Greg Secker Involvement in the Foreign Trade Business and his Role at the Knowledge to Action Group

Greg Secker is businessman, philanthropist, speaker, and master trader born in 1975 in England. He is a family man and a father. Greg Secker founded Knowledge to Action Group, a conglomerate composed of different companies, including Capital Index, Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade, and the Greg Secker Foundation. He works in collaboration with these groups to help improve the lives of people.

Greg Secker talks about his role in the Forex market

In his recent interview with Inspirery, Greg Secker told the press that he began his business in order to teach people how to invest in foreign transactions. He started this initiative soon after leaving the corporate world. Using Learn to Trade, Greg Secker has been able to help numerous individuals make money in the Forex market. He helps them identify business opportunities and determine when to invest. Greg Secker has since made significant profits, which is much more than he would have done if he had stayed employed. Greg Secker has been able to succeed as a result of hard work and perseverance. He enjoys teaching and helping people to generate income.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a former student of the prominent University of Nottingham and the chief executive officer of Learn to Trade. He initiated his career in finance at Thomas Cook Financial Services and later ventured in foreign exchange. He is the founder of The Virtual Trading Desk, an e-commerce system that trades in real-time. Greg Secker has worked for the Mellon Financial Corporation, a subsidiary of the Fortune 500 investment Bank situated in the United States.

Greg Secker formed Knowledge to Action Group in 2003, following his retirement in the banking sector. He uses this company as a platform to mentor individuals who wish to venture into foreign Trade. He has held seminars in various countries, including Ghana, New Zealand, Philippines, and Australia. Knowledge to Action has won numerous prizes, including the 2009 National Business Awards. Greg Secker has been a keynote speaker at various conferences, including the Global Success Summit in South Africa and the Excel London Exhibition Centre. Greg Secker volunteers at the Greg Secker Foundation, an organization that is aimed at helping the youth improve their life skills.


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