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The Real Real and The Real Instagram Page

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Online boutiques and consignment stores seem to be the new trend that’s taking over the fashion world for shoppers. Luxury consignment stores such as The Real Real go out of their way to sale authenticated, quality, slightly-used, name-brand items such as clothes, shoes, purses, and accessories for both women and men. Outside of selling fashionable clothing, the Real Real consignment store also sells furniture and other household items like curtains and throw pillows. The Real Real hosts an Instagram page that includes a wide range of their latest trends, sales, and promotional items, along with a few sprinkles of inspirational quotes here and there.

The Real Real’s website and Instagram page include sale items from some of the most noted fashion designers like Gucci, Christian Louboutin, and Valentino. On top of selling a multitude of designers, their fashion variety includes items from baby gear and watches to bathroom accessories and glassware; the online selections are endless. Passionate about quality luxury items, CEO Julie Wainwright, started the store out of her home and has grown to be the founder of one of the top premier sites for online luxury consignment. With the recent rise in sales and multiple locations throughout the United States, the 600 plus team of employees are sure to grow.

Keeping up with the latest trends, the Real Real’s Instagram page focuses a lot on the current fashion movement; showing photos of hip models laced in designer trench coats while toting matching handbags. There is a powerful picture where there are multiple individuals of different races, painted in the gay Pride colors that read “TOGETHER”. This speaks highly on the Real Real’s support in the community; letting it be no secret that their items are meant for everyone no matter race or sexual orientation. Consumers can expect to see more luxurious trends as the Real Real continues to grow and expand.