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Stephen Rotella: The Adept Financial Advisor

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Stephen Rotella is the present day honcho at the renowned financial advice and management service provider, StoneCastle LLC.In his academic portfolio, Stephen boasts of an undergraduate degree in Economics from the State University of New York, Stony Brook. He pursued a postgraduate education at the State University of New York, Albany, where he got a degree in Information Systems and Finance.

Early Career

Stephen’s first job was as a broker cum consultant in the lending industry. When he was the boss at Chase advisory, he took it upon himself to avail loans to individuals who were often overlooked by other lending institutions. This kind gesture signaled his desire to alleviate the living standards of the less fortunate.Rotella boasts of deep knowledge of the financial landscape, owing to over thirty years of experience in the industry. His forte is retail and online marketing, asset management as well as strategic development. In his illustrious career, Stephen has held a myriad of prominent positions in various esteemed institutions. Also, he has sat on boards of several firms including Ballet Met and Chase Advisory.

Washington Mutual, Inc.

Stephen was serving at JP Morgan Chase as an executive when Washington Mutual presented him with an irresistible offer, to which he obliged. The job would put him in charge of one of the leading financial firms in the nation. As the President and Chief Operating Officer, Stephen would supervise all activities in the business as well as formulate development strategies.Washington Mutual is an enterprise that is committed to client satisfaction by upholding high operational standards. For this reason, whose exemplary track record speaks for itself, was the favorite candidate to head the company. Stephen held the job for three years, from 2005 to 2008.

StoneCastle Cash Management LLC.

StoneCastle is an all-encompassing financial services provider, specializing in consultancy, management, and banking. The firm has its headquarters in New York.Stephen Rotella ascended to the top brass of StoneCastle in 2011. Since then, Stephen has overseen multiple mergers, including the recent acquisition of a deposit sweep business from Intermedium Financial. Not only did this deal expand StoneCastle’s distribution networks, but it also enhanced the firm’s reputation.

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Arthur Becker; a tech and real estate expert

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Arthur Becker has been known for his involvement in the tech world as he has been the manager of different tech companies. However, the different real estate projects that he has been involved with have put him in the limelight.

He has actually been ranked among the top 10 real estate investors in New York by NY Mag. In 2016, Arthur scored big in the real estate. He is now the proud owner of 3 townhouses that are adjacent to each other. These houses are among the four houses that are owned by the Madison Equities and the Property Markets. Arthur had earlier stated that he would live in one of the townhouses while he rents the rest.

Arthur got the better part of the deal when he traded his stake in the condominium development for the townhouses. According to, the condominium project has been pioneered by the Madison Equities and the Property Markets. Even though he declined to reveal the amount of money he invested, it is believed that he stands to make a profit from these townhouses. The value of the townhouses increased after they were completed.

All his real estate investments have been made via the Atlantic Investors company. Arthur has made his money from all his tech investments.


His tech career started in 2002 when he joined the Navisite which is a company that provides hosting and cloud services. He was a CEO and board member of the company a position that he served in for eight years.

In 2001, he joined the Madison technology group as the managing director. He is still holding this position today.

The fascinating part is that he is the manager and the CEO of two more companies. He has been the managing member of Atlantic investors since 2002. This is the company that has propelled his real estate investments. In 2014, he became the chairman and CEO of Zinio. This is a company that deals with the distribution of digital magazines.


Arthur joined the Bennington College in 1969 for his BA. He graduated in 1972 and soon after joined the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth from 1973 to 1974.

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Renting out your house on Airbnb is an easy way to make money right? As a homeowner, you can easily make the money you require to settle the payment for your property by either renting it out partly or entirely to travelers for a while. Well, according to Wealth Solutions, a financial advisory company it is not all that easy as there a number of unexpected problems that may arise. Some recent incidents show that these travelers can end up causing more harm than your homeowner’s insurance can cover. These problems end up leaving you the homeowner with an unanticipated legal and financial burden. For you to avoid this predicament, here are some issues to consider before putting up your property for rent through Airbnb or other such organizations.

Risk Involved
Accepting tenancy exposes you as the homeowner to many liabilities that you may be unprepared for. These include liability for;
• Any injury that may occur to the visitors
• Any damage that may occur to you or your neighbor’s property
• Theft
• Any illegal activity and lawsuit that may follow as a result

Insurance Cover
A homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover short-term rentals. This means that personally, you are liable for all the expenses incurred by your visitors.
Airbnb and other organizations of its kind can only offer a secondary coverage on your property. This means that the insurance can only take effect once your resources are exhausted.
A critical look at the above issues will help you determine whether you will entertain these temporary visitors. I recommend you to consult an insurance professional or investment manager. Wealth Solutions can give you advice tailored to meet your personal wealth needs and help you review your options.
Wealth Solutions are specialists in financial advisory and financial planning. They also offer information on wealth and more to individuals with high net worth.

About Richard Blair
Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. He is an expert in various fields including estate tax and planning, integrated financial planning, insurance, asset protection, employee benefits, securities just to name but a few. Blair and his company manage over $ 55 million in assets.
Among his many qualifications, Mr. Blair is a registered and Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, an Annuity Specialist, a Funds specialist, an Investment Advisor and a Retirement Income Professional. His prowess in this field has allowed him to influence various major companies including United Global Securities, Blair Insurance Group LLC, Crownbridge Wealth LLC, and Worldwide Ventures Group LLC.

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