Gaining Strength through Diversity

Diversant is a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise. The firm provides a broad range of IT staffing as well as diversity products such as innovative diversity solutions, direct hire, IT staff augmentation and other innovative solutions. Diversant is based in the United States. The firm matches IT staff based on their capabilities, skills and the ability to be a great cultural fit.

Diversity develops innovation, enhances creative thinking and also enables efficient problem-solving techniques. If a company as mastered the art of variety, it can create strong bonds with the local community. In the end, such a company will have a distinct competitive advantage. Thus, it is important for businesses to employ diversity in all the aspects such as staffing. Diversant understands best the advantages of diversity in the workplace environment. Therefore, they use this know-how to develop specific programs that assist business to transform and also to empower their workforce.

Goullet is the principal of Diversant LLC. He is a renowned entrepreneur who has established various successful businesses in the IT sector. During the start of his career, he used to work as an IT consultant and later joined IT staffing in 1994. Due to his vast experience, he decided to establish an IT staffing company known as Info Technologies. The company was aimed at offering solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Within five years of its establishment, the company grew to $30 million.

In 2010, John Goullet and Gene (owner of DIversant Inc.) decided to merge Divesant Inc. and Info technologies into Diversant LLC. This decision was worth it, as Diversant LLC has continued to soar high. With John as the firm’s principal, he has continued to peruse his passion, now on a bigger platform. John takes some time to understand the IT staffing needs as well as the corporate climate of the company before matching the personality of the staff and the work of the employer. He continues to develop new strategies for managing the challenges in the ever dynamic IT marketplace.

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