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Highland Capital Management: Philanthropic Endeavors

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The world of capital management can be rather interesting at times. In the state of Texas, there is a capital management firm which has existed since the year 1993. Today manages greater than $15 billion worth of assets and employs over 100 individuals. This capital management firm is known as Highland Capital Management. It is a capital management firm that specializes in alternative investment management. It has a particular focus on hedge funds as well as structured and distressed investments. It pursues these avenues by investing in public equity around the world, fixed income and hedging markets in addition to high-yield bonds. Read more at

They are known for a number of things including their philanthropic endeavors. One of their most recent activities was the sponsorship of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. In 2018 they agreed to provide an endowment to the community center worth $10 million. This endowment will be used in order to fund a number of public programs. Highland Capital Management is actually one of the founding partners of the presidential Center which was originally established in 2013. It includes a number of buildings including a library and a museum. The $10 million endowment will be used in order to fund an effort titled engage at the Bush center. This will be part of a series of programs that will present to the public on a number of issues and will include things such as holding public speakers to give speeches to the public. Highland Capital Management has already donated over $5 million since 2012. Read this article at

Highland Capital Management has taken a keen interest in various philanthropic endeavors, especially in the last several years. In fact, they have also recently looked for ways that they could potentially assist the economies of Latin America. Many countries in Latin America have suffered from widespread corruption particularly in the finance industries of these nations. One area that Highland Capital believes that they can assist with the development of the economy of Argentina. They will do so by structuring investments in the new political regime of the nation that should help to spur the economic development in the region.