Doe Deere Has a Unique Take on the Beauty Industry

One of the great ironies of the makeup industry is that it tends to drift toward uniformity. On the surface, makeup is usually seen as something which promotes individual self expression. This might make one imagine an industry which is filled with unique views and wild voices. But for the most part the industry tends to have a very conservative focus. This is in terms of both product and business plan. But every now and then someone rises up within the industry who brings a refreshingly innovative view of things. One of the most notable examples of this is a businesswoman by the name of Doe Deere.

While other people within the industry have lists of makeup rules to stick to, she recently came out with a list of rules to break. One of the most important things she stressed was that people shouldn’t be afraid of making more than one part of themselves dynamic and noticeable. One of the big rules of makeup is that people shouldn’t try to make more than one feature bold. Doe Deere herself is often found to wow crowds with bright hair, brightly colored lips, and eyes that will catch the attention of anyone in the room. She is herself a clear example of just how great an effect can be had by breaking that simple rule. She’s also quick to throw away the rule of simplicity in design. Most makeup guides argue that one shouldn’t mix too many patterns and colors. Doe Deere has always loved playing around with dynamic mixes of multiple bright and interesting components.

As one learns more about her advice it’s easy to see how she came into a position to argue for it. In fact, it’s this willingness to experiment which launched her into the makeup industry in the first place. She started her career by studying fashion. And this led to an interest in performing on stage as well. Her background quickly led her into the idea of melding various aspects of beauty into a unified whole. It wasn’t at all uncommon for her to work to include music, fashion and makeup into a single on stage presence.

However, there was one aspect of this combination which she often struggled with. None of the existing brands of makeup could work with the fantastical designs she’d come up with. She had to start from scratch and actually learn how to make high quality makeup all on her own. After a great deal of experimentation she had a creation that was ready to test on stage. And it held up in a way that none of the existing brands had been able to. She’d created what would later be known as Lime Crime. And this launched her into a whole new career.

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    She began to sell it to women who shared her interest in dynamic self expression. And in doing so she was also able to find ways to help teach people new ways to showcase their unique personalities. This is so sweet for and also to get many of these things for them to handle them in a cool manner.

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