Eric Pulier an Entrepreneur and A philanthropist

Eric Pulier an active father of four children. Mr. Pulier lives in Los Angeles with the family. Pulier is an entrepreneur, technologist, a public speaker and an author. Pulier got his wealth from the ventures he co-founded. The venture he founded includes Digital evolution, U.S interactive, Media platform, Service Mesh and Enterprises.

Eric puller’s education

Eric completed his high education in 1984 in Teaneck high school. He attended Harvard University and attained a BA. He later graduated Magna Laude from Harvard in the year 1988. Pulier studied computer- science, visual & environmental studies. Being an editor, he was also an author of pulierLeg a weekly page he wrote for the Crimson.


Pulier was picked to build and manage the bridge to the 21st century for Bill Clinton. The special day took place in Washington and was attended by many people. During his working in the government, Pulier divides the exhibits into sections that showed the effect of exponential technologies and how people will live carefully. The areas included health care, entertainment, family, and environment. He managed to raise the funds for unions and building aspects of the events in the country. Pulier planned an unparalleled showcase for the occasion. He provided real connections from the shuttle astronauts. He was always involved in the health care and technology committee and giving information on the family reunion conference.

Erick as a Philanthropist

Pulier was a very active philanthropist in the community that uses high tech to solve intractable difficulties. He worked toward helping the physically challenged children in U.S and the whole world. He created the greatest educational platform to educate people with sclerosis and the community. Pulier worked as an associate of the Clinton global initiative where he directed the follow-up exploration of a program to reduce the cost of cloud computing resources. He was a financial donor and active traitor in the campaign for free college tuition.

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