Finding the perfect spot for your dream wedding in NYC

Make the day you vow “til death do you part” a happy, stress free one by planning your wedding well in advance so you needn’t rush any decisions. Choose the right wedding venue NYC because it sets the tone for your wedding and can become one of the most costly items of the wedding. A few planning tips can help you prioritize needs and wants, find the perfect spot, and fill it with your heart’s desires.


Planning Tips

Venue Questions

  • Start early. It cuts stress and rush, plus many businesses provide discounts for early bookings.
  • Make friends with Excel or a similar spreadsheet program. You’ll need it to organize your data.
  • Draft a budget. First, make a reverse budget with your dream wedding choices. Prioritize what you can’t live without. Make your actual budget starting with what you have to spend and allocate accordingly.
  • Research each item. Organize your research in a spreadsheet. This really helps with venue research since you can create categories and enter comparative information. You’ll be able to share a copy easily via e-mail or bluetooth, and print it for less technically minded friends or family helping with the planning.
  • If a venue doesn’t provide much information online, reach out via e-mail with your questions.


At a minimum, ask the venue for the:


  1. official venue name,
  2. location,
  3. capacity,
  4. availability,
  5. building type (i.e. church, hotel, outdoor, chapel, historical, restaurant),
  6. layout,
  7. rates,
  8. website,
  9. restrictions (i.e. closing time, park curfew),
  10. parking/transportation,
  11. extras (i.e. A/V equipment, chairs, tables, linens),
  12. caterer (in-house, preferred list, or your choice),
  13. estimate (an estimate by the venue of your potential rental cost).



After your research, you’re ready to visit venues. If you’re stuck for where to start in New York City, start with the place of worship for each family, your favorite restaurant, and venues like Manhattan Penthouse that offer multiple spaces and include a wedding planner and in-house caterers. It’s also a venue that offers discounts for bookings during certain times of the year: January, February, March, July and August of 2017 and 2018. The easiest way to create your dream wedding is to start with what you can’t live without and build around it. An exquisite location that fits your vibe tops the list of must haves.


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