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Rocketship Education Raises Students to Excellence

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Rocketship Education offers a way forward in the area of education, providing learning options and an equal footing for every single student. Operating in the charter school style, Rocketship Education establishes schools that parents, teachers, and students all have a hand in creating. Charter schools operate when students and their families are able to choose where their children are educated rather than accepting the school to which they are zoned. Being able to do this puts control over children’s education in the hands of the student, and provides them with access to the best education no matter what their socioeconomic status.

At the charter schools that Rocketship has established, parents have many responsibilities in the education of their children. Every teacher is reviewed by a panel of parents and board members, guaranteeing that every aspect of the children’s education and well being is considered in employing teachers. At the moment of employment, parents are given a huge responsibility which each and every one of them take seriously.

One of the founding principles is to create an equal and level playing field to each and every student, no matter what the issues are. The charter schools have been set up in areas that are financially challenged and struggling, issues that can lead to challenges in the classroom. Schools can be safe havens for students, and they can have an alarming effect on not just the students in a school, but the entire family. Students are able to raise a family out of poverty when they are given the value of a good education and the opportunities that come along with it.

Schools that operate in this manner have been shown to flourish, and that is exactly what has happened with the Rocketship Education schools. Together both students and school can rise together.