Fine Hair Meets WEN by Chaz Dean

Women with fine hair know that it’s hard to skip a day of shampoo even though daily washing harms your follicles. Their hair tends to get oilier faster than other hair types, which makes transitioning to less shampoo hard on their social lives. That’s where WEN hair by Chaz Dean comes in.

WEN Hair is a “five in one” product that according to Sephora is supposed to take the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and detangler. It doesn’t lather in water like shampoo does, but it cleanses hair without taking away the natural oils. contributor Emily McClure decided to put Wen hair by Chaz Dean to the test. She wanted to see how well her thin, fine hair did for a whole week replacing her normal regimen with WEN.

Although McClure noticed that her hair was a little greasy on the second day, she said that her hair felt more moisturized and even thicker the longer she used the product. She had to wash her hair every day, but since WEN doesn’t harm the natural oils on the scalp, she said it was ideal for people who don’t take a lazy approach to their hair care.

WEN by Chaz Dean comes in a sweet almond mint scent, contains no sulfates, and works for all hair types.  Though McClure said she wouldn’t keep up her WEN routine every day, she would use it for an extra boost of moisture when she had more time in her schedule. Wen hair is available on

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