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Securus Technologies Leads in Crime Prevention Methods

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Securus Technologies is a great company that does great things to help connect the dots between inmates, loved ones, and correctional personnel around the country. This company serves over 300 correctional facilities across the United States with its innovative approaches to solving crime that involve bot h passive and active communication and monitoring systems.


The company is dedicated to serving as an active liaison for law enforcement to help them get the answers they need to solve any ongoing investigation. One such system allows for the real time monitoring of inmate calls and communication via video and voice recording software. This has allowed for one such institution to catch an inmate doing a crime transaction deal over the phone with his buddies stopping it in its tracks before it could have possibly spread outside the walls of the jail.


Securus Technologies leads the pack in cutting edge solutions to crime prevention and maintenance. The inmate phone technology is one of the first achievements of this company. Imagine as their commercial shows an inmate being able to talk to his family from behind closed doors and experiencing the joys of Thanksgiving and Christmas all while seeing the sights and sounds. Check out Securus Technologies today and get on board with the next new wave of crime prevention software!


Preventing Crimes with the Help of Securus Technologies

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I work on part of our local police force that is responsible for putting violent fugitives behind bars. My latest assignment was working on a case where a very violent fugitive was breaking into homes in the area and either tying up or beating the residents before he left. In many cases, this violent offender would have been able to leave with the merchandise, but stayed to torture the residents instead. We already had his brother in jail for the same crimes, but the younger brother proved to be more challenging to catch.


After the last burglary, the suspect sent our office a recording that threatened me and my team if we did not stop chasing the suspect. He mentioned that he wanted to meet me personally so we could settle this score one on one. The suspect also mentioned that if we did not stop chasing him and harassing his family, he was going to make the next family suffer. Now we had a real problem on our hands because we can never stop the hunt, but our residents safety comes first.


On a hunch, I returned to the jail where the suspect’s brother was being held, and decided to try something new to me. Securus Technologies had installed an inmate call system in the jail that allowed us to now monitor calls the inmates make with new technology. The LBS software and the covert alert feature would now be our ears for us instead on my team trying to anticipate the next move of this dangerous suspect.


The suspect and his brother were talking, and when they thought they were disguising their conversation about the next score, we were able to stake out the location and set a trap. The suspect is currently under arrest in part to the inmate call system in our jail installed by Securus Technologies.