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The Rise of EOS Lip Balms

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Check any woman’s handbag and one of the things that are a must-find is a lip balm. In the past you would ask how these women felt about the lip balm they were carrying and few of them actually loved the brand they were using. Not until EOS lip balms emerged and become the new trend, loved by both celebrities and the regular people. Evolution of Smooth was soon to become not only one of the most loved lip balms but also one of the most discussed.

How EOS Started

According to fastcompany‘s article, EOS started as a result of identification of a market gap in the beauty product industry. Sure, there were many lip balm brands. But all had one thing in common. They looked clinical and were not innovative enough. You couldn’t have fun while applying them. Most women wished that they could get a lip balm that was more of a beauty product than a clinical product. And, with this idea, Evolution of Smooth was born.

Today, they are the second best-selling lip balm brand in the US. The founders claim that the company sells approximately 1 million units every week. In just a few years, the have achieved unimaginable growth. The reason to these being research, the passion to produce sustainable products that will be loved by both women and men clients alike.

You will find on Target that the EOS lip balms come in a variety of orbs colors. This is just but one of the factors that make these lip balms lovable. Additionally, the lip balm has a variety of palatable smells and tastes not to mention the sound of sophistication that is produced when closing the lip balm. For only $3, EOS provides an enjoyable beauty experience that is full of natural ingredients. See,