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Protests and Riots in Venezuela

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The United States is not the only country in the World that is having major protests seemingly daily, as Venezuela has a huge crisis of their own on their hands. If you have not been watching what has been happening in the country of Venezuela, major problems have stacked up on them all at once, and they are in some real trouble, which has sparked a ton of protests across the country.  One of the things that David Osio has revealed, that the Venezuelan government has attempted to do in order to revert some of the problem, and to save some energy in the country, is shutting off energy for certain portions of the day.  People are flat out doing what they have to do to survive, and many people have stated that they are eating a lot more starches, while some people are plain and simply going hungry. When people are not getting meals, things are bound to get more tense and riots are bound to ensue, so it appears that there is more on the way, as the energy crisis and food shortage that has affected Venezuela does not appear to be getting solved anytime soon as he shared on the davidosio blog.