Davos Real Estate Group Releases ROI App


When deciding to purchase property or even rent a piece of property, the process can be quite stressful. The mortgages and other costs associated with purchasing property can be hard to estimate or even coming to an exact dollar amount. The stress of this may soon become a thing of the past because David Osio of Davos Real Estate Group announced the launch of the “Davos CAP Calculator.”

According to an article at wrcbtv.com, the “Davos CAP Calculator” is a mobile application that “aims to estimate the return on real estate investments in which the client is interested in.” Another feature of the app allows customers to “estimate the price of rent on the property that best suits your projected income.” The app is currently available for iPhone and Android devices only.

The “Davos CAP Calculator” may turn out to be revolutionary and one of the greatest achievements accomplished under the leadership of David Osio, the CEO of Davos Financial Group. It should be noted that Davos Real Estate Group is an independent company that is part of Davos Financial Group.

Prior to Osio becoming CEO of Davos Financial Group, he served as Vice President of Commercial Banking for Banco Latino Internacional from 1989 until 1993. Since 1993, Osio has served as CEO of Davos Financial Group and recently has been successful in expanding business in Europe. Apart from his long and highly successful business career, Osio has been very charitable. His companies have been known to support numerous charities from the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation to the UMA Foundation and many more. Even the Miami Symphony Orchestra has received support. In recognition of all the good Osio and his companies have done, they have been given numerous awards, including the very prestigious Medal of Honor of the United States Congress.

In conclusion, David Osio is a businessman and CEO of the very successful Davos Financial Group. Osio has demonstrated through his years of charity that social responsibility is an important concept to him. Operating with over 27 years of experience, Osio is in a good position to continue to expand business and remain successful in his role as CEO.

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