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Securus Technologies Provides a Unique Service For Inmates, Families, and Friends

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Securus Technologies is a leading provider of video conferencing communications for inmates who are incarcerated in correctional facilities. They are a company that has utilized innovation and some of today’s latest technologically advantaged paradigms of computer systems to enable families and friends to communicate with inmates. They have been accredited by the BBB as a company that is legitimate in its practices with high ratings all around for the services that they provide. If you are unsure about whether Securus Technologies will provide what you need, then please do not hesitate to visit their website as there are lots of information about the program.


There are many people who are aware of how the visitation process works in jails. Inmates are often unable to see their visiting family or friends due to scheduling conflicts. In such cases, families or friends may be unable to visit due to long travel distances between their home properties and jail, or the jails may not have been able to schedule visitation appointments in accordance to the friends’ or families’ own personal schedules. Due to such differences in all of the schedules, Securus Technologies is a great option as it enables two parties to connect with one another via video conferencing with great convenience for both sides. It is a great program that provides both parties to enjoy one another’s company without even being next to each other. The prices are quite low for the type of service that is provided and is competitive as well. If you would like to learn more about the program, then you should know that the website has all of the details that you might want to know. Although jail is an experience that no one wants to be a part of, Securus makes one’s time in there just a little bit more bearable.


With Securus Video Visitation, families and inmates connect for holidays

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Prison services giant Securus Technologies over the last decade has rolled out its innovative video visitation platform to much acclaim from prison staff, inmates and their families. The technology has been a blessing, especially for families and inmates who have seen costs of visitations slashed, in some cases by hundreds of times. But inmates and their loved ones haven’t been the only beneficiaries of this new means of visitation. Prison staff have benefited as well. And perhaps most importantly, safety at the institutions where Securus Video Visitation has been installed has measurably increased.

Video visitation has improved the lives of all involved in the prison system.

The horrible costs of an incarcerated loved one

Sitting in court and watching as a loved one is sentenced to a lengthy prison term is one of the most frightening and terrible moments a family can endure. Unfortunately for those not familiar with the inner workings of the U.S. prison system, at sentencing, their ordeal is only beginning. It’s said by many families of the incarcerated that the loved ones closest to the inmate get the same sentence, that they are doing time right alongside the condemned. In too many cases, this is quite literally true.

Consider the old visitation system. In-person visits often required waiting in a long line among people visiting convicted felons, some of whom are considered extremely dangerous and have a track record of manipulative crimes. The warden will often send his toughest, most aggressive officers to handle visitation duty because it’s perhaps the weakest link in the institution’s security chain. Family members can find themselves the target of harsh reprimands, being ordered around as if they were the criminal. In far too many cases, visitors themselves become suspected of passing illegal contraband and are subjected to searches, seizures and in some cases, even arrest. This may seem overbearing to the uninitiated, but from the institution’s perspective it’s an absolutely necessary step to prevent dangerous security breaches that can threaten the lives of inmates and staff. Regardless, for a non criminal the experience of entering a state prison and effectively becoming another prisoner can be a shocking and traumatic experience.

Securus’ Video Visitation technology allows families to visit their loved ones from the comfort of their own homes. Thanks to Securus, tens of thousands of families will be able to stay connected with loved ones this holiday season and will be spared the indignities of an in-person prison visit.


Securus Technologies is Growing

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Securus Technologies, a Dallas based provider of prison products, is growing rapidly. There is a soaring demand for the quality and efficient communication products for those who are incarcerated. Securus Technologies wants to make sure that people have what they need when it comes to their tragic situation in jail. Watch more on


The American criminal justice system is known for not being kind to the vulnerable. There are many people in prison who were unfairly locked up. Securus Technologies does not have all the information, but they want to make life easy for all parties involved. Securus Technologies provides effective technological products that enable the lonely families of prisoners to communicate with those they love and care about. It is fascinating that many people do not see how much can be taken from simple phone systems. You can use them to break boundaries and melt the hard hearts of convicted felons with a kind word from their girlfriend or spouse. All you need is a highly experienced prison technologies company like Securus to get the system properly connected.


Competitor GTL has frequently warred with Securus Technologies over patents. This contest stifles innovation, and hinders Securus Technologies goal to maximize return on investment for their customers.


Securus Technologies has worked for over a decade on polishing their various product offerings. One of the products from Securus that gets the highest reviews is the electronic prison complaint form. The electronic prison complaint form enables the user to easily log something dangerous that is going on. This improves prison safety and lowers abusive behaviors. Before, when staff had to use the paper forms, the safety of a prison could be easily compromised, because filling out a paper form is time consuming and costly.