How Rocketship Education has improved the quality of learning


Rocketship Education is a charter school network that has its headquarters in Redwood City in California. The network is non-profit making which means that it focuses on the quality of service without giving any attention to the return regarding monetary value. The schools under this charter ensure that the achievement of the students is attained. They use different leaning models with an inclusion of adaptive software that would help the students to achieve the quality of education required. There are currently about sixteen schools under this charter in different states.

The education focus

Rocketship Education ensures that the children get a good balance of their time. It is easy to educate children who are still young and for this reason, the schools under this charter focus on the comprehensive development of these children for the quality of education. The schools ensure that the children get enough play for their physical development. There is time allocated just for the play in their usual curriculum. Since the world is currently focusing on technology, the elementary children are taught the use of these computers at an early age so that they can get the sufficient knowledge to be competent in the current world.

The innovative learning in the institutions

Rocketship is recognized for their introduction of online learning. The little ones need to be trained in a way that develops their competence. This learning system was to aim at the disadvantaged children who could not cope with physical education. The online learning equally brought all the students into a leveled position so that they could help each other grow. With this innovation, the charter schools have received a lot of financial support from various organizations. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the Obama administration provided a lot of support for this learning system.

Academic growth

With the focus on the quality of education, the elementary children are taught on the importance of success. The charter schools educate the little ones on how to balance their time from a young age so as to grow up as disciplined and responsible people. The children have the success mentality from the young age, and this improves their value in the society.


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