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Alexei Beltyukov: Advisor To Russian Government And CEO Of Solvy

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Alexei Beltyukov is an entrepreneur that perseveres even when challenges to his endeavors seem insurmountable. His background is primarily in medicine and business, but he does know quite a bit about solving math problems, so he’s taken that knowledge so Solvy, a program he’s helped develop for solving math problems.

Solvy is geared towards high school students and teachers by providing a comprehensive interface for learning math. Solvy focuses on the steps that students take to solve a particular problem and provides them with feedback for improving their math skills, and teachers are able to take a look at student progress and identify areas that need improving. Solvy is the latest business that Beltyukov has undertaken.

Alexei Beltyukov was originally a doctor when he decided to change careers. While Beltyukov certainly wanted to help people as a doctor, he couldn’t afford to put food on the table for his family when the Soviet economy collapsed in 1990.

He first tried to go into business as a salesperson for a pharmaceutical company while also teaching and selling pepper sprays on the side. But then he found out about an opportunity with the INSEAD University business school to make better money than any of his current jobs did, so he enrolled there and completed his MBA in 1997.

Alexei Beltyukov served first as a consultant for a private equity firm, and soon he wanted to start his own business. He first approached a major Russian investor in hopes of obtaining venture capital funding.

He was turned down but offered a chance to manage several subsidiary companies that had been losing value over the years. It took some time, but Beltyukov was able to start turning profits in these companies and then sold them off for a good price. Beltyukov was granted the opportunity to start companies of his own and he began with Mechanicus, an auto repair shop that expanded across Europe but was closed down when the financial crisis hit.

He did find a lot of success with his second company, New Gas Technologies. Beltyukov has helped other startup businesses through his two venture capital companies, A-Ventures Ltd. and Endemic Capital and he’s also an advisor to the Russian government at the Skolkovo Foundation.

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