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Doe Deere Celebrates Being Yourself

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Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, which is makeup for boys and girls, that celebrates the freedom to be yourself, unapologetically. Lime Crime is known for celebrating the freedom to be you, whomever you are. She is the founder, the CEO, and the owner of Lime Crime makeup. She was born in Russia, and she grew up in New York.

Lime Crime, the fabulous company that it is, has been around since 2008, and Doe Deere started Lime Crime because she couldn’t find makeup bright enough to match the clothes she was making and selling on Etsy. And why wouldn’t you want the brightest makeup to go with your fancy Doe Deere-sewn Etsy clothes? This question came to the fore.

In 2009, Lime Crime came out with a brand of Unicorn lipsticks, introducing very different and radical colors to the market. After that, in 2012, the Velvetines were marketed, and they led the way in the liquid-to-matte lipstick trend that is still popular today. Also, all Lime Crime products are cruelty-free, and not tested on animals.

Many of Lime Crime’s products were Vegan from the very start of the company, but now they have all been reformulated to make sure they are Vegan. Doe Deere wouldn’t have it any other way. She is the owner and CEO, and she oversees all development of products, making sure that the Unicorns, her biggest inspiration, are kept in mind.

Doe was an imaginative, creative child from the very beginning. She was always into color, and she made sure to stay fun and young-at-heart as she grew up and into her career. Makeup has always made her world more palpably fun, and she encourages everyone to pay attention to how they look. She celebrates Unicorns for being born different and being proud of it, and they defy expectations, as she says. She admires true visionary women with a great sense of style, too, of which she is clearly one.

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Amazon Makes Inroads into the Fashion Design Industry

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Giant online retailer, Amazon recently launched its own clothing line. The launch was a low-key affair and is seen to be an expansion strategy by the firm. For a long time, there has been speculation that the company was on the verge of coming up with a fashion line. These rumors were substantiated when the e-commerce giant announced job vacancies on its website related to clothes design. The launch on however caught many people by surprise since it was kept out of newsmen’s prying eyes.

Amazon has introduced more than 1800 fashion accessories on its website. These are patented under seven dissimilar names. The items include ladies’ clothes and bags and men’s clothes. In addition, children’s clothes are also on sale. These have been trademarked under brand names such as Society New York, Lark & Ro, Scout plus Ro, Franklin & Freeman, Franklin Tailored, James & Erin and North Eleven.

The e-commerce firm has possession of trademarks to the brand names. In what many fashion analysts think is a bid to gain a foothold, some of the items are targeting lower segment customers. A Society New York turtleneck outfit for instance retails at 39.97 dollars. One of the most expensive items on sale is Franklin & Freeman’s cap-toe oxford, which is retailing at 53.97 dollars. According to Reddit, this is Amazon’s way of attracting consumers who are after affordable but stylish designs.

The retailer has been trying to gain a footing in the fashion industry for over a decade. Since it started retailing fashion accessories ten years ago, it has continually partnered with clothing brands and other retailers.

A Synopsis of JustFab

JustFab is a California based online subscription retailer, which mostly specialized in women’s fashion items and accessories like clothes, shoes purses and jewels. The products sold are tailor made to suit the needs of each customer. With a curated and custom-made shopping experience, clients are assured that their ideal items will be promptly delivered and the cost subtracted from their credit cards automatically. Since its formation five years ago, it has achieved great success and currently has over 2.5 million subscribers.