George Soros: The Man Who Wants The Best Kind of Capitalism

In the February 1997 issue of The Atlantic, George Soros, the famous stock trader, opened a discussion how the best democratic society will now depend on how we understand capitalism.

There’s a lot to capitalism other than how it is the only thriving economic movement dynamics today. Geroge Soros in the article features how the philosophy of Hegel was able to discern the disturbing historical pattern today that augurs for a world and civilization that’s fragile and ready to crack and fall. He mentioned in the article how this is related to the untrammeled and unregulate laissez faire capitalism that intensified the wrong values for the world. It is this unregulated nature and progress of capitalism that is contributing to the decline of a more open and democratic society. He showed in the article that he wrote himself that it is no longer communism that’s threatening us, but the threat of an infinitely uncontrolled capitalist mentality.

George Soros’ Answers As a fan of Karl Popper, George Soros finds solace in his theories to find the closest answers to solving the issues plaguing the global capitalist society. He mentioned that the answers needed by the capital markets would most likely come from ensuring that an open society is an element in all political systems.

It is also his vision that the answers for the problem would often resurface in understanding the fallibility of man and building a framework for world using this analysis. It is in inculcating a culture of subjectivity in our thoughts that George Soros think we can answer the demands of the modern markets.

George Soros’ ProfileIn the official and reliable website of Open Society Foundations, George Soros emphasizes the need for an open society. Being the foundation or network’s founder and chairman, George Soros continues to pursue his passion for education, liberal thinking and subjectivity in all the advocacies he supports with various charities.

George Soros is today’s foremost philanthropist who was able to donate billions of dollars of his assets to pursue the answers to the problems caused by the capitalist threats.

He made the name when in 1992 he shorted the English pound currency and profited hugely from the very risky almost Black Swan trade. With the money he amassed, he continues to build a name in supporting causes that tackle transparency in the governments, justice in the society and anti-discrimination programs that answer for immigration rights.

Soros also made the name when he started the Soros Fund Management, a trading firm responsible for huge trades that changed the entire dynamics of the global stock trade. Today he continues his work for Open Society Foundations by traveling all over the world advocating for social and policy reform.

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