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Matt Badiali on Investing in Natural Resources/Oil Business

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In the recent past, Freedom Checks have dominated the investment world. Many investment pundits have termed the investment option as the future of profitable and safe investment. Matt Badiali is the man behind this brilliant investment idea. Badiali is without a doubt one of the most experienced natural resource and energy experts in the world. This expertise has made him travel through the world. Due to his level of expertise, he has been able to actualize the concept of Freedom Checks. He points out that for an investment to qualify Freedom Checks, they must be compliant to two major factors. The investment option must have either high income or alternatively the company must be stable in share value.

Before Freedom Checks, he was working as a natural resources expert. This occupation gave him a chance to travel around the world. Traveling around the world gave him a clearer understanding of how natural resources and oil are a viable investment option. Matt Badiali understanding on the legal provisions in the USA especially the ones pertaining investments was a savior in his quest of a viable and a legal way to invest.

Apart from being an exceptional investment manager, Matt Badiali is an excellent market expert. He has analyzed (in the past) how geopolitics affects the prices of basic commodities in the USA and other developed countries. Badiali, for example, was vocal on the Iraq effects on the oil prices in the USA. Recently, he has been a constant panelist to different economic panels in the USA discussing the future of oil as one of the key drivers of the economy. Although the natural resources and oil prices are constantly affected by the geopolitical landscape, Matt Badiali still holds the professional opinion that the future is still bright.

In addition to his vast experience in this particular field, he is one of the most educated individuals in the natural resource niche. Prior to his investment journey, he was in the final stages of his Ph.D. He is, however, a graduate from Florida Atlantic University. The institution (according to rankings) is one of the best universities in terms of Geology studies.

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GreenSky creates first retail bridge loan

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In 2005, David Zalik was working as a consultant to some of the biggest home improvement companies in America. The entrepreneur had already found success running, first, his own computer company and then going into real estate and founding an e-consultancy called OutWeb. This firm allowed Zalik an up-close view of the way some of the largest home improvement companies made their money. He quickly noticed a serious leak in their business model, one that was costing them billions of dollars per year in the aggregate.

Bridge loans for consumers

What Zalik saw was that there were a large number of high-end homeowners who were seeking to do home improvement projects. Some of this business was coming directly into the home improvement stores when the homeowners were trying to act as their own general contractors. But most of this business was essentially hidden; it was secondary business that was happening when home improvement contractors would come into the construction supply stores to buy all the things they needed to complete their projects. This is one reason that Zalik was one of the first people to catch this huge problem.

Zalik saw that these homeowners, who rarely had anything resembling real contracting experience, would constantly and reliably underestimate the true cost of their projects by thousand or tens of thousands of dollars. When they got the real estimate from a professional contractor, the sticker shock combined with the simple lack of readily available liquid funds meant that many of these projects fell through the cracks. Zalik saw a way to save most or all of those deals.

He founded GreenSky  as a way to instantly provide point-of-sale loans to high-end homeowners, who almost invariably fall into the prime-borrower category. GreenSky , then, effectively provides bridge financing for retail customers. The brilliance of the GreenSky  model lies in the fact that literally everyone participating in these deals walks away a big winner.

When GreenSky  issues a point of sale loan, the contractors get to complete five- and six-figure projects that they would have otherwise lost. The homeowners get to add tremendous value to their homes and the banks get high-quality loans on their books.