I know they will be not only amazing products but perfect for matching my unique style. Even better, they are taking inspiration from some of their best-selling products to produce the hair dye hues.


I am mainly excited for the metallic Unicorn Hair Dye! Finally, something to match my favorite eye shadow palettes.


Lime Crime’s Hair Dyes Excitment

As excited as I am for the release of the new products, I am not alone. After reading the news from Bustle’s blog, it seems that almost every beauty blog I frequent has picked up the news and are all equally excited. Marie Claire’s writers hit the nail on the head when they predicted the news would make the internet “explode.”