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Lovaganza Is Bringing The World Together With Entertainment

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Sometimes you hear about a company that’s so unique that it’s too difficult to ignore. Lovaganza is one of those companies. Licensed in the United Kingdom, Lovaganza travels the world to make unique films and to produce special events that are designed to increase cultural awareness.

Imagine going back in time and visiting a movie theatre, or visiting a carnival one hundred years in the past. The films and entertainment that’s produced by the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is comparable to those experiences, but better thanks to their use of modern technology.

The films that they produce tend to have an older style cinematic quality. The members of the Lovaganza team have traveled to and produced films in California and Utah, USA. They’ve also been in France and Spain doing the same thing. They’ve recorded film footage in Disneyland that’s in California. They’ve been in the cities Barcelona and Frigiliana that are in Spain. They’ve traveled to many other locations in California.

In their films and special events, they emphasize cultural diversity and the ancient knowledge that each culture has.

Caring Further

The Lovaganza crew knows that teaching cultural diversity isn’t enough, and they care enough to try to achieve a significant and positive impact for the whole world. That’s why they have planned for the Lovaganza Foundation. Lovaganza will be a non-profit organization that will receive a portion of its funding from the profits that they generate from the entertainment franchise.

The foundation will try to make the world a better place for children. In fact, by 2035 the Lovaganza Foundation hopes to: keep all children out of war situations, insure that all children have access to clean water, a place to sleep, basic education and health care. They also want to eliminate child labor and marriages.

According to the website, this special foundation is waiting to be launched. The ideas concerning this future foundation clearly demonstrate the caring nature of the Lovaganza team!

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West Michigan Aviation Academy Partners With Northwester Michigan University

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Dick DeVos’ West Michigan Aviation Academy (WMAA) is a charter school located at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. It currently enroll 490 students, 9-12th grade, who have an interest in aviation, science or engineering.

DeVos, a pilot himself, is a generous philanthropist and a huge proponent of education. His dollars have made it possible for many underprivileged children to go to better schools and prepare for college. This Spring will host the first graduating class.

In a move to help students get the jump on college, WMAA is partnering with Northwestern Michigan College (NWM) to allow graduates to enter the college with 8 credits. “The agreement will definitely help student save and money,” said NWA director Aaron Cook. “We are really happy that we have a local college that can do so much to help students.”

It was recently announced that the school will be undergoing another expansion. WMAA was to be constructed in phases. I, II and III have already been completed. Phase IV will be underway in a few weeks and is slated to be completed by early 2017. The new space will have more classrooms, laboratories and a hangar.

The school’s curriculum is on par with some of the best schools in the region. Students are required to take science, engineering, advanced math and other technical courses along with the aviation courses.

DeVos says he is extremely happy with the school. Students and parents give the charter school high marks.

Students who have graduated are offered the opportunity to further their aviation career at Davenport University or Ferris State University. Both offer Bachelor degrees in business with an aviation concentration.
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