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Rally Driving with Rodrigo Terpins

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Rodrigo Terpins is described as one of Brazil’s most talented and skilled rally drivers. His passion and interest in rally driving started when he was still a young boy. His hard work and determination led him to become one of the most successful rally drivers. Rodrigo states that he has one of the best careers in the world since he does what he loves the most. The work of Rodrigo is also known to require a lot of discipline, expertise and patience which he all possesses. The rally drive is part of the team at the Bull Sertoes Rally where he is a team player and a very valued member.

Rodrigo Terpins is known to come from a well-established family that is comprised of veterans. His father serves as the president of the Latin American Jewish Congress with his brother who is known as Michael serving as a race car driver. This has served as a huge motivator when it comes to his career. Michael Terpins serves as one of the mentors of Rodrigo Terpins and is also among the most talented and successful rally drivers in the whole of Brazil. Rodrigo was born and brought up in Brazil. His childhood was spent in fixing cars and this is where his passion for rallies came from.

Currently, Rodrigo Terpins serves as the senior director at the T5 Participacoes. His skills and experience have helped the company in attaining tremendous growth and success. He has also helped in planning some of the largest competitions in the whole of Brazil. Rodrigo also has a very extensive education background and he attributes this to be part of the success that he currently enjoys. Terpins graduated from the prestigious Saint Hilaire and was able to acquire expertise in corporate and management governance. In the past, Rodrigo serves as the President at the Lojas Marisa where he also led to a lot of the company’s achievements. These executive positions have however not hindered Rodrigo in being a rally driver. Over the years, he has been able to win many awards due to his commitment and success in rally driving. Follow Rodrigo Terpins on Twitter.